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!| A Wealth of Gems, ° °at^g Colours and Charming Effects. Effects. —0 3 :1 Windows are^ablaze with lovely Diamond and Gem s.» t Rings, marked up at greatly- 5 'N K3 reduced prices, fully 10/- in *fe" r:k the £ BELOW usual prices. including a written guarantee ? < 3< and cash back if not as 4 represented. iM & These beautiful Gems VQHTS express themselves in all the latest designed 18ct settings. The fair mind of romance cannot withstand their subtle charm they awaken noble and kindly thoughts, and tend to all that is fair. 04^ Illustrated Catalogue and 1 iJlEE. Price List simply for the ask- ing. Jewellery forwarded on approval. Kings stored until 'c required, at cash prices. See windows. L DEPOSIT SECURES ANY ARTICLE. AvlES'N* 3A T OW-HILL, Low-liill, top of Kmi T,T\nT?,V' OW-HILL, London-id., 2 min Way Altr,™ ^OOL. from Hippodrome up to 100 miles. 'Phone 3777 Royal. ?^uoEmon(^ Cross-over' Ring. JP'19/. FINE LARGE 3-STONE DIAMOND Didv t.arti«ti^ high-grade crossover claw, 5dv!e(i> eoiiH ^frkmauship, matchless lustre, perfectly a&ce of tiA sfze round white Brazilians. Guarantee 19 given. Approval. S^loEar^e diamond Half=Hoop. J-ARQE SUPERB (Second-hand 5- » flOop 1 STONE FLAWLESS DIAMOND ^taA^ce. Gold slrong 01aw Setting, value r^hi i^tUfi!i,!n .e'ss row of first-water purest white Will jaUiJ ravf' .ulicroscopically perfect. Presents the ^Hucecr, bargains, a ring to cause a thrill. Approval. Half-Hoop. cWlft/- BEAUTIFUL 5-STONE DIAMOND ill act matohi HEAVY OLAW-SET HALF-HOOP gold n white Brazilian, stylish claw setting, Win ,r written guarantee; highly recom- advance £ 6/6/ ON APPROVAL.—• Half-Hoop. 'Cp/19/-FASHIONABLE DIAMOND Settle s^ue (vv HALF-HOOP, clear, lustrous, perfect vatw8- Slil'vT^i's,011e flashing Are, 18ct. heavy claw £ 2/7'fi n 0N APPROVAJj. Stored free. Ad- —DAVXES'S. ^nioiid Engagement Rings. y"fraut«c with Each Ring. 1 Vc«' b °NLY .—Any Ring Sent on Approval. Our A N IJ SAPPHIRES, 7-stone 1 n/fij t>I °l^w, 18ct. setting ±4/0 > 5-stoiies, lustrous gems, claw QQ /C ,lAMo'BTlonother. 27/ heavier Ci& V ?°ublep,7f ANI) SAPPHIRES, 5-stone, 1. '"hoon sl,ai'kling gems, 18ct. claw set. Q Q /„ 5 l)IAj (Also Ruby Do., 35/-) &OJ <: AXD RUBIES, grand heavy OQ j)j ^1 of fire, lovely gems. 00/ »8», 5-stone, double cut, real brill-j ^hers at^ir heavY 18ct., claw half-hoop QQ >s^5/ 47/- & 50/-) Oy/- 1JQ isc e 1laneous Bargains 'ice 2li Tiu c,„ Davies's wjl S0lid G0LD °-NLY Price- \h- ^S?M gold, diamond cut links.. 10/6 solid all through &/# 1! I a ■ fine diamond centre 7/8 tS \i?.0S;ET k diamond, 15 carat 13/8 $si^Toa ^,eayy oval. Hall-marked 8/# Son, with b°w brooch.. 46/- s$8 s°iid Heavy 18-ct. plain.. £ 1 /9/6 il Tit ■ 14 Din:„ U8aells Lever Watch combine £ 4 /10 i, j fAMo^rjSlSJjds and Ruby, as Cluster. 14/8 25 htNQLaft?„lNandSTUD £ 2/10/- Sa POOB Solid 18-ct wide 85 diamonds, on 18-ct. bar, £ » v P^OH tt' £ 11/17/- ^A'Pri c&rat 1(iue<" 11 diamonds, stylish. self^xpaiiding. solid^3^0^" ^55 .8^°^ diamond' centre," hand^ Claw Ring, flne. £ 14 /10 targe Stone now 25/= Gold Curb Bracelet. 1:rA1I, w^^ANT»K^S0LII>^<30LD FLEXIBLE 8tlmr?„.?4DLOOK BRACELET (widest ki/" anrt 'a Velvif y Government, and stamped II*; APPROVAL. Others at Soir^OW Oabl», Fancy Patterns, viz., Basket, C5 Iv^^AL Lattice," 10/- IN THE £ 0?V CssnHA?o' 0ver 200 Bracelets to Curb &Bd8^|ASSBD VALUE. Also very %n °uk&ad anothp^ Bracelet at 35/ usually £ 5. 0ther!. Padfnot usaally £ 4- Also very ?k an lain and w £ 2'7/-» usually £ 4/10/ ^10/ extra^d«on?5aved' at £ 2/15/ usually ^fisfev^Uallv c* « and Padlock, chased links, i-8- CASH BACK IP NOT AS PAYMENTS.—DAVIES'S. Jty VlES 8 ^O'l'ED SPECIAL in Wedding Rings 20/- 5aU.D v Of s ZeuTea:sPoons and Pair—SPECIAL W8.9 °eM T»«!> F,«. Others awt 7/9,10/15/ 25h 451. tow .nlt!. Widest and Heaviest. 22-OARAT GOLD llB 04HD8 JPBBl, ^OW Hill w H|LL, LIVERPOOL (Via Old Swau Car), THE NEW CENTURY PICTURES, MOUNT PLEASANT HALL, MOUNT PLEASANT inear Lewis's), MONDAY, MAY 24th, 1909, and during the week At 3 j Twice Daily, j At 8 j COMPLETE CHANGE OF PROGRAMME, THE BURGLARS MISTAKE. THE CIDER INDUSTRY New Dramatic Picture- TYI.ÐA.'S 1,0 VERS. YOU'LL PAY FOR IT. THE GAY AUTHOR 4l New Illustrated Songs 4l Sung by Mr JOHN MAY New Travel Series A TOUR THROUGH RUSSIA. CURING A NERVOUS MAN. Pathetic Story Picture- THE VOICE OF THE HEART. .-> 7 TWO PERFORMANCES Ck SATURDAY NIGHTS. Popular Prices Front Seats Second Seals Rcservcd Seals <"ST 3d. 6d. 1/- EARLY DOORS 4d. 9d. 1/3 Doors open 2-30 & 7-30 p.m. Early Doors 2 & 7 p.m Saturday Niglits, Doors open at 6-45 & 8-45 p.m. Early Doors 6-30 & 8-30 p.m. BEAUMARIS Grammar i County School Chairman ofsGovernors, Sir-R. W. BULKELEY, Bart, The School offers sound and practical education, in healthy surroundings, under experienced staff of Honours Graduates. Modern buildings and equip- ment-perfect sanitation. The climate specially suitable for delicate boys. Boarders received at the School House, and are under the immediate care and supervision of the Headmaster and Mrs. Madoc Jones. Successes gained by Beaumaris pupils in recent years include Pirst Places in Mathematics, Classics & History, and Entrance Scholarships at Oxford (3), London Hospital and Welsh Univ. Colleges, also Civil Service, Banks, and professiona 1 prelim. Exams. Terms moderate. Prospectus from E. MADOC JONES, M.A., Headmaster. _¥_ Experience Efficiency Economy J s "Tt E t) ::i LONDON .¡¡ MANY The LargeBt and most complete Depository in the North of England. The Leading Firm In Removals and Storage. Removals to and from t' e Continent and Colonies, a speciality. Moderate terms and quick despatch.—DEPOSITORIES AND OFFICES-BRONTE ST, RUSSELL ST., LIVERPOOL. And at London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Leamington, Gloucester and Exeter. Tal. 2067 Royal Telelzrame Removers, L'pool 147 COUNTY ROAD, WALTON. 0. Preston Jones, desires to thank the many Customers thot favoured him with their patronage last week, and begs to state that still GREATER BARGAINS ARE ON VIEW THIS WEEK. Telephone—575 Anfield, J. T. JONES, Funeral Undertaker, 55 & 57 Breck Road, L'poo Funerals completely Furnishe and Conducted throughout. HIGHEST KJSKERKNCKS FROM MINISTERS, _DOCTORS AND TRUSTKES.. Oomionuications by post or otherwise immediately attended to.


- Datgysylltiad.

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