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5 EIIS1S8I0M tn I -EGRESSIONS' IN ^Qifcs', Kings's "D&ACELETS. A **1J*aS'S JQRAOELETS. J^OOHES, if, ^OBQOOHEa. <ko. Di^%s I^s j jtl |j^%g } t B2?8 5» Hi Tn A PriN°LtfMNQ Qiasbero11 Hfll^essrn LiPPiuann, don) thft' i? *L Garden, Lou- araonnHn(T ?08S« Diamond Stock, into fiw? £ i«sfc mounted lets, ofe.Brooches' and Brace- 12/. j°nffthn? e?«? buyer 10/• to jn the„ £ Reduction ^^2/^e/|ey £ reduction in FREE. I 30 I auT — # W HILL, LIVERPOOL. ;1$, kutwkr la Old Swan Car). UP TO loo MILES, <i £ 04?f Lady's Rinq. OTOWLTTFEBJR0H M*IB 8- Cd'Aitchless £ w £ fA?GE DIAMONDS ty settw carved i8.ot kite lustrous stones, hand Wmad«v -.g d and platinum mount, Vance £ 24. APPROVAL. *>k — .ill/i*, ')iamot,d Half-Hoop. IJbtt 1J' E n°TNDHAND 8UPER 8Qin Ws Sut«. ronmi v DIAMOND HALF- MvaL18' Gold riiJbeautifully-cut, matchless y^^aac^^ok^Olaw Setting, remounted, 11 l «i flfi ia .^orone^ diamond Ring SIm0JdsIAL"S1ZE LARGE f ""Honda,18-ct. Gold. Advance £ 15 £ 12 — I Jfi/lo!R?10nd Ha if* hoop. Ja& Ui^hEAV^STONED DIAMOND nWh"e Bra^AW-SET, HALF-HOOP, Win Ur Writtpn J stylish claw setting, guai.aateej M hly recom- i-0/6/- ON ^APPROVAL— ( £ 8 D»a ——■— !3l9,'5w0nd "ait-hoop. fit's Bp DIAMOND kS^rh^ "Ws -'s ^<«»8tored "•"■ sceiT~ Sjj a°eous Bargains 'i}{v ^0i>T SOLID iiat .v Davies's solM 00LD 0SLY Mm- ¥- i^r»p°0lVPlalu top0ls^;li5ia!"1«Ild cut links.. 10/6 f (> >5, flnf • teal dian^ .i al1 through 9 /ft ? 7/0 V St^'OlT r}eavy OVnl 15 Carat 13 /6 fi° ftb ^iiV oU88eU & Rn?aU"?larked 8/0 j?' S^t's S0ijj w'th bow brooch.. 46/- 8$*' 14 n?r,llli88elVr?eavy 18_ct- Plaiu.. £ 1 /9/0 » and wy.l1, Watch Gombinc £ 4 /.l° « Dr. y^-Bino >.ruby'as<n«Btar. 14/0 t2n • • Vy Geilfc,a Ruby in 0 SoilPlll i»^wid8TTTTi £ 2/10/- 5'»uf"8'- ts" ,JS!i ,»is'ot.s/Sf- • • 1 dlam°nds, stylish, Expanding, solid { £ 2/19/6 b %|q/IAM0Nd BRACELET, ifha t»u|ovT, 5"ST0N PERFECT 1)1 S v Ea vt Wronav,? BRACELET (near Jin fln^-MARlKn ecorations in HEAVY \MATOHTTroaery 8tone warranted \0- Aavanee £ ?Lbss WHITE QUALITY Approval any LKgagEMENT RINGS. r STymsh HALF-wnnps 6 112 -U,jw I 2,216 9/. -I X^9 0,66 S^0N"3 andl Sapphires, Dually" £ 2°/^o'/°e"^ c^aw'Bet' 5 Stones, ail lustrous USUALLY^claw. effective. 5 ptu"e White Best £ 5. '18ct- Olaws, USUALLY D flue white I-Hnni.» i claw-setting. Other Hloo:p8 at 60/ 55/ and 59/ t, Ily I it-B LE, -U¡j TO OHOOSE PROM. o£21 I8.et OUR PRICE t one DIAMOND BAR r S^S*»*»,B,,00ca- I ?°<Jd Patched t!! ni0JKls' without speck hi ges of st,JnL S1ie' PllHPe/ colour and W.'Sh tn tiful r»aiv^fSJ- uld view this aPecial (N fiji' OlaW ^cta, LoL?+- ain?le-st°ne DIAMOND rfUlT Our witliSaw m 18-carat Gold and sUb^M^ Sa il^' <Tk aJld catch" Usual fitted. • Sent on approval. ^CvCe)BstiNl) S)L00^D«l0LD flex1blb Mlt *hf' in v ,ruPed bv nPK BRACELET (widest <25/- Tet case. J?nt' and stamped fejjMw Fam.>A?» AL- Others at VCtl ffn stfAT an'l rL+f "3™' viz" Basket" ''RlCpst A V)'~ THE £ Mil5/°u>-b a^SlrBPAsl'vr-?vfr 200 Bracelets to <C ^Va^adloclS^ VALUE. Al«o very 's. °thi and ft her at w>5efc at 35/ usually H8 ?lai^a(llock at «<> m8,uaIly £ 4* Also very i; exj? and Etiura i usually £ 4/10/ i ^6- S,,wide tve^d' at £ 2/15/ usually ly £ 8 n. »u Padlock, chased links, D- fAvi8?wBA°K IF NOT AS i AYMENT8.—DAVIES'S. BTOTIMD B-PEOIAL Weddi Rings 20/- TWv» °f Sftcar ?„ -Sl)oonB a^d Pair—SPECIAL ^S. 8 1 To"88 Free. hers awiV3;1015J-> **1-'45 V Wldest and Heaviest. ^•Un 82-OABAT GOLD »*SM ,BM L 04:aDI JRBJI. L

Glcmnciu Mersey

Glaniad y CenhadonI

Cangen y Chwiorydd. Lerpwl..I

Ellis Owen, Cefn-y-Meusydd.

-Eisteddfod Llundain.


Llais Attercliffe. ..-_.--..