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Colofn Prifyspol Lerpwl.



Jones' Hotel (Established over 100 years). Suffolk St., Pall Mall, London, (Adjoining Trafalgar Square.) Successors to Mr. Roberts, Thsnet Place. Telegraphic Address— Pleasant,' London. Proprktor-R. R.JONBS, Telephone 1157 Royal Esttiblished 1857. ROBERT ""ROBERTS, ESTATE AGENT, 33 Netherfield Road South, Haa Property to Let in various parts of the tovm. Mortgages arranged. valuations m&ds, THOMAS H. OWEN, ESTATE AGENT & ACCOUNTANT, 246 WALTON ROAD, Liverpool. Property bought and sold, and Estates economically managed. Telephone, No. 1779. L HENRY JONES, Estate Agent, Valuer Property Auctioneer, 5 COOK STREET, LIVERPOOL. Renta Collected, Valuations made. Properu Bold by Public Auction or Contract. Telephone No. 7909, J.. LEWIS JONES, ESTATE AGENT & VALUKH, 60 Victoria St., Liverpool. Properties carefully managed. Rents personally collected. Purchases and Sales negotiated. Mortgages arranged and 14ma effected. THOMAS a JONES, E SIT ATE A G l N T S VALUERS, INVESTMENT BUILDINGS, 67 Lord Street, Liverpool, Telephone No.—5586 Central, Properties Bought and Sold. Mortgages arranged. Valuations made, Reats Collected. TilL. 42T AkFIEL.D. ES'rABLiSHJBB 1872, STEPHEN ROBERTS & SON, ESTATE AHEZTS A FALUE&S, 137 Everton Road, Liverpool CL&te 2 StanMd Road). Properties carefully Managed. Rents personally Collected. Purchases and Sales Negotiated. Mortgages arrar.d and Insumete effected, R, E. HUGHES, Estate Agent, Surveyor é:5 Valuer, Chariog Cross, Birkenhead. Telephone (),-56 B'h-sc!, Has Houses to Let, and for Sale, in varions parts of the Town and out districts. Also Land to be Soidfor Building purposes. A dvances made to Builders. Estate.) laid out. Rents Collected, and Property carefully managed. Twteiphcns 3034 Central. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT, VALUER AND PBOPKBTY SALESMAN, 2Q NORTH JOliN ST., Liverpool 20 FREEHOLD HOUSES, 6/6, near Sheil Rd. FOR SALE. CHEAP. CHANGE OF ADDRESS Bromley Edwards & Co. (Late Bromley Edwards, 6 Royal St.) ESTATE A ENTS. MORTGAGE AND INS' RANCE BROKERS. HAVE REMOVED TO J I 102 Kirhdale Rd,, Liverpool J. L. Longford & Slater, F-A Estate <0 Land Agents1 Surveyors & Valuers, Civil & Sanitary Engineers, Property Auctioneers, Spec- ialists in all Estate Matters, 26 North John Street, Liverpool, Telegrams Approval, Liverpool." Telephone 21Liverpool Central. Established 1884, TILIPHOHI 4585 BANK QUEEN 0 FOSTER, (James Henry Foster, F.S.A.A.) ESTATE, MORTGAGE AND INSURANCE AGENTS, Building SocietifsgOffices, 2 South John Street, Liverpool (OorrAtr of Lord Btrui) T. WOOSNAM ROBE"13 Practical Estate Agent, Bootie Estate 0ff'c^ No 52 STANLEY RD., B°° [2 doorslfrom Bedford R0(i&)> Litherland, Seaforth & Pierhead Car* P 205 J*00'1 Established 1884 'Phone! O. JONES WILLIAMS, ESTATE AGENT & VALTJFjgt,, 24 SIR THOMAS STF-F LIVERPOOL. 0 1» Personal supervision in every general management of all kinds t10oS Estate, Confidential Reports and v for Purchase, Sale, or Mortgag Est. 1885. Telephone 1903 Maes llofuf Undeb ysg. M' C. Llawlyfr ar Epistolau loop gan y Parch h, Hugh Williams, Amlvvcb" Pris 2/6, am 2/ Parch. d 18 John Owen Jones, p8 ":¿;' Pris 1/6 am 1/3. Parch. Dr. PhillipS. Pris 2/6 net- ■%> Iw gael gan HUGH EVANS, j. 444 Stanley Rd., Liet9° -'— The Well-known # from Wales (or RHEUM A TI8M, LUMBAGO, SlM BACK-ACHE, WEAK SORE THROAT, BURN?' CUTS, BRUISES, 19 MORRIS EVANS I f HOUSEHOLD Oil Sold in Bottles, 1/U, & 2/6, by Cbemists, or from the undermontio Lancashire Repi-esciitati,ve.- EDWARD R. HUGHES. .r; 13 Dundonald Road. AiS" Agents— JACK SH RP, 38 Whitechapel, W LEWIS JO LEWIS, 20 — Book of Testimonials, &o., sent "os A pplication to the Manufacturers— Morris Evans & p.' FESTINIOG, N. Vi p09* Pris 6ch, Drwyr 0 SWYDDlI'A'R' BRYTJlON. I. H weledigaej^ U CwrsyB^ (allan o r "Bardd C^sC SEF rhan o faes llafur y Q r>titf[o^ Oy mraeg a gynhelir tan nawdd Lerpwl yn ystod y gaeaf dyfod^ Hanes y Diwyfl'^ a'r Divvygwyil Yn cynnwys hanes Mr. liivaQ ,,r rieni, ei ddygiad.i fyny, ei al^a fpfi &o„ &c,, /an y pireh. 1 Gorseinion, Hanes cyehwynia$0$,$ iad y Diwygia drwy ysgrifennu gan lenorion Hanes Mr, Dan Roberts a piWp Evans, a chargliad o farddoniae < iad. riu#> Cynhwysa y gyfrol liaws o « taf, rhai a gyhoeddir am y waitn fe^ertg, w darluniau o rieni Mr. Evan ^o.t Casilwchwr, ao Ysgoldy 0«t< PRIS HANNER CORO^* E. W. EVANS- m,* 19 T/0*& Swyddfa'r Goleuad PILE ¡j$s¡:lG WH Y SUFFER PROM i COMPLAINT? WHE1N Y° ABSOLUTELY SVthat&>S By a few applications of a J^eniingt been known to fail to cure the J;ng, Pr long standing cases—whether it or bleeding. WITH HEMROl^Afric»' Hundreds have been cu red in ^derW W the proprietor discovered this » It ia now introduced for the nl JV )() country2 so that all snfierers 6$0&„led^te', i andb/cWincedofitsmarvenoU^ It is a clean, ready aPp hifo< tise relief it gives and Ve* oi the °"f)ared Testimonials on application. prep inspected at the following addrew. proprietor and to be obtained" ijjg v y,J,- D. H. EVANS, Dispens'^poy^ 148 Lodge Lane, POST FREE 2/3 FREEHOLD LAND FOR %sA WAl-10 AT SEFTON PARK, W AVERT REE, TOWN SEND LANE, LONGMOOR LANE. J ADVANCES MADE IF REQUIRE0 < Apply: Jones & Hughes, TELEPHONE-7732 CENTRAL, A