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Draws Mon ac Arfon.



--.--0--'---Seren Llanfyllin.




-u- CODI'R HWYL Sef Llyfr Newydd o Adroddiadau, gwedi eu cynrxull gan Olvgydd y Brython. 154 o ddarnau. 192 tudal. Pris Swllt; Llian 116. Drw'y'r post 1/2 a 1/81. Y Sylltaid mwyaf o Adroddiadau a gyhoeddwyd erioed yn Gymraeg.—Evans, Sons and Foulkes, Swyddfa'r Brython, 356-358a Stanley Road, Lerpwl, YN AWR YN BAROD. Gan "EMRVS AP IWAN (Ail Oyfres). Ynghyd a'$ ylwadau ar Fywyd a Nodweddionyr Awdwr, gan Mr. EZRA ROBERT-t, Ruthin. Hefyd darlun cywir (s'r diweddaf a gymerwyd) o'r Awdwr. Pris y Gyfrol wedi ei rhwymo mewn llian, 3s. 6c. Cyhoeddwyr:—GEE a'i FAB, Cyf., Dinbych. Cynnw-ysiad- Orefydd a Gwareiddiad < Duw yn dartan, a Duw yn wobr Pa fodd I fod yn leuane Bain, Oyflawnder, a Thrugaredd Llwyddiant Ysbrydol V Ddau Orphwysdra Y Tair EwvUys 'Losturi yr lesu Y Ddau Win Pwy yw fy N hymmydogl Gwir Drysori-Trysori i Dduw Y Mammon Anshyflawn j Y Ffyrling a'r Deml Pa ham na Ohredwch Y Gorcliyinvn Newydd Ceisio. Pa fodd. Pa betli. Pa ham. Crefydd yn Ufudd-dod Crist a Phecliadur. Dyfod a Chadw Cadw trwy ddi-cyblu Dyianwad da. Disgwyliadau uchel Rhedeg yr yrfa. Pa ham a pha fodd Plant ydym. Meibion fyddwn 3ellosis iv. 10-26. Genesis xv. 1. Psalm cill. 1-5. Jeremiah ix. 23-24. Hosea xiv. 6, 6. Matthew xi. 28-30 Matthew xxvi. 42. Marc vi. 34. Luc v. 39 Luc x. 29-37. Luc xii. 15-21. Luc xvi. 9. Luc. xxi. 6. loan viii. 46. loan xiii. 34, 35. Rhuf. ii. 7. Rhuf. vi. 17. 1 Tim. i. 15. Titus ii. 11—13. Heb. xi. 9, 10. Heb. xii. 1, 2. 1 loan iii. 2. POST 2/- TO-DAY. buy direct Per Week | FROM THE Jr* 355, 7 ACTUAL BU\S either Lady s or MAKES. Machine. (,e,iiplQte with Free-wlief.![ I and all Acce:c. )ries, Roller,Tiiverte(I Brakes. Lamp, Bel!, Pump, & Tools PBrBHi incr.iih >1. Warranty Tm Years, (JKIIdSr R-liance Engineerinq Co. I■NVflMuil Manchester St., London Rd. and lljWfifffllgi Wavertree R<j Liverpool. Tele[). 6822 Central. B^MggjwiwiiiBiiigBwauai if mi'iiii am CotwgU Bag Rogal National Eisteddfod Dramatic Male Chorus (specially composed as Test Piece for the above) The Battle of the Baltic (Brwydr y Bal'ic.) Music by T. OSBORNE ROBERTS. C), N. 6d. S.I'.Jd, New Song in Low Key and High Key— A Lullaby" (CAii y Press b Music by T. OSBORNE ROBERTS To be obtained of all Music Sellers or of the Publishers— THE CAMBRIAN MUSIC PUBLISHING CO. 27 Brazanaosa Street. M^MCHSSTSV rr|v4 1 A Perfect Cure FOR Smoky Chimneys For full particulars apply Robt. Hughes, INVENTOR, PATENTEE, & SOLE AGENT, 12 Sophia St.. LIVERPOOL, Toloptione-1023 Royal. 'Phone- 30 1 '1 Central. JII W. GRIFFITHS Tailor, 29^"SOUTH JOHN STREET, LIVERPOOL ALSO ATI 349 STANLEY ROAD, BOOTLE. 'Phone-27x Bootle. -=: Boots are cont? VALUE Foil MONEY U PAIR-' Ladies' Gents in Great Variety' 51 & 53 Paradise st. The only address SEstablishedI1835, MEDLEY'S PECTACLES 1GHT PEC1AL1STS OLE ATTENTIO EARCHING HEX AMI NATIONS UHJECTiVE AND OBJECTIVE Artificial Eyes made to the Sockets, witii dilating t ul" II Belmowt ROAD. BEAUMARIS Grammar & County School Chairman of.Governors, Sir R. W. BULKELEY, The School ofEers sound and practical ecH10fi'g0ol in healthy surroundings, under experienced st»^. Honours Graduates. Modern buildings and e/Vftjfjr ment—perfect sanitation. The climate sPe suitable for delicate boys. Boarders r?ce^jate the School House, and are under the care and supervision of the He&dmaster ana Madoc Jones, Successes gained by Beaumaris pupils iaJ^3Sio» years include First Places in Mathematics, yZfytd Sc History, and Entrance Scholarships at ^iLeeSi (3), London Hospital and Welsh Univ. ejjjj). ilso Civil Service, Banks, and professions 1P Kxsros. Terms moderate. Prospectus from Ur E. MADOC JONES M.A.. Bead Experience- Efficiency ftcon001 LDNDON .l. 81: BRANCHES ¡tort The Largest and most complete Depo jj in the North of England. The Leading Removala and Storage. Removals to &n^JrnAet^e Continent and Colonies, a speciality. 0J> terms and quick pnQt. OFFICKS—8R0NTE ST„ RUSSELL ST., L'V„ And at London, Manchester, Birinin Leeds, Leamington, Gloucester and &%l ,'o0\ Tal 2007 Boyal Telegrams Removers, D. R. JONES (Almv Madog). PIANOFORTE & ORGAN DEALER. MUSIC PUBLISIIER, die 103 Hampstead Rd., LiverpOO1 Beirniad Cerddorol ac Arweinydd Cymanfaoedd Canu (Telerau Rhesymol) NEW CATALOGUES of Pianos, Organs, Harmoniums, &c., GBAT1& TERMS-On the Hire-Purchase System or Cash. Tuning and Repairing a SpeCia Estimates given for Pipe Organs, Free. Catalogue of Welsh Songs. iiJc. (Over 600). ,soilgl Also containing all the latest Musical Books, such as :—" Gems Selection, of Wales," toy D. Emlyn Evans, &c. with English and Welsh Words and both a Prices (best cover), 3 /6 Cloth, 2 /6. Postage 4d. CANTATA—" Y Cynhauaf (The Harvest), by Miss A. J. Williams Performed with grand success at Llangollen National Eisteddfod, 1908, afl ^$9 praised by the best musicians. Very suitable for chorus of 50 and ur Prices—O.N., 2 /6 and 2 Sol-ffa., 1 English and Welsh Words. trSUAL DISCOUNT FOR QUANTITIES. £ erfect Balance of the Peifect Bicycle. It is due to their scieotilically correct design, and to the unrivalled excellence of the iimteriii-.s and workmanship u.-ed i(K# exclusively in ihe Hadge-Whitvvol-.h Works, the largest in the Kingdom. & The new 68-page Art Catalogue describes in detail the new featuie^ J of the iy09 Models of Kudge-vVnitvvorths, including the ^9 vA J Combined Celluloid Handlebar Covering and Grips Patent Rustless Finish All-steel i-lush-joint frames Patent Brakes ) eatherweight Roadsters 5= jPMPr Variaole Speed Gears The 10 Years Guarantee -gsM Prices t'rom &3 15S. cash to £ 14 12s., or from 7/* per month. J||5 SSfl; The Catalogue is sent l'ost Free from i|| ") RUDGE-WHITWORTH, Ltd. 101 Bold Street, f4!.Jf' l) LIVERPOOL. I Hedge -Whii worth. I | Britain's J