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!Gyda'r Clawdd,

Icolofn Prifysgol Lerpwl.



W. & J. VENMORE., Estate Agents & Valuers 200 SCOTLAND RD. Liverpool Telephone No. 1463. J. Lloyd Jones, & Co. ESTATE AGENTS, &e. 6 Lord Street, Liverpool TELEPHONE 4212 BANK. Walter Roberts & Co., COAL PROPRIETORS. TIMBER MERCHANTS & SHIP OWNERS. 0 4 Oldhall St., Liverpool, Telegrams: INQUIRE,' L'pool. Tel.: 5581 Centra HOUSE GAS, AND STEAM COAL. ALSO SMITHY COAL, NUTS AND SLACK Tom Lancashire and Staffordshire Districts, for Shipment and Station Trade. Telephone 3664 RcyaL 41 J. OLIVER, TAILOR AND HABIT MAKER, 126 Upper Hill Stre et, PRINCES ROAD, ^LIVERPOOL.# Railway Lost Property. SEND 2/4 for a Splendid Silk Umbrella (Lady's or Gent's), 3 carriage paid per post for 6/- also grand selection of goods suitable for presents 5/6 and 7/6. Travelling Bugs, 6/6. SuDshaces from 2/- each. Northern Depot, 28a BOLD Strkbt, Livehvool.. ARTISTIC TAILORING Bv POST T71- 1 J I.-v Encouraged by our success in catering for our country cnstomeis in rpreotedistricts we have decided to extend our operations. We make Genuine Be. spoke Tailoring only, to your own measures we supply tape and form. 36 Years' reputation for Reliability, and Still in the front ranh for Fashion. Let us Send you Patterns of Smart Suitings, in Tweeds, Worsted* and Blue Serges. Prices— From 30/- upwards. Terms- Cash with Order. There is an ATMOSPHERE about our GOODS which distinguishes them from the COMMONPLACE. Write at once, naming this Paper. a o 0 II J. JONES SONS, j ROCHDALE RD., MANCHESTER. For BEDSTEADS and BEDDING W. WHITTLE, SON & STOTT, LTD., 116,118 O 120 WHITECHAPEL, LIVERPOOL. S ø .11 # Telephone 2137 Royal- If your sight is failing. or your eyes trouble you, Consult I make a careful J. SAMPSON, Examinations and' Eye™«^arately "and Eyesight and Spectacle Specialist, Consultation Free. Prescribe Glasses 175 LONDON RD., LIVERPOOL Prices within the ¡i only when necessary. reach of all, MORE THAN 75 "!0 OF US NEED GLASSES ORGAN BUILDERS Blackett & Howden, Grafton St. Organ Works NEWCASTLE-ON =TYNE. Representatives and Tuners in CARDIFF and GLASGOW. Estimates Free for all classes of Organ Worh Tunings by Annual Contract or Special Visit. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS "DIAPASON," NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE- —A VEGETARIAN DINNER- WOULD SUIT YOU. You can obtain a perfectly Cooke 1 Vegetarian Lunch at CASTLE'S Vegetarian Restaurant, 22a DALE ST. (Entrance next Angel Hotel) Famed for Lentil Soup for 30 years. Everything used at Castle's is of the finest possible quality. 30 Dishes daily on Menu. t 2 COURSES 6d. Newid bwyd yw'r hybyddlgoreu ar iechyd gaffir fegu forty attended for s/je c/earance of these ^9 IPmvATe. houses. W/iRt/iOuscs^Ts^B/iKepiesTSw^i^U <X>$ spreading pe$t3 S NO INCONVENIENCE whatcver BY OUR METHODS.H C0NTBACT5 7 AH Ef. OR PREPARATIONS 5UPPUEP. ESTIMATES FREE JH z c 9 Li