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I 1JTOEBSSION9 TK I IVUIOSM I" I Uu«»»b8: Rggf^ BIIobS™: I D4vl88's • I mfc- I A P *7«™wo I 8 I oj„ ?on °* (Messrs. Lippmann, I TUVrS^r I donwEF' ,Hatton Garden, Lon* I 3 ) °p) the loose Diamond Stock, !T I 1\Iv7w- I f^u5,ting to £ 750, Just mounted £ I D^ES'8 1 i?t? Bl?gs, Brooche8, and Brace- I — every buyer 10/- to I Ia STn 'in the„ £ Seduction I U'" 12/aI £ flBDPOTION EVERY l I) I I T ALOGUE FREE. I "J 30 lOW Hill, LIVERPOOL. I (Vta 01d Swln °»>- I ALLOW Ay OE UP TO 100 MILES. [ „ *45 Lady's Ring. I 01 iSoT</lO/- HTEST FRENCH STYLE 8- D I tleiS?4! 81%, YA.. S1°NB LARGE DIAMONDS I ^etv,'carvprt io i white lustrous stones, hand I "fitting Wj,, j8"ct. gold and platinum mount, I 111 advance £ 24. APPROVAL. ll f3() |T I J?ii Diamond Half-Hoop. I ?0iwll/17/- I'AftOESEOdNBHAND 3UPER I Ha rare whL p-STONE DIAMOND HALF- K '"n3a» 18-pf' n°i"ld' beautifully-cut, matchless K ^^advanoe. APPROVAL Setting' remounted' 11 .APPROVAL. I Pio 8 ^oronet Diamond Ring. I 5IY? EQUAL-SIZE LARGE I Hhu^og eanh ^AMONDS, in a row setting, I btfJligTLtrv. ne, no gold showing; strong I Diamonds, 18-ct. Gold. Advance £ 15 I Cl !•% I £ ft/i Jd 111011(1 Ha,f"ho°P- I i^St'19/Bw^^rB'UL 5-STONED DIAMOND I h'H^less whit OLAW-SET, HALF-HOOP, I Sf^idert On. Brazilians, stylish claw setting, C'Q ——-———————.—————————— 5:8 Diamond Half-hoop. to|y/" SHat^FA8hi°NABLE, DIAMOND Ben? 8tones cIear lustrous, per- "ttce e flshin8 Are, 18-ct. hs«vy £ 3/7/« rl ON APPROVAL. Stored free. -•J^any time. DAVIES'S. [lift) u^neous Bargains tit S0L11> GOLD ONLY 1-»"<s I Pl^^ELETft^dHeavy iS-ct. Plain- £ 1/9/# S^aV1! Diamn^H1 ^Lever Watch combine £ 4/10/ to i8.ct pf Ruby, as Cluster. 14/0 cj> Dtix, head g' heavy Gent's Ruby to 'J» 8Hd|' Solid 18-ctwide.. 35/- il* larces'f large Brazilian Bingle- 6&nnld (advin-l A°?e m the world- 15ct- So§a«r«™••■»-w" §♦*«,; -m "8/- Un? ^wiesY diamond,' ia'cfcif1/ UAi>iCafat ai(lue» 11 diamonds, stylish, UTm^&Gs' £ B/io/- lola SRAOELf'p6 ^hlte diamonds £ 5/18 >>■7. seU-expanding, soUd £ 2/19/fl ffc! DIAMonD bracelet, E{aB/- T)taSSB 5-STONE PERFECT b; ?AHATl5Lhand wrn ??D BRACELET (near Jin dA w HALL-\Tap J^V decorations in HEAVY finest ewry stone warranted Vfi AdvancPT^LBSS ™TE Q^ALHY th°« deposit ?ny time- Approval any y"ait- Choice present. t8ct. ENGagement RINGS. °tt \V aA.L SET BTYLIBR HALF-HOOPS. /A DIAMONDS andlj Sapphires, fiqSlro^8 7-Stone, ne«t claw-set. USUALLY £ 2/10/- •v ^2lfi 5 Stones, all lustrous fTarr', &eat claw, effective. USUALLY £ 4/10/- s. &9L »UMONDS,"5 Pure White Best £ 5.an' 18ct. Claws, USUALLY •»w '1 5,ONDS, 5 Stones, ifne white I .t, f 18ct. claw-setting. Other i-Hoops at 50/ 55/ and 59/ Q\1JD Usually TREBLE. 800 RINGS TO CHOOSE FROM. °UR PRICE £ 11/17/- 3 stone DIAMOND BAR' S^k8tyiish BROOCH. lT(,e routj^luif?2iu: lon«». 18-carat Hall tew litest Brn^i- iO* 3 Arstwater finely matched l^n D.lamonds, without speck i v°d judges of S1Z0* *hape, colour and ^la^IlfQcP.heautifui Bai^aS-hoVld 7lew this 8Pecial to match m.1 °l SlnKle-stone DIAMOND n Set. MthW111.8 111 JS-carat Gold and '•% B^Ur Price f.a i?ty h°°k and catch. Usual m "a- «d. Sent on approval. L i Abwujlt JBRAdELB'r. ANDKpPD?OlID?GpLD FLEXIBLE ?>/? Unk*6 stamped BRACELET (widest or cma ^5S??nt' and stamped Wae. Also wnl APPROVAL. Others at tarrh" and »Ty+<?atJ?ras' viz- Basket, NbL^ nf PRICES J0/" IN THE £ oSk NstJRpAaMTrT?vSf 200 Bracelets to aMand yALUE. Alto very a?/n°ther I^a?ra et at 35/ usually ,othet8 5d Padlock Pt £ 4- Also very 5* an and icn„ £ 2/7/ usually £ 4/10/ -TSD; AS "tfc.118 J 1J<^TliD SPECIAL **•^852? Rin?s 20/- v. « Sntm. "iea8P0°M and Pair—SPECIAL Ug&r Tongs Free. 10 °therS widfii 101~' 15/ 46 Wld*rt and Heaviest. 111. tt-QASAT QOLD. 1 °aedi r&Bll k.

Ym Mhorthaethwy,

I'w hordeinio.

Cenadwri Llundain.

Y Ffydd Ddiffuant.

Ein dyled i Calfin.

Cyallun y Blw-ydd-dal *


Glannau Mersey



Colofn Prifysgol Lerpwl.