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Ffetan y Gol. ----





BEAUMARIS Grammar & County School BOARDERS RECEIVED AT SCHOOL HOUSE. Preparation, for Civil Seryice, Universities, Professions, Commercial and Business Careers. INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION, HIGHLY QUAL- IFIED STAFF, NEW & SPACIOUS BUILD- INGS. INSPECTION INVITED. For terms and List of Successes apply Headmaster. CLASSES 6 PRIVATE TUITION for Matriculation, Professional Preliminaries, Oxford and Cambridge Locals, College of Preceptors, Preliminary Certificate, &(- School of Shorthand 6 Typewriting which gives a thorough and efficient training in in these and all other business subjects. References given. N.B.—Intending Students or their Parents or Guardians should, before enrolling anywhere obtain refer- ences from Past and Present Pupils. I. W. BROWN, B.A., 5, 6, 7, 8, Don Chambers, 8 Paradise Street, LIVERPOOL. COLEG Y BRlfYSGOl, ABERYSTWYTH. (Un, o'r Golcgcnt ym Mhrifysgol Cymru). PIUEATHRO T. F. ROBERTS, M.A., LL.D. DECHREUA'JI tymor nesaf ar ddydd Mawrth, Hydref laf, 1907. Paratoir yn arbennig ar gyfer arholiaclau Prifysgol Cymru, ond rhoddir cynorthwy hefyd i efrydwyr weithio am raddau prifysgolion ereill. Cynhygir dros ugain o ysgoloriaethau (amryw ohonynt yn gyfyngedig i Gymry), i'r efrydwyr sydd fwyaf llwyddiannns yn yr arholiad a gynhelir ar y 17eg o fis Mecli, 1907. Am fanylion pellach ymofynner â- J. H. DAVIES, M.A., Cofrestrydd. ..COLEG Y GOGLEDD^ BANGOR (TTu o'r Colegau ym Mhrifysgol Cymru). PRIFATHRAW H. R. REICHEL, M.A,, LL.D. Dechreua'r tymor nesaf Hydref 1, 1907 Paratoi ar gyfer Arholiadau Prifysgol Cymru, rhai o eiddo Prifysgol Llundain, y Cwrs Meddygol ym Mhrif- ysgolion Llundain, Edinburgh a Glasgow, ac arhol- iadau ereill. Rhoir addysg arbennig mown Amaethyddiaeth (yn cynnwys triniaeth coed) ac Electrical Engineering. Mae yn y Coleg adran normalaidd i Athrawon elfennol a chanolraddol. Cynhygir dros 20 o Y sgoloriaethau, yn amrywio mewn gwerth o C40 i £10 y flwyddvn, yn nechreu'r tymor nesaf. Mae Ysgoloriaethau Tate yn gyfyng- gedig i Gymry. Ysgoloriaethau John Hughes yn gyfyngedig i fechgyn aned yn sir Fon neu sir Gaer- narfon, ac Ysgoloriaethau Richard Hughes i drigolion Mon. Dechreua'r arholiad am danynt Medi 17. Ceir pob manylion gan J. E. LLOYD, M.A., Ysgrifennydd a Chofrestrydd. .EL' ,\t-i" ID sTqACHDY CYMRAEG A (}/J YW y 1-1. f- 0 Rto h I t WAHV0 I ODorTYt AC I IFARGEllito A14 oklA STOC vkwpl VR\S\I\U \S£l, XK ""AD Po ?>OLow vuut- C9ooy L38 Russell's Chronograph. Massive 18 carat Keyless Hunter. MAGNIFICENT PRESENTATION WATCH (quite new 6 months ago with proof), in perfect condition This HIGHEST GRADE f V^e ENGLISH FULL HUNTING HEAVY KB*- x LESS CHRONOMETER LEVER, by ThoS- Russell & Son, Makers to the Queen, Church St. Liverpool, with full compensating gold screw balance, COMPENSATED TO ALL TEMPER- ATURES, adjusted to all positions, variation within 5 seconds per month, very latest perfected class A movement (JEWELLED OJ* ENDS), 19 FULL VISIBLE SELECTED; RUBIES, PATENT OVERCOIL BREQUET SPRING, patent Keyless UNBREAKABL MAINSPRING, Chronograph Centre Seconds and outside STOP ACTION. A most Scient- ifically accurate instrument,of sensitive ohro^f metic capacity, suitable for EXPLORING*' NAVIGATING AND ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATIONS, Late property of a marine captain (4oz.) HEAVY SOLID 18ct. ENGLISH HALL MARKED GOLD THROUGHOUT/ without mark or scratch. Russell's and our i years' guarantee accompanies the above- MONTH'S TRIAL, Security advance guarant0 given with above of £ 15. Exchanges forwards to any part of the Kingdosn. DAVIES' FO HIGH-CLASS GOLD HUNTING WATCH^ ONE HALF BELOW COST. LOWHII^' LIVERPOOL. Telephone 0777 Royal. Davies's Price f,161101- Watches safely despatched to all parts of the world £21 Gents Gold Keyless Hunter. SECONDHAND Gents Solid 18ct Bngl^ High-grade Keyless 4!-plate English 4 Full Jewelled Chronometer Lever HUNTER, bY this noted London maker, with all recent improv ments, being of the very finest mechanism j workmanship of this reputed maker, too known to need comment. Warranted a lifetial and perfect in all detail. Also one similar > Russell and Son, Church street, Liverpool (sa price). New six months ago. Davies's Price, £6/18/6. 2-L- 10 Guinea Russell's Ladies' Keyless Just like new, very Strong Keyless Lever for lady, full Jewelled Chronometer BaiaiioO, Brequet Spring, and latest improvements, only 8 months old heavy Solid Gold Stamps thick Cases, damp and dust proof, nicely chased makers and our guarantee for 25 years. Wonderful bargain, call to see i • Month's trial. Cash back if not as represen ed. Sent on approval. Davies's Price, £ 3/7/6 Every ( Watch Offered is a Timeke 7 Guinea Gents Russell's Solid Silver Engliipii Lever. CI/iR/fi Very strong, heavy Solid Silver Capped Lever, Russell and Son, Church-street, Liverpo (makers to the Queen) new this year (Pr<? r to show). High Grade full plate Chronorn°t'^ balance, ruby jewelled, Brequet Spring Ll t latest improvements (the kind that won't g. out of order easily. Makers' and our 2>{l& i antee, 25 years, perfect time-keeper, s0tJi>g in every respect, month's trial. Also RusS?q/. secondhand 7 Guinea Silver Hunter, now > sent on approval. Stamped Solid Gold Chains- FASHIONABLE GOLD STAMPED jf A Graduated Curb Albert and i( stamped every link, revolving^ JUrt\. NOW Hall-marked and GOVERNMENT, :c2/5 STAMPED another 4i guinea uated Curb, now £ 2/9/. R- ECTION. EVERY CHAIN WA" RANTED AT SPECIALLY DUCED PRICES. p SOLID HEAVY GRADUATE CURB AND SEAL (best vai CC in the trade). Governm •vr/^wr stamped every link, and b) marked; also Double -g/, 1&2/I9/6 22/14/; Double Long Link, £ wbl0 also a massive Heavy u Curb £ 11; now £ 5/12/6. p SOLID HEAVY GRADLTAT £ 7 CURB ALBERT. Governm« stamped every link; also 8-g ,g0 NOW Double Curb, now, £ 3 8/6> ^3 £ 3/5/= Double Open Curb, £ 9» n° JUOed 10/ Double Fetter g]0 from £ 8 8/ to £ 3 9/; oiOt Massive Graduated Curb? now iC4 10/- 1 QUINEA QOLD WEDDING WIDEST AND HEAVIEST 22-CAKA^ PURE OOI.D REDUCED 7/6 IN POUND. FINGER-SIZE CARD 27/6 RINGS I 35/- RINGS 45/- NOW NOW JV 20s. 25s. PRESENT OF SUGAR TONGS AND o0$$> HALF-DOZEN TEA jii0i' DAVIES'S, OA T 9Sr AVIBS'S, OU -U°W