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NOD AC ESBONIAD. [Pob gohebiaeth ynglyn a'r golofn hon i'w danfon i'r Parch. O. EILIAN OWEN, 16 Argyle Road, Anfield Road, Liverpool]. Llyfr Du Caerfyrddin. Mor Truan genhyf, mor truan a deryv am keduyv a chaduan. AM. Before V. y amvin ae elin terwin guinet 29a5 and defend from its enemy the frontiers of Gwynedd Ar traethev trvwruid in amvin a garvluid 48al0 On the strands of Trywruid contending with Garwlwyd Before W. Ac arall amwall am dwylan gwy 24al5 Before Y. Ac vei gyuerkinan am y gylchin huan 9b4 And should there be a language all com- plete about the sun Am yscud ar wy isguit 25a9 With mv shield on my shoulder a myned y loegruis diSuis trewi 27b9 and that there will be to the Lloegrians the falling of cities A myneich a obrin beich o bechodev 28bl3 and monks who will compensate for loads Piev y bet pedrival ae pedwar mein amtyal 35a4 Whose is the quadrangular grave, with its 4 stones around the front Ny gvnaho dowit duypoen ar din amydic ae awar 35b4 May not the Lord inflict severe pain on man for his anger and passion Amykywrev ymelis 51a8 and for the sweet strains

Mynegair i Salmau Can EdmwndI…

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Natur a'r Natur Ddynol.

Bywyd yr Unigolyn.

Bywyd Cymdeithasol.

Pistol Saethu Blaenoriaid,

* Y Wadd a'r Hedydd.


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