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----== Yn Ynys Mon ac Arfon

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--0--Mrs. Lloyd Roberts, y…

Helynt Mynwent.

*52 . Edrych y Corff.



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AM. Before R. Ac ysmortuiant mal gosod amrant lla4 And vanish as suddenly as the motion of eyelid awnaeth fruith a freu a fop amriffrpu 19bl who made fruit and rill and every gushing stream A chimrevan biv am rid vochnvy 24a3 And the lowing together of cattle about the ford of Mochnvv o amryues neusadwaen 35b2 If I have erred I truly acknowledge it reged am ryvaeth 46bl3 lavish of his entertainment Before S. am ssuinasseie douit 12b6 If the Lord had blessed me amser kadwaladir kert a ganhwi 24b3 The time of Cadwaladyr a song he may sing am sathir in y bon 25a 6 Trodden it is around its base pen llv wu tra wu y amser 34b9 A commander of hosts was he, so long as his time lasted Before T. kert kywtas nis amtimeid Sal 2 the gift of friendship will not be main- tained Myny mae ebestil am teernas uwil 13b8 Where the Apostles are in the kingdom of the humble Ban diffon brodorion o amtiret mon 30b8 When come the inhabitants of the regions Mona Ban vo dev broder. Deu itas amtir 31b4 When two brothers will be two Idases for land Terruin amtir 39a7 Ath vradaste am twyllas ynnev 4la9 He who betrayed me, deceived thee Ath uradaste am twyllas ynheu 41al7 Anudon am tir 43al Before U. Duu anamuo 20a7 The God that defends us In amuin kyminaud clefytaud clev In their defence of Cymminawd, with their incessant sword thrusts Oet rinn vy gueisson in amuin ev detvon 47b9 Terrible were my servants, defending their rights Ym minit eidin amuc a chinbin 48a7 In Mynyd Eiddyn, He contented with Cynvyn Mynegair i Salmau Can Edmund Prys, 1621. ANGEL. Angel ein Duw a dry yn gylch 347 Angel yr Ion i'w chwalu ANGERTH. at wres ac angerth rhyfel 1859 AXOHALL. Dy helynt nis gwyr anghall 92(1 ANGHENUS. y dyn anghentis, Ilesg, a gwan 7i21 ANGHOII. anghofl dy weithredoedd 5911 ANGHOFIA. Ac nag anghofia, pan fo rhaid Duw nac anghofia lais a son 742,1 ANGHOFIAIS. Fel yr anghofiais fwyta 'mwyd 1024 dy gyfraith ni anghofiais 11961 Am hynny nid anghofiais chwaith 119101) Nid anghofiais dy gyfraith lan 119141 d'orchymynion nid anghofiais 1191GB AXGHOFIED. aiigliofled dehau gany 1375 ANGHOFIENT. Anghofient wrthiau Duw ar hynt 10621 ANGHOFIO. Anghoflo'i wyrth a wclsent gynt 7811 Aughofio eu cadw hwynt fal hyn 7842 ANGHOFIODD. Anghoftodd Duw drugarhau ? 779 Pan anghofiodd y gelyn 1191-39 ANGHOFIR. hyd dyddbrawd nis anghofir 918 ANGHRECGAli. ac ing anghreugar digllon 7849 ANGH V. lthyd tiroedd a phobloedd anghu 10627 AXGHYFANNEDD. ac anghyfannedd iddyn 6! anialwch anghyfannedd 731 preswylfod anghyfannedd 79' -()-



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