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NOD AC ESBONIAD. [Pob gohebiaeth ynglyn a'r golofn hon i'w danfon i'r Parch. O. EILIAN OWEN, 16 Argyle Road, 4 Anfleld Road, Liverpool]. Llyfr Du Caerfyrddin. Mor Truan genhyf, mor truan a deryv am keduyv a chaduan. AM. Before G. Am gadu y traethu traethaud 21blO Permit thou me to indite a composition Ac amgewin ir aeluid bvid balawon 24a9 and about the hearth food for whelps ac am gylch kyminawd kymyn leas eingyl 24bl7 And around Cyminawd, a deadly hewing down. Piev y bet J yramgant 32bl5 Whose is the grave in the circular space Bet beidaucrut yn amgant riv lyvnav 33bl5 The grave of Beidawg the ruddy in the vicinity of Riw Llyvnaw. Dywyccviff wympechaud am gweithred 42bl May I make satisfaction for my sin and actions. druduas nis amgiffredit Drudwas did not perceive the day can-issamgiffredit dy gruidir arwiber Winit. Because I notice Thy wanderings on Gwiber Vynyd Before H. ogyv ven amhad, amhad anav areith awyrllar. 5a7 8a3. The goddess of various seeds, the various seeds of poetic harmony. hep haut y amhev 19all without its being easily doubted in Ilurv llyaus am hir 33all with respect to many long everyway y mae paub ynyamheu 34a5 which everybody doubts Cantreghis wiguisc amhoen 35b2 How gone are my ardour and liveliness yr guneuthur amhuill na thuill 43bll

Mynegair i Salmau can Edmwnd…

--u----Four Crosses, Pwllheli.

GlannauV Mersey