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Telephone 1157 Royal. Established 1856 ROBERT ROBERTS, ESTATE AGENT, 33 Netherfield Road South, Has Property to Let in various parts of the town. Mortgages arranged. Valuations made. THOMAS H. OWEN, ESTATE AGENT & ACCOUNTANT, 2a Foley Street, Kirkdale Rd., Liverpool. Property bought and sold, and Estates economically managed. Telephone, No. 1779. HENRY JONES, Estate Agent, Valuer <5 Property Auctioneer, 5 COOK STREET, LIVERPOOL. Rents Collected. Valuations made. Property sold by Public Auction or Contract. Telephone No. 7909. J. LEWIS JONES, ESTATE AGENT & VALUER, 60 Victoria St., Liverpool. Properties carefully managed. Rents personally collected. Purchases and Sales negotiated. Mortgages arranged and Insurances effected. THOMAS 6 JONES, ESTATE AGENTS &VALUERS, INVESTMENT BUILDINGS. 67 Lord Street, Liverpool. Telephone No.-5586 Central. Properties Bought and Sold. Mortgages arranged. Valuations made. Rents Collected. TEL. 42v ANFIELD. ESTABLISHED 1872. STEPHEN ROBERTS & SON, ESTATE AGENTS & VALUERS, 137 Everton Road, Liverpool (Late 2 Stanfield Road). Properties carefully Managed. Rents personally Collected. Purchases and Sales Negotiated. Mortgages arranged and Insurances effected. ROBERT ROBERTS, ESTATE AGENT AND VALUER, 30 Hamilton St., Birkenhead. RENTS COI,.LBCTRI). VALUATIONS MADE. PROPERTIES BOUGHT & SOLD. Telephone—223. R. E. HUGHES, Estate Agent, Surveyor 6 Valuer, Charing Cross, Telephone No.—56 B'head, Has Houses to Let, and for Sale, in varions parts of the Town and out districts. Also Land to be Sold for Building purposes. Advances made to Builders. Estates laid out. Rents Collected, and Property carefully managed. Telephone 034 Central. WILLIAM WILLI AMS, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT, VALUER AND PROPERTY SALESMAN, 20 NORTH JOHN ST., Liverpool. GRIFFITH THOMAS, PAINTER, DECORATOR & PAPERHANGER. if 192 Beacon Lane, if All orders promptly attended to..Estimates Free Telephone-Bootle 143. R. W. SMALLWOOD& CO., CONTRACTORS FOR REPAIRS AND DECORATIONS TO PROPERTY. 240 Westminster Rd., L'pool. (Office & Works—Back Westminster Rd.) I make Boots That's my business. You buy Boots That's your business. If you place any value on your feet, Come and let me build you a pair, don' orget. An easy Shoe is equivalent to an easy conscience GUTTERIDGE, -BESPOKE BOOT MAKER,— 291 West Derby Rd. (My Only Address Marwolaeth y Saint: Offrwm cof am y diweddar Feddyg Hugh Williams ac eraill o saint Fitzclarence Street. Gan y Parch. J. Hughes, M.A. Llian 2s HUGH EVANS, 366-8& Stanley Rd., Liverpool. T. WOOSNAM ROBERTS, Bootle r, Estate Office, 52 STANLEY RD., BOOTLt (2 DOORS FROM BBDFORD RD.), Has for Sale Breeze hill, Bootle—Detached Residence, 90llj aspect, standing on 1970 square land, also a frontage to Oxford Road. hold for 999 years, 3 entertaining rooj11' ground floor kitchen, scullery pantry, « 4 bedrooms, dressing and bath rooms, sepat8v[ w.c. on first floor, 4 bedrooms and above splendid cellars, tennis lawn, ST house. t Well Lane, Park Street, Bootle—1000 land together with a newly-erected buil",7 60 ft. long, 40ft. wide, & 20 ft. high 2 Booif Well-lighted from both ends. Would 8° Manufacturer, Contractor or Team 0#°°' Sell or Let, De rby Lease 999 years. u Detached Residence, Hawthorne Road—Leasen0' 999 years; ground rent £ 17 per Ground Floor, 3 entertaining rooms, scullery and pantry first floor 6 bath, lavatory, and w.c. second Qoot, bedrooms; large garden at rear, 2000 s<luar yards of land, two stall stables at side. Semi-detached Residence in Balliol Road; 4 hold for 75 years, 40 unexpired, gr°Ui.. rent £ 9 per annum large garden, house and stable, with entrance back road. Semi-detached Residence, leasehold for 75 years from 1884; rent R5 per annum. The house coniso bedrooms, bath, lavatory and separate on 1st. floor, and 8 bedrooms above; 1^! brick built washouse and store at reft* level of kitchen good cellars garden b and front. froo Bank-road, Bootle leasehold for 75 years fr 1877 ground rent £ 4 5s. per annum I square yards of land. The house cont»^ drawing and dining-rooms, kitchen scullery, large wasnouse. 4 bathroom and separate w-o. ,-t Queen's-road; leasehold for 75 years; sit^ and dining-rooms, kitchen, scullery, 6 bedrooms, bath, lavatory and w.c., and coal cellar; close to station..i. Semi-detached Residence, Merton-road, Boow„ Derby Leasehold for 75 years from 1°^ Ground rent £ 17 per annum. lite h"?1. contains :-Ground floor: three enfertaill rooms; kitchen, pantry, etc. First s 4 bedrooms, bath, lavatory, and w.c. Sep0', floor: 4 bedrooms and store. Electric well cellared throughout, larder. stalled stable and coach-house with W* store and hay loft, Bootle Estate Office, 52 Stanley Road, Bootl* ESTABLISHED 1884. TELEPHONE 205 BOOTLE =——— —— O. JONES WILLIAbi-st ESTATE AGENT & VALUER, 24 SIR THOMAS STREET. LIVERPOOL. Personal supervision in every detail general management of all kinds of e 9 Estate, Confidential Reports and Valuafrio11 t for Purchase, Sale, or Mortgage. I Est. 1885. Telephone 1903 Centt' Telephone: 279 Bootle. LINACRE BRICK COMPANY 122 Marsh Lane, Bootie. Works: Canal Bank. Branch Offices 38 HAWTHORNE ROAD, ORRELL, BOOTO Telephone—216 Bootle. AND 23 OLDHALL STREET, LIVERPOOL ]F Telephone—1554 Central. Houses to Let, ELECTRIC LIGHT THROUGHOUT. RENTS FROM 5/» to 10/- PER W E E KJ. APPLY— WILLIAM JONES, 38 HAWTHORNE ROAD, ORRELL, gootilo DAVID EVANS, Park Road North Estate, BIRKENHEAD. Pellseinyr 391 Birkenhead. qriR A THAI ar wertb 'j osod yn rhaubarth iachafaf^ cyfleus y dref.. 35 Ý Ardreth o 6/6 yr wythnos i fyny 1 flwyddyn. ^f0 Yn gwynebu'r Pare, ac yn ymyl Gor§w V Trams a Threns bob £ a gellir cyrraedd unrhyw »» Tai hynjmewn 15 munud Liverpool. # Contract blwyddyn gyda'r trto, tua 2ic. y dydd. Ymofyner a Mr. David Evans, neU Mr. Wm. Edwards, Estate Agent* Pa*1* North, a chongl.Puke Street.

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