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Eisteddfod Bwlchgwyn.

Senedd y Byd.

Nodion o Fanceinion.




IF YOU WANT SEASONED Oak, Mahogany, Birch, Black Walnut. Ash. White Wood, Pitchpine, Yellow Pine, Doors or Mouldings WRITE LEWIS ROBERTS, 19 STANLEY ROAD, LIVERPOOL. CYMRU AM BYTH. On the road to Chester ride a "CORONET" CYCLE. 1907 Machines, all the latest Models that skill, ingenuity, and development can devise, FROM IS 5s. Cycle Repairing, Enamelling, Plating my special- ity. I quote a low Price, I do my own work, and I guarantee it. Cycle Accessories of every des- cription in stock, Note address, 'Down the steps, QUINN'S CYCLE DEPOT, 452 Scotland Road, LIVERPOOL (Opposite Rotunda Theatre). Tel. No. 18y Bootle. J BLACK, Late ISAAC BLACK, Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer, BEDDING MANUFACTURER, And General House Furnisher, 66 & 68 STANLEY ROAD, BOOTLE. Carpett and Floor Coverings a Speciality. Undeb Ysgolion M.C. CARDIAL SAFONAU, RHAGBAROTOAWL HYD SAFON Y 9fed, I'w rhoddi yn nwylaw y plant, yn dangos iddynt y Maes Llafur, Darllen a Dysgn Allan am y flwyddyn. Pris (assorted) 3/6 y Cant. I'w cael gan HUGH EVANS, 444 Stanley Road, Liverpool. Maes Llafur Undeb Ysgolion M.C. I rai dros 21 oed Llowlyfr ar Efengyl Matt. 1-15 gan y Parch.W. Williams, Hirwaen. Pris, 1/3 I rai dan 21 oed-Gwerslyfr ar Efengyl Matt., 1-15. gan y Parch. W. Williams, Rhostryfan. Pris, 2c. Ar werth gan HUGH EVANS, Llyfrwerthwr, 444 Stanley Road, ESTABLISHED 1876. WILLIAMS & HUGHES, LADIES' & GENTS' TAILORS, 21 Brunswick Road, Tel. 0118 Royal. LIVERPOOL. E1885. OWENS & CO., i Office & Shop Fitters, DECORATING, PLUMBING, GASFITTING, &c And all kinds of Jobbing, 24 Hart St., London Road, LIVERPOOL. o e I P. Neil Campbell, 84 DURNING RD. (Yn agos i Goleg Hyff orddiadol Edge Hill), LIVERPOOL. TYNNU DANNEDD YM DDIBOEN. A'u llenwl ag Aur, Arlan M yn y blaen. Rhoddir Cyfarwyddyd a phritiam yn rhad. Orlaus 9 y bore hyd 8 yrhwyfb Gweinyddet at Foneddiguam. Pellselnyr i 445 Royal. Y DULL AMERICANAIDD 0 Goroni a Phontio Dannedd. Jones' Hotel (Established over 100 years). Suffolk St., Poll Mall, London, (Adjoining Trafalgar Square.) Successors to Mr. Roberts, Thanet Place. Telegraphio Addr 0 sa- I Pleasant,' London. Proprietor-H. R. JONES. Gwalia Home & Registry for Welsh Servants, HOPE PLACE, LIVERPOOL. Dan arolygiaeth pwyllgor o gynrychiolwy Cymreig. Lletty oysurus x forwynion yn ceisio lleoedd.—Ymofyner a Miss DAVIES, Lady Superintendent. CERDDOROL, c. The Cambrian School of Music. Liverpool lprincipal [MR. John Henry Roberts Mus. Bac. (Cantab.), A.R.A.M., F.T.S.C. (London). ASSISTED BY QjUALIFIED a PROFESSORS a £ £ 5The Branches taught include— Pianoforte, Organ, Violin and all Orchestral Instruments. Theory of Music, Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, Composition. 0 ol Solo Singing 0 Voice Production. Students Specially Prepared forj Local Examinations. POSTAL LESSONS In Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, Composition, Accoustics, in all Tonic Sol-Fa College Subjects. MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS REVISED AND CORRECTED. Full Particulars from- J. H; ROBERTS. 149GROVE ST., L'POOL. Mr. HARRY EVANS (Fellow of the Royal College of Organists) Conductor of the Liverpool Welsh Choral Union Teacher of Singing ALSO ORGAN 6 PIANOFORTE (ADVANCED). Students prepared for Degrees and Diplomas ADDRESS'; 26 Princes Avenue, LIVERPOOL THE LATEST SUCCESS. ROBERTS' WATCH METRONOME A combined Watch and Metronome. All tempos seen at a glance. No adjustment re- quired. Nothing to get out of order. Every musician, whether Student, Singer, Teacher, Organist or Conductor, should possess one. TESTIMONIALS- A great acquisition to musicians." Simple,' useful, and portable." "Most ingenious and handy.' Very good idea. the best I have seen." "Most useful on account of its simplicity and portability." A most valuable little thing, quite unique, ex- cellent." PRICE 15/- [postage extra] To be had from the inventor and patentee Dr. R. D. GLYN ROBERTS. 4 59 Crawford Avenue, Liverpool. TO CYMRIC MUSICAL SOCIETIES. GEORGE BYROM, 14 Brooks Alley, Old Post Office Pl. (1 Minute from Central Station). —— LIVERPOOL Practical Violin Maker. Restoration of Old Instruments a Speciality. Dealer in old and new Violins. Finest Italian & other Strings, Bows, Cases, Fittings, etc,, in stock. Orders by post sent return post OS OES GENNYCH Swllt DaacAnwyd Drwg Gellwch gael ymadael &'r ddau drwy brynnu potel o Prysor-Jones' LUNG BALSAM, Y Feddyginiaeth at ANWYD, PESWCH, CRYGNI, DOLUR GWDDF, &c. Os cymerir dogn gydag ychydig o ddwfr cynnes cyn myned i orffwys, fe gynhesa y frest a sicrheir NOSON DDA. Parotoedig yn unig gan D. PRYSOR-jjONES (Olynydd i S. K. Bww)j ——■— Fferyllydd, 291 Pork Road, LIVERPOOL