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Gwyn fyd y Colier.


-------0---0 Gaerdydd. --

-------0---GLANNAU'R GLWYD.



University College of males, ABERYSTWYTH. Short Courses in Law, A Six-Week's Course of Lectures on English Law will be delivered by Proffesor T. A. LEVI, M.A., B.C.L., at the College, from APRIL 29tli to JUNE 1,8th, 1907. These Lectures are specially adapted for Articled Clerks, and are open to them without payment of fee. Ten Lectures will be delivered each week, namely: Three on the LAW OF CONTRACT. Two on the LAW of TORT & CRIME. Three on the LAW of REAL AND PERSONAL PROPEREY & Two on the PRINCIPALES of CONVEYANCE. The Lectures will be equally suitable for Intermediate and Final Students, and the students will be entitled to the use of the previleges of other College Students. All applidations for admission to the Course should be directed as soon as pessible to J. H. DAVIES, M.A., Registrar __L"==-===T,=-=-=-L" -<-=.oL'L_ The Well-Known Remedy il from Wales for 41 RHEUMATISM, LUMBAGO, SOIATIGA BACK-AGUE, WEAK GHEST, SORE THROAT, BURNS, OUTS, BRUISES, &c., is MORRIS EVANS' no HOUSEHOLD OIL. Sold in Bottles, l/lh & 2/6, by Grocers and Chemists, or from the undermentioned Lancashire Rel)i,eseittative- EDWARD R. HUGHES, 13 St. Michael's Road, Liverpool, S. Agent— LEWIS JOB LEWIS, 20 Verulam St., Lpool. Book of Testimonials, &c., sent Post Free on Application to the Manufacturers- Morris Evans & Co., FESTINIOG, N. WALES IMR 6 G8aOv*fon St. Ll VCfDOOf 49 651 Edge lane r* 4I;JIiI REMOVAL CONTRACTORS To or from any distance bd ROAD, RAIL, OR SEA. ø Telephones-535 6 536 Royal. Telegrams-" Readiness, Liverpool." ø FIREPROOF Warehouses For Storage of Furniture and Valuables. Telephone-157Y Birkenhead. Er amlder ei gwsmet,iald,-yn siop HUGHES, Pawb gant eu hangenraid Am siwt newydd bydd, heb baid, Frethynwr i Frythoniaid. ø pi JOHN HUGHES, Tailor €s Draper, 24 OXTON ROAD, BIRKENHEAD 0 F Li I Greenman's COMPLETE HOUSE FURN- ISHERS, Credit-Without Hire Agree ment-at Cash Prices. 491 RICE LANE, WALTON & 72 AIGBURTH ROAD, LIVERPOOL Tel. 6y Walton, & 31y Lark Lane. Tel. 0733 Royal. Established 1884 JOHN LLOYD, -HIGH-CLASS TAILOR- (From, T. B, Johnston, Lord St.), 89 HOLT ROAD, COFIANT Y PARCH Edward Morgan, DYFFRYN, GAN Y Parch. GRIFFITH ELLIS, M.A., BOOTLE. Cynhwysa y Cofiant amryw Ddarluniau. Wedi ei rwymo mewn llian. PRIS, 6s. Cyhoeddedig gan Gee a'i Fab, Cyf., Dinbych, ao i'w gael gan yr holl Lyfrwerthwyr. H. PROCTER, F.B.P.S. The City Phrenologist, Is a Fellow and Councillor of the British Phrenolog- ical Society (Incor- porated). Holds Six Certificates & Six Gold Medals for Pro- ficiency in Phrenology and Hand-reading. Mr. Procter has had 35 years' Profession- al Experience in Liverpool,and is now giving Consultations HEALTH, PHRENOLOGY & HANDREADXNG at 58 Lime St. & 25 Mt. Pleasant 4 "Pc" N j3 ..„ J) CY!11tÄ t YW Y U.1 I I WARVO ODOtTtf .IIIIf¡9 ACt FARGEIIiIO AM oniTvSS5^ SToc VAWR PR\S\M> I P, At) TRWYS POS\' !;No Low wi I-At. I £38 Russell's Chronograph. Massive 18 carat Keyless MAGNIFICENT PRESENTATION (quite new 6 months ago with proof), in P nij{8 condition This HIGHEST GRADE JM ENGLISH FOLL HUNTING HEAVY LESS CHRONOMETER LEVER, by i gt. Rxissell & Son, Makers to the Qixeen, ChHrg(;e(( Liverpool, with full compensating g0]~-tt>w balance, COMPENSATED TO ALL TEM.f ,0j ATURES, adjusted to all positions, van' within 5 seconds per month, very l^t, of perfected class A movement (JEWEL ENDS), 10 FULL VISIBLE SELBtV RUBIES, PATENT OVERCOIL BREgVcp SPRING, patent Keyless UNBRFA ood$ MAINSPRING, Chronograph Centre> and outside STOP ACTION. A most ifically accurate instrument,of sensitive ^-0, metic capacity, suitable for EXPL^f<(5^ .NAVIGATING AND ASTRONOM^e OBSERVATIONS, Late property of a » jgJ captain (4oz.) HEAVY SOLID 18ct. EN^, HALL MARKED GOLD THROUG^ without mark or scratch. Russell's an" years' gxiarantee accompanies the aT&$\ MONTH'S TRIAL, Security advance given with above of £ 15. Exchanges to to any part of the Kingdom. DATIE»-j# HIGH-CLASS GOLD HUNTING WAi^, ONE HALF BELOW COST. LOW*1 LIVERPOOL. Telephone 0777 Royal. Davies's Price f,161101."Ii Watches safely despatched to all parts oftbewo I L21 Gents Gold Keyless titlg"" SECONDHAND Gents Solid 18dj High-grade Keyless f-plate English W Full Jewelled Chronometer Lever HUN f pro^fi, this noted London maker, with all recent i v jj ments, being of the very finest mechan workmanship of this reputed maker, known to need comment. Warranted a. :jar and perfect in all detail. Also one /ggtO1 Russell and Son, Church street, Liverpool ep price). New six months ago. Davies's Price, 10 Guinea Russell's Ladies' Keyj^ Just like new, very Strong Keyless L^JJO0! lady, full Jewelled Chronometer oDiy Bre'quet Spring, and latest improvements) 8 months old heavy S'olid Gold S thick Cases, damp and dust proof, J1 0 chased makers and our guarantee for it. years. Wonderful bargain, call to ^geot' Month's trial. Cash back if not as rep ed. Sent on approval. Davies's Price, ^e{ Every Watch Offered is a Tim 7 Guinea Gents Russell's SO Silver English Lever. £ I/IK//t Very ptrong, heavy Solid Silver" Capped 'po"] Russell and Son, Church-street, /ptOoi (makers to the Queen) new this year u to show). High Grade full plate Chro»<^ balance, ruby jewelled, Brequet Sprl latest improvements (the kind that wo u9r out of order easily. Makers' and ou antee, 25 years, perfect time-keepei^ sell ° in every respect, month's trial. Also 3 secondhand 7 Guinea Silver Hunter, n > sent oh approval. Stamped Solid Gold FASHIONABLE GOLD STA fA Graduated Curb Albert and I *7 r stamped every link, revmvin^gjJL | NOW Hall-marked and GOVERN £ 2/5/» STAMPED another 4i g«'n.^ 1 1 uated Curb, now £ 2/9/ ECTION. EVERY CHAIN p' RANTED AT SPECIAL^1 DUCED PRICES. TND SOLID HEAVY GRAD1^# CURB AND SEAL (best ep CC in the trade). Govern jjJ stamped every link, a? Ctfaj, NOW marked; also Doubl gfifl. 1E2/19/6 £ 2/14/; Double Long also a massive Heavy Curb £ 11; now £ 5/12/6. T. rffSf SOLID HEAVY CRADLE OJ CURB ALBERT. wnw stamped every link; also g .g, A NOW Double Curb, now, £ 3 '0^ £ 3/5/= Double Open Curb, £ ^» e(J0C I 10/ Doxxble Fetter LnA from £ 8 81 to £ 3 9/'b, Massive Graduated v now L4 10/- Oø QUINEA GOLD WEDDING Jl WJDEST-ÃD HEAVi1 PURE GOLD REDUCED 7/6 IN JI. ø POUND. FINGIO IZE CARD 27/6 RINGS 85/- RINGS NOW NOW 20s. 25s. g RJRESENT OF SUGAR TONGS A^GPO0 R HALF-DOZEN TEA P P, DivZI: 30

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