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Ye BRYTHON GYMRBIG. th« throughout Cardiganshire and parts of tho bounties of Carmarthen and Glamorgan, 2 Post Free for Is. Id. per Quarter per Half Year, &c., prepaid. The ec«fc charga is Is. 3d. per Quarter. —o— Scale of Charges for Advertisements. .< TRADE— Insertion rs, per inch (single columa) per Insertion. sS A &!• do. do. do. 0«Sa 4d. do. do. do. ^BMC NOTICES and PROPERTY SALES 4d. per line, per insertion. 84LEs OF FURNITURE 3d. per line, per insertion GOYBRNMENT NOTICES & ELECTION ADDRESSES 6d. per line, per insertion. Prepaid of the "Wanted Class" 12 or under* 0d., and a Half-penny for each ^Mltional word. Three insertions for the price


"Ye Brython" yn Athrofa Trefecca.

Charles Ashton.

Cymdeithas y Prudential.

At Olygydd YE BR-YTHON.