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THE WAR. Saturday The Cer-rnia offensive in Moldavia con- tinues. The dispatch from Berlin yesterday alleged that German troops had stormed several positions lying one behind another, and had taken 1,400 Russian arid Rumanian prisoners, with 13 machine-gams and three cannon. The Russian report speaks (vaguely of tlus fighting, saying that 'buttles are taking pla:18 for the domira- tion of the heights in tlhe region east of Sosmezo." It admits that the Germaji ad- vance continues. Sweden,, Norway, and Denmark have sent Notes to the belligerents supporting President Wilson's Note. The American Ambassador in London called on the Prime Minister Friday morn- ing. Commenting on the Greek Note to the t Allies asking that the Blockade should be raised, a Correspondent at Athene says that public opinion" hardly exists in Greece. There has been, and is. wholesale suppression of pro-Venizelist expressions of opinion. It was announced on Friday night that for three days continuous conferences have been taking place in London between the British Government and M. Ribot, Finance Minister of France, M. Thomas, Minister of Armaments, and other French repre- sentatiVm. Complete agreement has been arrived at The French Ministers have re- turned to Paris. Monday ADVANCE ON BRAILA. Duting the week-end British artillery has cairied out a heavy bombardment on the Somme battlefield near Serre and Le Trans- loy. and alsa cast of A'ras. To the illusory peace proposals of Ger- many the Allies with one accord have giver. a definite negative. As a prelude to their decision they deny the assertions in the GeJman Not, the one professing to throw upon the Allies the responsibility of tha war, and the otliar proclaiming the victory of the Central Powers. The whole circumstances of the war are reviewed, and it is definitely laid) down that Germany's conduct demands penalties, re- paration, and guarantees. The overtures made by The Central Powers, the cbjects of which arc analysed, arc. declared to be no- thing more than a calculated attempt to inxuence the future course of the war, and to end it by imposing a German peace. Spain has replied to President Wilson's ote declining to second its proposals at the moment. The decision is> based cri the ground that the proposals would not be effective as the Central Empires have ex pressed their intention that the terms of peace should be concerted between the belli- gerent Towers alcne. Or- beihaJf of the Allies a further Ncte has been handed to the Greek Government, demanding reparation for the events of December 1 and 2. and putting forward other demands. Tuesday. GREEK GENERAL TO BE DEGRADED The new allied Note which has been pre- sented to the Greek Government makes the following d-pman&Tho transfer of the whole of the Greek Army, except the necessary troops to maintain -order, and also the artiiler to Peloponnesus. Apo- logy by the Government for the events of December 1 and 2. Liberation of im- prisoned Venezetists. Indemnity for losses by innocent victims of recent events. Re- moval of the general responsible for the disturbances. Restoration of aloed control. Further, Greece is to render a formal and public homage to the allied flags in Athens. while the blockade is to be maintained i pending acceptance of the demands. Wednesday. THE REPLY TO U.S. It is iuidei-itocd that the text of the Allies repty to the United States will be dispatched by the end of this week at latest. The Allies' reply to Germany has had a good Press in the United States and othed neutral countries while German newspapers express extreme anger. Tur- key has declared herself to be on an equ- ality with the Great Powers by denouncing the Treaty of Paris, 1856, and the Berlin Treaty of 1878, in which she was treated in a subordinate capacity. Thursday Roumania is making- an effective stand along the whole fiont. At some points the Ruseo-Roumanians have passed to the offensive, captrring three Villages south of the River Rininic, together with 211 pri- soners and five cannons.