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LLANDILO BOARD OF GUARDIANS The fortnightly meeting of the'Board was held on Saturday morning, Mr. Robert Matthews, Llandeibie, presiding. Those present were: Mr. \V. E. Richards (\.C.), Mrs. Roberts Messrs. W. D. I'rit- ohard Davies, Gomer Harries, D. W. Lewis, .J. Lewis, Henry Herbert, D. Glyn Jenkins, Evan Davies, John Bevatn, Dd. Davies. J. Jonee, Tlios. Jamcf., Wm. Stephens, Win. Roberts (Garr.ant), Arthur Williams, W. I .(.wis, J. L. Williams, L.N. Powell, Jacob I)aviec" J. Richards. Evan Morris, J Hughes, Wm. Williams, Richard Thomas, D. Thomas, and W. Roberts (Llanfvnvdd); also the clerk (Mr R. Shipley Lew.'s), deputy clerk (Mr. D. J. Morris), and the relieving officers (NI, Frs. W. Popkin and W. Jameft). INMATES AND VAGRANTS. The Master (Mr. D. Evansil reported the number of inmutes to be '65, as against 62 on the corresponding day last year, and during th* fortnight 27 vagrants had been relieved a compared with 50 the corresponding pf liod, a decrease of 23. XMAS FARE AT THE WORKHOUSE. The dinner at the house wh;ch had been Mi annual treat on Christmas Day was thor- oughly enjoyed by all. Mrs. Macfie sent to the inmates her an nu 1.1 Christmas letter; Miss Thomas, Caemaen Cottage, gave her *.rm:al Christmas, cards, and tea and bugar for the women, and cake and jam for the men; and Mrs. Thomas, Caeglas, and toys for the children. During the year, illus- trated papers had been bent to the house by the Institute, and also daily papers by lir. Davies. NEW YEAR'S DINNER. Mr. Herbert Peel. Taliaris, wrote: I shall be pleased, .subject to the sanction of the Guardians, to give the inmates of the Lhndilo Workhouse the usual dinner New Year's Day, 1917." (Hear, hear). Sanction was readily given. CARETAKER S SALARY. The Chairman mc.ved that the salary of. tJie office caretaker be increased in view of the increase in the cost of living, and also that the work had been added to by the holding of tiibunals in th% room. The pre- sent salary was 5s. a week, and he feug- getted an increase of Is. a week. Mr. Evan Davies thought as part of the increase of the work is caused by the hold- ing of the urban tribunal, and that Council should pay a share of the ir,rease. Mr. D. Pritchard Davies—I think they have onlv had two meetings here. A Member—Did they pay anything then? Mr. Davies—No. Mr. Evan Davies said they ought to. The Clerk said an amount had been fixed for each meeting of the county tribunal. The meetings of the urban tribunal were not held in the Board Room, there being only five members. He added that it had been previously resolved that whenever the urban council wished to U60 the Poard Room they had to pay three or four shillings a sitting. Mr. Evan L),tvies-I propose that they pay the tsame for tribunal ,meetings as for other meetings. In further discission, it was stated that the work of the caretaker had greatly in- creased, and Mrs. Roberts thought the in- crease should be 2\ 6d. a week She Baiid she would not like to do it for e. a week Mr. Evan Davies said the only thing he had against it was that the caretaker when applying for the post had fixed her own Puce, and they gave it to her as fche was tliy lowest. It w.-iiy not the proper policy to send in a Ion- tender, and then, on becoming established in offioo, to apply for an in- crease. He should support an increase of 15.. but not of 2s. 6d. Mr. L. N. Powell thought the matter ought to be reconsidered after this etitv=s of wcrk is over. It was the tribunal work which had added to the duties. The Chairman proposed that dining the war 7rs fd. oCr week" be paid. Mr. L. N. Powell seconded. Mr. Evan Da-vice-Do we give that to any otl er official? Mr. Glyn Jenkins—This isn't war bonus. I« cause it is given in view of increase of work. The motion thai the salary be increased to 7s. d. a week durirg the war" as car- ried. FINANCE The Treasurer's r< port showed an amount due of EZ.137 16s. 7d., with a balance of £ 3.217 in fiutnd. The Clerk stated that the county rates cheque of over £ 4,000, had not beest cashed. ANOTHER APPLICATION. An application was received from John Walters, The Cottages, Golden Grove, for an increase of .5d. per ton for quarrying at Tygwyn Quarry. The present charge i.-r 9d. 1 he mattet will be considered at the next meeting-. EXTRA SERVICES. The Workhouse master (Mr. D. Evans) wa's granted C10 in respect of extra feryiees rerdered the absence of a porter from. June to September at 7e. a week SOLDIER'S MAINTENANCE. Replying to Mr. Levari, the Clerk said he had not heard from the War Office in refer- fnce to the maintenance of t. soldier at an asylum. He proceeded to explain that the inmate had now died, and, as soon as he received the full charge for maintenance, he forward it to the War Office. Tli3 Guardians on principle refuse to allow a i-<>ldier to become chargeable to them. Mr. Evan Davies—Don't bury the matter a? well. Clerk—Oh, ro; I am expecting to get the bill every day, and I will forward it the moment I get hold of it. GIFT OF TRUCK OF COAL. On the motion of Mrs. Robeits, a vote of thanks was accorded to Ald. W. N. Jones for his generosity in making n gift of a truck of coal for distribution erlopgst ihe pcor of Llandilo and Ftfairfach. CONGRATULATIONS TO NEW PREMIER. Mr. Evan Davies moved a resolution re- 001 ding the Board's appreciation and pride at Mr. D. Lloyd George's ascension to The (.ffice of Prime Minister f the most im- portant Government in history. He per- sonally felt proud of the fact. He had bf-en always a follower of Mr. Lloyd George, who Was a man of mind and heart, and they ought to express their congratulations. Mr. J. Jones seconded. Supporting, Mr. Gomer Huries ex- ,r,if-sed the hope that they would Bee vic- tory and peace during his ministry. Mr. Lloyd George had a chorions past, and, he: trrstea. an equally bright future. Mr. Wm. Hopkins eaid he considered Mr. Lloyd George the riglit man in the r:ght I:Iace. The motion was carried with acclamation. A similar resolution was passed by the Rutfl District Council.

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