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WELSH LANGUAGE SOCIETY AT CARMARTHEN TEACHING of welsh in the TEiAL SCHOOLS. IS IT IGNORED"~IN CARMARTHEN ? Laii- The annual meeting of the W dah Lan- guage Society was held at Lammas- Chapel Vestry, Carmarthen, on Thuay, the Mth ult., S.r tamtart 0> £ > »D The secretary CMr- JU- o{ the • Treherbert) subnutted the I i914, w ork of the society for too J iew of the position of the principality- various counties movement had The Chairman said t eer<. lt !o6t by death fevoral £ would supply to bo hoped tlmtjoung report, he siud, additional r^ruit«: Ah« V" idenn £ »•„ hiBhly S* the work the great ) during 1116 contmu- was being carried on during ance of a great v.-ar. motion of The report^as adopted^ on ui by Mr. Howell Howell* ^carmarthen. the Rev. J- Dyfnant elected president Sir IsambaKi O^i Ho^el!e (Treorchy), on tho motion of Mr. -vj p eeconded by Mr. Tov.yn> president, Acknowledge h» to find "S the £ S £ S .■>* as it w-dRy. lpoted vice-president, Lord Rhondda as Chairman, on the proposition^ Thomue_ Aberdare, seconded bv M that the new "tomfuusom welsh TOAINIK^ M, H. Howells, Trc-oT.chy. moved t !so- S ofWuction .O -f&SZCZ gS all pupil 'S W county schools a. roUetres in Wales schools "> 0 ,[ral \\e"lsh ^r- Howells should be taugh1 f t ]iave demanded stated that they ought to ha naue th« be Uught « the request. Weisn wut\ .»„„i,prs trained to Shools unless they had under the teach it- They ^^V^aklng teacher impression that y th(> language with- would be able to tea -ni hut that was out receiving anv toacher would be impossible. No 4 unless he had allowed to toach 0f trajnmg in English, undergone a course of t■ ?ubjecl wa9 The reaching of eve y native 1.°V5 option of *fc« tongue, i ± was ridiculous. parents and that ja« Aberdarc (=ecre- Jfoft'e WSV Educatton.1 A«oc- U-ri' 1>(°vdew' D Rowland*. Carmarthen The Rc\. W matter haa said he ^as very gk l that tn that lt been brought forward fo tl es rea^ .nk would compel education authouUe^^ a little mor^a^Utn,orised vf'thev knew of ference would be »' P ,:e {or the the trouble there was to hc AttachWduo importance to ^ch^0™ Welsh in the schoms They weieh^mog_ there was h^m™1 ^mc to Carmarthen 'vh^ years a<ro ho held a Welsh class at Wa L str." rhanel during the first winter and at that time the inspector several pupil became WeSh was a language of conin.ercial vahie i Wo honed that that, society would b £ abie to bring education committees o ^An,U. Owen Carmanhe, W the teSching r>( things in the town of v arniartne Satai that there 'rlaTto-n U,WBhF"S'S1 Carm.rtl.en. ,M Tfin^PpiiSnrhS .pplied for a «holg- authority would have been prepared to gi< nt. 6CT°her £ etarv said that he had sent every vear to every Welsh comm.ttee throughout rho country applications for scholarships the summer school, and he had not onlv sent to the cleik of the Carmarthen authority Sit to the chairman and members as well. Mr. H. h. H. James, Direct-or of Educa- tion hi Pembrokeshire, said that their great difficulty in Pembrokeshire>wa> to hnd bmt- ■ible teachers to teach the language, xit- niaintained that me '«>l.h SS'K'"C Th'o'yi„mgS SS5JK i„^rSef.„>nIn ,o information on health matters.. found not the least difficulty in getting ^formation ir(i,ii Wel-li people by spoakuig Webh, whereas if the inspectors wor.t roum alon or,rl t ilked to the people m Lnghsn, tney would secure but very little mformatioiu Fven t,hoae who had an acquaintance with V-^li.h wore far better able to expre^ them- "lj ;n Welsh, their native tongue. The resolution wa, earned unanimously. ANGLICISED PLACE-NAME. lr. H. ,T .11. Treovchv. introduced the Mr. H. of Welsh place- question of the A r. anccs of the manner names, and quot< d m- 1U,tinted, in which place-names had i* en Post omces and railway-, ne carefully watched. there had The Chairman observed that been terrible monstrosities in the ey raiUvav stations. The Ordnance department should also be very carefully X> Ismail committee was appointed to look into the matter. „T^-»r THE PEMBROKESHIRE TRIBLNAL. o r T Dvfnallt Owen called attention to Rev. J. i -iyeiih-bpeakin.g members ou the omission ot e 1 ^ribunal and the Pembrokeshne 1 ghameful thlngs savd it was one ot the fftr Walor. in the history of Pot think it was was concerned. HeJ ruiting office re right that so many of e Wekb was v>'i-e not able to spt'. k ibunal in a •rnn=troin that the app< Li- ,»«fri!l,JrnW«5r,i £ elude a single ^eUhn aii, (.f Wales «his was a question that the ,ed a should interest itself n. g0,ftip9 to resolution calling upon the dll' matter. rTrJyT.l'»'vni'"oi;e^ M.P.. :'l'colJded, and said it a Iluestion of national, itriport- ance. The, Chairman said be thought the of teti Nvit,h tile. War nffi It was really Uke going back to the Office. It %vas Jo int a tribunal dark ages in aie Leiwe of the without reference « tQ ke country. The .ibu)uiis out of the pCfi P«t it in the hands of the Mr!H^ IbiweiV'PPorre.1 the motion vhieh wa« carried unanimously. AFTER THE WAR. Mr. John Thomas, B.A., Aberdare, read a paper on Welsh Education after the War." There a danger of the county school, he said, developing into a school simply for the commercial and middle classes. More scholarships ought to be awarded to enable the children of the workers to get the advan- tages of secondary education. He expressed a. hope that nothing would be done to cripple education under the pretence of oconomy. He feared that some of those who were crying the loudest for economy at the present time were those who were during peace time reluctant to pay for educa- tion. He thought it was false economy to do away with night ecbools and the tutorial classes. At tOO close, the members were enter- tamed to tea at the Waveriey Hotel by the Mayor, who was deputised by hie daughter, Miss Dora Lewie.

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