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--_----..---LAM PETER.


LAM PETER. LECTURE.—The Rev. S. E. Prytherch, Nantvmoel. Bridgend, delivered a lecture at Shiloh Chapel on Wednesday evening on his recent visit to America. < The chair was occupied by Mr. Price. Gwar- coed. senior deacon -of the chapel, who delivered a capital opening address. Mr. Prvtherch. who is an eloquent speaker, rivetted the attention of the large oon- gregation as he gave his impressions of what he "a", and heard during his visit. He has decided to accept a pastorate in America, and will leave Wales at an early date. The rev. gentleman was pastor of Shiloh Chapel for some years, and received a cordial reception from his many friends at Lampeter. While at Lampeter last week he christened three children at Shiloh and afterwards ad- ministered the communion to a large number of members. VEGETABLES.—The committee who are interesting themselves in sending vege- tables for the use of our fleet, should ex- tend their operation. Tho piece of ground which was formerly used for lawn tennis is to be cultivated, and we have another suggestion which is worth considering. At the rear of the old Grammar School there is a spacious field which could be utilized for the same purpose. The trustees, if properly ap- proached, would, we feel certain. grant the use of it to grow vegetables for the fleet, as thev are all patriotic and ever ready to help the good cause. pRPMOTTOy.—ConcrnHilations are ex- tended to Mr. Cecil Moore, only son of the late Mr. Thomas Moore, and Mrs. Moore, Clovellv House. upon his well- deserved promotion. He is at present clerk at the Porth branch of the London and Provincial Bank, and has been off; red the cashicrship of the Tonvpandy branch. Prior to <rain\! to Porth. Mr. Moore was at the Bridgend branch, and has won the esteem and respect of his confreres and the public at every place, as his courtesy and kindness arc pro- verbial. FEMALE TILLERS OF THE SOIL. — A me< ting of women was held at the Town Hall on Thursday, when Mr. Tones, chairman of the Cardiganshire C'ouT-ty Council, presided. 'The object of 1h0 meeting was to consider a p.p(-tl fo1- organising female labour to a=yst far- mers in their present needs rwinir to the lack of male labour. Mrs. Silyn Roberts was present as a deputation from the Board cf Agriculture, and ex- plained the suggested -heme in detail, and dwelt upon the importance of in- ereasimr the food sunplv. The meeting was ndressed also by Mrs. Abel Jones and Mrs. Stapleton. Aberystwyth, and it. was unanimously passed to appoint committee of ladies in various parts of the county to carry out the scheme to a successful issue. CONFIRMATION.—At 11 n.m. -oil Fridav morning, the Lord Bishop of St. David's held a confirmation service at St. Peter's Clui'-ch, when the sacred edifice was filled by the relatives and friends of the confirmees. The candidates were pre- senfed to his lordship by the Rev. D. J. Evans, senior curate, and the Rev. J. N. Evans, rector of Cellan and Llanfair. acted as bishop's chaplain. Before and after the conferring of the sacred rite, the bishop delivered English and Welsh addresses full of sound advice for the spiritual welfare of the candidates, of whom there were 54, hailing from the following parishes:—Lampeter. 16; Silian, 7; Cellan. 2: Llanfair. 14: Bettws. 2: Llangybi, 3: Pencarrec, 4: Llanycrwys, 2; from parishes -outside the rural deanery, 4. TRIBI-NAL, -Tlipr(, are not many single men in the borough who have not been secured for the army, but a num- ber have been allowed some extension for various reason-, On Wednesday in last week. the county tribunal, under the .chairmanship of Mr. J..Tones. Cwmere, sat at the town hall, when 30 appeals against the decisions of local tribunals were heard, but almost in every case the decisions of the local tribunals were up- held. Every strategy is made use of to escape joining the army. and relatives of the men have ben canvassing members of tribunals of young and eligible men. Patriotism does not appeal to many eligible young men; under different guides they shuffle against joining, and fancy they are suffering from every ail- ment known. The most objectionable shirker is the one who covers himself with the cloak of conscientious objec- tor." alleging that he is a devout fol- lower of Jesus Christ, and would not re- taliate if a German -hot his mother or sister. He does not find much sym- pathy. Ix MEMORIAM.—A .t rnoi,ial service was held a-t the Unitarian Chaepl on Sun- day afternoon in boii-oiir f the late I'te. John Walter Evans, -on of Mrs. Evan*. Rhydycais House, when the chapel was filled hy relatives and friends of the de- ceased. The Rev. Oswaid W 1 -an?", pastor, officiated 011 the occasion, and d", livered a ympathetic and eloquent ser- mon. in which he dwelt on the good traits of their departed f;:e-id and sympathy with the bereaved mother and family in their sorrow. LEGACY.—The legacy of £ |i(;0 left bv the late Mr. Evan Evans. Ab»T:>ior.. for The support, of the Chur.-h at L? m- peter. has been conveyed to the wardens. Mr. Evans w-s a fa'thful member at St. Peter's while he lived at Lampeter, and has set a good example to others. DELAY.S ox THE RAILWAY. -Wv-h,LATE- ly we did not suffer much firm lie effects of the blizzard last v v ith the exception that the trims wire hue arriving here from ns much damage had been done there in connection with railways, te,c £ rra|dir.. and telephones. WEDDING.— A very pivttv iv, was solemnized at St. Peter's C'n</li on March 24t,hi. the contrftctinsr partus being Private George H'sketh. Grena- dier Guard's, and Miss Margaret Jpnc Evans. second dauorhtor rf Dale iew. The bridesmaid was Miss' arali Anne Evans (sister of the bride), while Mr. William Matthias (f.: :>-ho -in- Ill-,N -of bnde) acted as best m«P. The oniciating clergy were rhe Revs. f) ,1. Evans and R. Kcble Willia ns. The happy couple spent their hr.nev noon at Mnldlewich and Liverpool, .rtc wn(h the_ bridegroom returned to his riv'rnrv duties somewhere in Fran -e..