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NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. ilip classes of Situations Vacant, Sale will in future be at TELEGRAM RATE. *~No of One Three.. Words, insertion, insertions, insertions. 12 o 6 1 0 1 y lft 0 9 1 6 — 2 b oa 1 0 2 0 3 3 I? 1 3 2 6 4 0 12 1 6 3 0 6 6b a ° ••• A f> 40 19. 5- 6 SEEKING FOR SITUATIONS, may advertise at 20 WORDS FOR SIXPENCE. AH orders for advertisements muet bear naSe and address of the ai)d must be accoriipaiiic-cl by i-emitta,iiee to the either in Stamps or Order. The Publi,-Iier, :do 'not. guarantee the- in- «ertion of an advertisement m any epec»ne Se of at all, and will not be liable foi any 'loss occasioned by the failure of an advertisement to appear m any spc«ifi^ Lue or at all. They also reserve the right £ refuse Lertion of an Whilst great pains are taken to a ^curacy • the Pubfehers would impress upon fulvertiirs the need for legible writing. In ■rnv case tiiey onlv insert advertisements ?,non th? condition that they do not accept "or ° <ül15equencc arising therefrom. 8,' King Street, London Ofrices: Ca rrnartheii. 28, Shoe Lalw, E.C. mantel When replying to advertisments please mention Carmarthen Journal VM7^\NTED, Fitters. Apply- Wm. Isaac, W Old Foundry, Carmarthen. (4218 T\ \IRIES of Milk, well-cooled. Wa £ ted D nun. line prefcrred.-Appb, -L)., JPLENA!'Office, Carmarthen. (**> P "Ass j ^vri) \l Dairies of well-cooled Mdk S w:e d.—Car.3iarthen Un.ted Dames, Llanclly- • HAULIER Wanted, eI^Ij!l^d incnt; good age&. PP i» (4273 Davies, Carmarthen. _—^ Xirr \NTED, General ^rvant; W wages and comfortable home.^M^. Clement, Ryecroft, Queen ic 1 Llcnelly. (4261 strong BelS,an P.1^ PP 5 Carmarthen. Secretary, 54,'King fctieet, (4255 VlTANTE^> Second-hand Quarter-plate VlTANTE^> Second-hand Quarter-plate Lens -for I., Jm:Rx.L, Carmarthen. (30,26a • W535& VilfjgS^ work.—Jones, Pantyrefel, L ai „ ^3034j> WAMTED, Improver and Apprentice to skirt-making.—Conwil ^va"^03o "l" rnarthen. AINTERS.-Wanted, two good Men. JL Apply. David Evans, Painter, Bryn- amman. Carni. (3028p WANTED, 15 to 30 gallons well-cooled Aiift daUy.-Davle,, •Cacrau. \\T ANTED, respectable Youn° W General for small hous • ( „n" Napier House, Carmarthen. WANTED, Weaver, or experienced Girl Weaver.—Apply, "Textile, Office, Carmarthen. (6W<Sp WANTED, two Moulders.—Apply, Wm. Isaac, Old Foundry, Carmarthem^ WANTED at once, Furnished A part- 'ments in or near -Carmarthen cither two oc four rooms- attendance an<i> board. State terms.—H., JOURNAL Offi- > Carmarthen.. <42'8 WANTED at once, Furnished or Un- Turnished House in or near Carmar- then about 8 rooms and bathroom'• tetate rent and full particulars.-H., JOiffiviL Office, Carmarthen. WANTED, to buy, any of Welsh Cheese; good prices. ivvans, Lampeter. v W' ANTED, Housekeeper, middle age; one in family; two cows kept.. Roberts, Llwynyrhaf, Ammanford. (a045p WANTED, 4 Timber Fellers; ™ges lOd. per hour; long job.—David Davies, 2, Gwvnfryn Terrace, Cy n he id re, Llanelly. (3044p w A-NTED, large quantities of Welsh Butter woekly; free of salt.—John Davies. Post Office, Alltwalis. (4298 WANTED, steady Man, able drive pair horses.—Apply, with references, ''J' ■JOURNAL Office, Carmarthen, (3046p ULK. Male or Female, required for Government, Office in Carmarthen, ^"ortkand and Typewriting an advantage. "eply, 7, King'Street, Carmarthen. (3055p \\TANTED, Farm Hand, to make him- self general!v useful; must be used to horses.-—Apply, Roberts, Meiros Hrll, Nantgaredig. (3054p WANTED, young Ladies as Apprentices to the Millinery Showrooms and Fancy; also Youth for General Drapery.— n',ts., Albican House, Carmarthen. (3056p ManteB WANTED, a young- Lady to be appren- 'V ticed to the lillinery jalso a Boy to be apprenticed to the General Drapery. -John Stephens, London House, Llancfilo. (4213 BEES Wanted, healthy; state price.—E Boobier, Honey Merchant, Old Babell, Swansea. (3052p STONEBREAKER Wanted, with elevator and screens.—Lloyd, Penlan, Kilgcr- ran, Pembrokeshire. (3059p to ILet. TO LET, Michaelmas, 1916. the Farm of GREENGROVE, in the Vale of Aeron, within 1 mile of Felinfach Station, and containing about 231 acres. Apply, D. P. Jones, Rhydygof, Lampeter. (4216 PARC-HENRI, in the Vale of Towy, to JL Let, furnished, moderate terms to a careful tenant.-Lloyd,' Pai>c-Henri, Golden Grove. (4258 TO LET, a Country Cottage, with largo garden and about an acre of Land by main road, near Pencader. Would make a. nice poultry farm.—Apply John Davies, Auctioneer, Alltwalis. (4299 TO LET, a fully licensed free Public Hou^e in centre of Carmarthen.' (4312 COMFORTABLE Apartments for two Friends,"ladies or gentlemen.—17, Picton Terrace, Carmarthen. (3023p TO LET, Michaelmas, 191:5, BLAEN- GWTHAN FARM, parish of Llan- aeler, comprising 46 acres or thereabouts; li miles from Pcntrecwrt Station: 3 miles from Llandyssul.—Apply, J. Richardfe, Preswvlfa, Penlhvyn Park, Carmarthen. (4311 jfor Sale FOR SALE, useful Farmer's Gambo. Can be seen Three Salmons Hotel, Carmarthen. (3539p t SITTINGS of high-class Ancona Eggs for S Sale, 4/—Jenkins, Carpenters' Arms, Bronwydd, Carmarthen. )3035p EGGS for sitting from pure-bred White Wyandot tee, 3/6 per dozen, strain direct from Mrs. Ilea's famous layers.- Apply, Meredith, Newbridgc-on-Wyc. (3030p FOR SALE, 2 good Yearling Shorthorn Bulls, fit for service, red and roan; sire, "Rosette Prince" 117411. a high-class bull bought at Penrith bv the Lkmllawddog Bull Society.—Apply, Thomas, Stag Mill, Llanpumpsaint, (3033p FOR SALE by Tender, all Timber on Talog Mill Farm, consisting Heavy Ash, Beech. Alders, Larch. Poplars. Tenders by April 8th.—Jones, llhydgarreg- ddu, Talog. (3027p PURE White Runner Duck Eggs from handsome heavy laying Ducks, mated to a high-class These birds are real laying machines: egge. 5/- per sitting. White Leghorn Eggs; Cam, Cook, Payne; record strain. Proved Winter Layers, 3/6 dozen.—D.# Thomas, Ffynondilo, N^g^- edig. FOR SALE. 1914 Studebaker, 15—20 H.P.. Five-seater, self-starter, and electrie hghts and horn; splendid condition; £ •158.—VL E. Phillips, Station Buildings, Burrv Port. (4271 TO CLEAR.—A few oopies of The -Raven,a novel based upon the Life and Times of Sir Rhys ab Thomas by the Rev. Glynfab Williams, are stiit on hand, and are now offered at HALF-PRICE, viz., 3d. EACH, or by post 4d. For this novel the author was awarded the first prize at the Carmarthen National Eisteddfod, August. 1911. Secure a Copy now as only a limited number, and THERE WILL BE NO REPRINT.—JOURNAL Office, Carmar- then. SAINT CLEARS BOAR SOCIETY — Pedigree Large Black Boar for Sale. Price moderate.-Apply, Mr. W. Protheroe, Lhvyndrissi, St. Clears. (3040p V) 4 nrci —GOOD RATS are dead JtVxV. X ^5# ones killed with RODINE Rat Poison. It, kills rats on the spot. Not one escapes. Tins, 6d.. 1/ 2/ 3/ 5' Post 3d. Ha-rley, Chemist. Perth—Agents:—W. Lloyd, Chemist, Car- marthpn: D. M. Davies, Chemist. Llandiio; J. Nicholas, Drug Stores, Llandovery; J. J. Davies, Llanybyther: 1). Rogers, Chemist. St. Clefirs; D. J. Lewis, Chemist, Llandebie. WALLP APER at LOWEST PRICES. TV Any quantity. large or small, WAREHOUSE PRICES. Stock exceeds 250.000 rolls, all classes. Write for patterns, stating clar:s required. — (Dept. 116), BARNETT WALLPAPER Co., Ltd., Knott Mill, MANCHESTER, (2857p WE can provide von with WEDDING INVITATION CARDS at 2/9 per dozen, 50 for 6'9. 100 for 11/ Envelope* to match stamped with silver Initial are in- cluded in these prices. FRESH Garden and other Seeds sold by JONES & Co.. Chemists and Seods- maPn, Rhosmaen Street, Llandiio. (3020p ARWICK CYCLES DIRECT TO RIDERS.—There arp many more expensive Cycles, there are many Cycles morc larg v advertised, but for reliability, easv running, and wonderful value, there are" no Cycles superior to the Warwicu. Fifteen Models from JB5 5s. Od. Easy Pay- ments privately arranged from 10s. monthly. A few Second-hand from 50s. Bicycles y ni be; dearer shortly, buy now before prices advance.. Approval. Carriage Paid. 52- page Catalogue Free.—Warwick Cyc e Com- pany (Dept. C.), Birmingham. (^/Vp ROLL Tiokets worded Admission—3d., '6d.. 1/- and 1/6" always in stock at the JorBXAT, Office. Price 1/- per 1.000, or bv po" t 1/1. Supplied only in thousands. Terms Cash with order. -JIUU AL Office, Carmarthen. jfor Sale. FOR SALE, Angelus" Piano-player, -t' fit any ordinary piano, with 40 rolls music.Appl.v, Miss Thomas, The Cottage, Llandiio. (3053p TIMBER FOR SALE BY TENDEF ABOUT 15 acres of gtrong Oak, m st suitable for Pitwood, growing .<a Blaenholiw Farm, in the Parish of Lluafi- hangel-Rhosycorn. Tenders should be sent on or beioro April 22, 1916, to Thomas Jones and Sons, Auctioneers, Garthowen, Llandyssul. (4310 FOR SALE, 1 pair Welsh Millstones, 4ft.. 1 single Welsh Millstone, 4ft.; excel- lent condition; cheap to clear.—Jones Com- pany, Millere, Llandyssul. (3051p FOR SALE, unless 6old privately before, THE HEREFORD, 2 year old Pedi-, gree Bull, belonging to the Porthyrhyd (Llanwrda) Bull Society, will be offered for sale at Llandovery Mart, Tuesday, April 18th. On view, Richards, Royal Oak. (4306 FOR SALE, Motor Cycles, 1 Hum be r 3 £ 2-speed, £ 25; 1 do., 3g fixed, £ 9; both good order; trial. JoUEXAL Office, Carmarthen. (3057p LADIES READ Th^! Advipjrce for' stamp. Mrs. E. Stewart's famous Female Remedy, never fails.-Address, 8, Guinea Street, Bristol. (30491., PEAT MOSS LITTER. beõt.4\taity, :It lowest price, de- livered any station.—Charles Picken. :\Ier. chant, Wolverhampton. (2952p -i TO IMPROVE BUSINESS, your Correspondence MUST LOOK WELli. No matter how good your handwriting is, it has NOT THE FINISH nor the APPEARANCE of a NEATLY-TYPED LETTER. If your business is a small one, all the more reason why you should PAY MORE ATTENTION to your Correspon- dence. A well-conducted business house sends out representatives of good appear- ance. YOU NEED NOT PAY A HIGH PRICE for a new Typewriter WHEN YOU CAN GET an equally GOOD REBUILT ONE from "Send for prices and' specimens of work. ALL MAKES SUP- PLIED. Several in Stock for IMMEDIATE DEXIVEBY.—Address:—D. L. EVANS, Woodlands, HENLL-ruN, Cards. PRINTED Notices bearing the word', '■ Apartments," A House i-o "Let, "This House to Let," may now be had at the JOIRXAL Office. Price Id. each, by post ld. 2 CHICKENS thrive amazingly on Kars- c wood/ Chicken Powder, containing ground insects, but no irritant. 2d. packets. —Davies, 41, Rhosmaen Street, Llandilo. (3047p SHORTHORN CALVES. STRONG healthy Calves are sent carriage paid upon lote of two or more to any station in your district. Bred from large- framed Shorthorn sides and dams. Full of hair and bone. Undoubtedlp the best ob- tainable. No fancy prices. For price list and book of testimonials, apply Fred B. Gill, Wynngate, Whitchurch, Salop. 2870p lost atib ifount) LOST, Silver Fountain Pen, between Llamllv ana Carmarthen. Finder re- warded 5s.—" Pen," JOURNAL, Carmarthen. IOST, Cross-bred Ewe, from Penarth- J iranol, Piunpsaint. since beginning March"; red paint on rump. Reward for infoTmation.-David Evane. (3045p STRAYED to Cefneithryn, Llansadwm, n Mountain Sheep, since the beginning of the year. Left ear mark, heavy letter V cut. in. If not claimed in 10 days will be sold to defray expenses.—John Jones. (4314 Iiiiancial LONDON & PROVINCES DISCOUNT Co., LTD. IMMEDIATE CASH ADVANCES. £,10 to j £ i,oqo are privately completed at 24 hours' notice on your simple promise to repay, without preliminary fees. Call or write to the Manager, W. SHIRLEY, 48, Stokes Croft, Bristol. (2986p — Advances £ 5 to £ 5,000. ON YOUR WRITTEN PROMISE TO REPAY AT A MUTUALLY AGREED INTEREST. J35 for 15 monthly payments of 6s. 8d. £1.Q 13s. d. 1;20 „ Li 6s. 8.1. and so on pro rata. Loans over a period of two years; or more by arrangement. A 'gentleman will call if desired and ad- vance cash at applicant's house. NO SURETIES REQUIRED. Promptness and NO CHARGE OF ANY KIND UNLESS BUSINESS DONE. Distance immaterial to the actual lenders. Write or call. F. LAWRENCE. LTD. (The Oldest West of England Company), DON CHAMBERS, CHEll-EMARKET. WINE STREET, BRISTOL. Telephone 1791. Telegrams— Approved," Bristol. Five Per Cent. Loans. IF you have a private income or are-1 en- titled to monep or property under a Will or Settlement, we can arrange for you a Cash Advance at five per cent, per annum, and Principal can remain outstanding over a number of vears. NOTE OF HAND LOANS (v.ithont any other Security) also advanced at verv moderate rates extended over long or short periods. No charge unless business done. Apply:— CHARLES STEVENS, LTD. (Tey. 467), HAYES BLILDINGS. CARDIFF. XOTK.—We shall be pleaded to advise you free of all cost. No expense of any descrip- tion unless business done. (3050p SWANSEA MERCANTILE CO., Ltd. Of 18, PARK ST., SWANSEA, Make Cash Advances vom £10 to zi,ooo To Commercial Gentlemen, Tradesmen, Farmers, and Respectable Householders on, the-ir own Note of Hand, at a low rate of Interest. STRICTLY PRIVATE. CONFIDENTIAL. For further particulars apply H. B. JONES, 18, Park Street, Swansea. Ebticatiott Carmarthen County j Schools. 'f. -tt. \F.: THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL. EE.ADMASTER- E. S. ALLEN, M.A. (Ca.ntabl, HEADMISTRESS—MISS B. A. HOLME, M.A. 'Late Open .Scholar of Girton College, Cambridge. -Fees, JB1 9s. per term. Reduction when there are two or more children from the same family. High School for Girls CARMARTHEN. President of the Council: THE LORD BISHOP OF ST. DAVID'S. HEAD MISTRESS— Miss E. r. SUTTON, B.A., Honours London University (First Class in Classics. THE School gives an Excellent Education on very Moderate Terms. Admirable Accommodation for Boarders. Pupils prepared for LONDON MATRI- CULATION and other Public Examina- tions. Boys as well as girls can be received in the Preparatory Class and the KINDER- GARTEN DEPARTMENT. For full particulars apply to the Head, Mistress. The Grammar School PENCADER, CARMARTHEN. 11 BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR BOYS AND GIRLS. HEADMASTER: J. R. SAUNDURS, M.A. (Cantab.), (Emmanuel College), Assisted by a highly quaJifiod Staff of Resident and Visiting Masters. Preparation for all Examinations. Special individual attention in fcingle subjects. For terms and particulars, apply to the Headmaster. (2172p JAMES JONES & SONS, BILLPOSTERS, KIDWELLV BILLPOSTING executed throughout the neighbouring Villages and Gwendraeth Valley- Carmarthen Billposting Company, STAFFORD HOUSE, NOTT SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. BILLPOSTING and Advertising in all its Branches throughout the Counties of Car- marthen, Pembroke, and Cardigan. (Please Note Change of Address). public TRotices SEASON 1916. Carmarthenshire Shire Horse Society. THE Under-mentioned Shire Horses will travel Carmarthenshire during the coming Season:— "AMPORT SPARK" (26975) Sire—Hal stead Plantaganct (22412) by Nail- etono Cceur-de-Lion IV. (11233) by Hitcliin L Conqueror (4468) by William the Con- queror (2343). Dam—4214 Brigstook Beauty by Eastoft Lad (14019). b. Dam—Bonny by Dunsmore Forester 1612g) by Dunsmore Forest King (130191. Third it ttie, London Horse Show, 1914. 1 FEE L2 10 0 "ADMIRAL BOSCO" (26958) Sire-Holker Laureate (22449) by Stalmine Premier (14877). Dam—16876 Annabella (Vol xxv ii.) by Warton Dravman (19223) by Royal Victor II. (1673). G. Dam-40716 Annabel (Yol xxv.) by Androcles (16489). FEE £ 2 10 0. For further particular^ apply to JOHN FRANCIS, The Mount, Carmarthen. (4293 SEASON 1 91 6 j Carmarthenshire Stud Co., Ltd. TO travel Carmarthenshire during the coming Season:— "ROYAL GLEN III." (28732) Sire-Glen Royal II. (214551 by Caldwich Blend (17226) by Harold (3.703). Dam-45328 Islip Maude (Vol. xxvi.). FEE £ 2 2 0. JOHN FRANCIS, The Mount, Carmarthen. (4234 J P IGTUREDROM "CJl THE RINK, CARMARTHEN t Continuous Performance every Evening-7 till 10. MONDAY, APRIL 10.— By arrangement with the Eureka Cine Co., Bristol. Mag- nilicent Exclusive in Three Parts, His Little Lordship Featuring LITTLE REX, the English Boy Actor. THURSDAY, APRIL 13.—By arrangement with the Clarion Film Agency, A Photoplay of EdNvard Sheldon's Successful Drama, The .Boss World Film Production, in Four Parts, featuring HOLBROOK BLINN and ALICE BRADY. Latest War Films and other Interesting Pictures. ADMISSION-3d., 6d.. 9d. Children-2d., 3d., 4d. Saturday AiVrnoons for Children— Id., Zd., 3d. Pianist: Manager: MR. T. S. PUDDICOMBE. MR. W. T. ROGERS. EMPIRE THEATRE," Carmarthen Proprietors— .fteeilient Manager- GRIFFITHS & BOLTON. HORACE W. BOLTON. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, April 10, II, and 12. PLEASING ENGAGEMENT OF George Riley Refined Comedian and Story Teller. The Essence of Originality. t5 Splendid Exclusive Picture in 3 Parts (by arrangement with the Gaumont Co.) From Headquarters An Extraordinary Love Drama. Produced by the Celebrated Vitagrapk Co. Featuring Star Artistes of the Cinema Stage.. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, April 13, 14, and 15. Magnificent Exclusive Picture in Three Parts (by arrangement with the Gaumont Co. The Robbery at the Ritz An Exciting Drama, produced by the Noted Cines Co., of Rome. 0 Exc,U8iT^:Empire CHIP'S ELOPEMENT GAUMONT GRAPHIC & OTHER INTERESTING PICTURES. EMPIRE ORCHESTRA. Nightly at 7 & 9. Matinee on Saturday at 2.30. Usual prices. BREEDERS OF PIGS TAKE your Sows to PRESWYLFA, PENTEL, where the celebrated Yorkshire Boars, BORNE RANGER XIX.' e.n. (1950) and I. GWYLFA PREMIER," e.n. (146), are in attendance. AN APPROVED HERD under the Live Stock Scheme. 4282) W. J. DAVIES, Owner. 4 LL interested in Gardening and require Atlic best Exhibition Seeds of the best quality at a moderate price, should write for a Catalogue to E. THOMAS, Seedsman and Florist, Cvmie House. Lough or. Glam. Give a trial to my Exhibition Collection, which is sent pogt free for four ehillings. (2996p AT Y "CLEFYD AR IEIR" XID OES DIM TEBíG I ANTIMORBINE." Pns 1/- y Packet; drwy's Post 14; 2 am 2,6. I'w gael yn unig oddiwrth WILLIAM JONES, Ll.P.S., AERON PHARMACY, 4226) ABERAYRON. Classes for Women Clerks IT is proposed to hold Emergency Classes immediately in Typewriting, Shorthand, Clerical Work, etc., for Women Clerks in Military Hospitals. These Classes would probably meet three evenings a week for two hours each, during a period of one month. The fee would be 10j. for the course, and this would be returned if the pupil had done satisfactory work, and no clerical post was available within a reason- able time, provided also that she had atten- ded 85 per cent. of the hours cf the course Those who wish to join the classes should apply to MISS HOLME, County Girls' School, Carmarthen, a8 soon as possible. The Classes will not be started unless there is a sufficient? number of entries. (4300 STEAM ROLLER DRIVER THE Carmarthen Town Council invite applications for the post of Steam Roller Driver. Wages, 32/- a week (inclu- sive of 2/- war bonus). Applicants must be competent to drive a steam "oad ro"er, and should be able to do small repai-s and general sipith's work. Must not be eligible for Military Service. Applications, accom- panied by recent testimonials, aud stating age and experience, to be sent to the under- signed by Monday, 10th April. F. J. FIXGLAH Borough Surveyor, Uarmirthen. 30th March, 1916. (4303 COrXTY AND THE COUNTY OF THE BOROUGH OF CARMARTHEN INFIRMARY. THE Seventieth ANNUAL MEEUING of Governors and Subscribers of the above Infirmary will be Leld at the INFIRMARY, Carmarthen. 0:1 TUESDAY, the 18th April, 1916, at 5 o'c'ock p.m. Chairman H. C. BOD, Esq. BUSINESS: The usual Busfcess of the Annual Meeting The Selection of the House Committee. Any other business. W. DAVID THOMAS, I 4502) Secretary. "Gwynegon." If you want something real1 r gor-d and reliable to relieve painful Rheumatism, Sciatica, Lumo-.go, Neuralgia, Stiff Neck, Sore 1h..oat, and similar Ailments, lay a dry sheet of Chille Tissue on the affected part as you go to bed. It warms, but never blisters, and you don't catch cold elfter .t. In packets 71d. and gd. each. By post, gd. and 1/3. A. IVO R d 0 N ES, m-p-s- Towy Pharmacy CARMARTHEN.' 206th Year of the SUN FOUNDED 1710. The Oldest Insurance Office in the World. QopUd from Policy dated 1TM. Insurances effected on the following risks: FIRE DAMAGE: Resultant Loss of Rent and Profits. Employers' Liability Sickness fc Disease, and Workmen's T> I Plate Glass Burglary. Compensation, Fidelity Guarantee, Domestic Servants, Personal Accident. For particulars apply to the following Agents:— New Qua-Ir. D. Meredith Jones. Palltyffynnon-)fr. David Francis. Sarnau—Mr. J. Nicholas. Talsarn—Mr. Llewelyn Davies. Ammanford—Mr. Dav] d Arthur Fox. Carmarthen—Messrs. John Francis and Sojt. Dolfallt—Mr. David Thomas. Garnant—Mr. Reus Davies, Brynteg'. Llandilo-,Nl,.r. W. D. Jenkins, George Street. Llandovery—Mr. Thomas Phillips. Llan.stephan— Mr. Henry Jones. Llanybyther—Mr. David Thomas, BlaeiN hirbant. Llandyssul—Mr. J. TL Harris. Laiiip,ter-\Ir. W. Di.\vias, 26, Bryn Road. Lampeter—Mr. H. W. HoweII. t