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It ll I Among All Nations ], For every man who. can read the Bible Society seeks to I, provide the Mew Testament in Ms own tongue. We live on a polyglot planet, where men are kept apart by the confusion of tongues. Bui; the Bible is triumphing over Babel. After more than a century of labour the Society has now 517 different languages on its list of versions. Since it was founded translators have unsealed God's Book for half the inhabitants of the world. To bring the printed Gospel within the reach of men every- where the Bible Society has developed a world-wide network of agencies. In addition to its service within the British Empire, it has distributing centres in most great foreign cities-such as Paris and Petrograd, Berlin, Bucharest and nos Ayres, Moscow, Madrid and Manila, Constantinople, KOIJIJ and Cairo, Rome and Rio, Seoul and Shanghai. ■. i The population of most countries dwells in villages scat- tered over immense areas. The nation lives in the cottage," said John Bright. Across forty different states and kingdoms the Bible Society's colporteurs are carrying the Scriptures from door to door. The Bible Society now sends out nearly ten million copies of the Scriptures annually. The great bulk of these are cheap, popular editions, sold in each country at prices which the humblest class of labourers can afford to pay. The power of the printed page grows daily. The world is learning to read. In all countries the schoolmaster is abroad. Education in its march is creating armies of new readers c every year. Christians can join hands to secure that every ? man shall have an opportunity to read in his own tongue the wonderful works of God. f Contributions will be gratefully received by the Secre- j taries, 146, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C. 4. Jr~ 11 "1 f SKEFFINGTONS' ADVENT LIST. Ready THE SUPREME SACRIFICE and OTHER POEMS ttav. 19. gag TlMF OF WAR By JOHN S. ARKWRIGHT. With illustrations by Bruce MaW M aawaiE, %fr ww Bairnsfather, Wilmot Lunt, Louis Raem&ekers, and L Raven-Hill. Foolscap quarto, elegant cloth, gilt lettering, price 7s. 6d. net. (Postage 3d.). Leather edition, price IOs. 6d. net. {Postage 3d.). (■It is felt that there are many who desire to possess Mr. A rkwright s well-known verse The Supreme Saerifico" in a permanent forrn. The publishers have also had many requests that this writer's various pOems written during the last five years should be published in one volume. This collection has therefore been carefully compiled. The poems are printed as nearly as possible in chronological order and include all the author's best known recent verses, together with at least fourteen pieces not hitherto published. Mr. Arkwright. has been exceptionally fortunate in securing the assistance of the above most eminent artists,whose original illustrations (ten in number) will greatly add to tlie value and beauty of this volume. S'&rJH £ VISION OF. OHRIST and Other Sermons". By the Rev. A. R. RYDER, D.D., Canon of Down, Rector of Drumbcg. Crown Svo, cloth, price 6s. net. (Postage 44.) An entirely new volume of Sermons, which follow the Seasons of the Christian Year, and include Addresses for Advent, New Year, Lent, Holy Week, Good Friday, and several for the Sundays after Triiuty. The Sermons are both scholarly and popular, earnest and spiritiial. ADVENT, WHfflSTfflAS msaei QJMER SERMONS » BY the Rev. CHARLES E. NEWMAN, M.A. Crown Svo, cloth, 3s. 6d. net. (Postage 3d.) This f volume includes Four Sermons for Advent, two for Christmas, two for the End of the Year, etc. THE PARABLES OF ADVENT. ERS KIN EVh7L L f ^Second ^Imprw sion. Foolscap 8vo, cloth, 2s. net. (Postage 2d.) Eight Sermons, with Introductory Chapter on Advent and Modern Thought. The Parables are The Faithful Servant, The Ten Virgins, The Talents, A IThe Sheep and Goats^ There are also Sermons for Christmas Eve. Christmas Day, and Kew Year's Eve. USEFUL GIFT FOR THE NEWLY ORDAINED. THE READIMO OF DIVINE SERVICE in the CHURCH. By the Rev. ROBERT J AMBLIN, M.A. A practical help towards the proper enunciation, articulation, and phrasing of the Services. Crown Svo, cloth, price is. 6d. net. (Postage 3d.) The Archbishop of Canterbury writes to the Author^ T f "Your book meets a real need, and is likely to be of genuine service to a large number of the Clergy. I tehall certainly take the opportunity of commending it to our younger men. It seems to me quite excellent. !SKEFFINGTON & SON, Ltd., 34, Southampton St., Strand, W.C. 2. i AND OF ALL BOOKSELLERS. [AU orders must be accompanied by a remiuanre.} —— {. ANDREW MELROSE LTD. Distinctive. New Books. THE LETTERS OF DONALD HANKEY. Edited by EDW. RD MILLER, M.A. Price 9s. net. SECRETS OF ANIMAL LIFE. By PROFESSOR J. ARTHUR THOMSON, LL.D., Author of The Wonder of Life," etc. Price 7s. 6d. net. I. >' The Mornina Post says He is always a delightful companion." The Star says You get as you iread a sense of bees humming about the pages, of running water, of the wind among the trees and of the scent of wild flowers." Pocket Editions of Famous Books. Fcap. 8vo, Fourth Printing (16,000 Copies). A STUDENT IN ARMS. By DONALD HANKEY. Cloth 3s. net. Lambskin 6s. 6d. net. Persian Calf 8s. net. A STUDENT IN ARMS. Second Series. By DONALD HANKEY. Cloth 3s. net. Lambskin 6s. 6d. net. Persian Calf 8s. net. ADVENTURES IN CONTENTMENT. By DAVID GRAYSON. Cloth 3s. net. Lambskin 6s. 6d. net. Persian Calf 8s. net. THE FRIENDLY ROAD. By DAVID GRAYSON. Cloth 3s. net. Lambskin 6s. 6d. net. Persian Calf 8s. net. THE WOODCARVER OF 'LYMPUS. By MABY E. WALLER. Cloth 3s. net. Lambskin 6s. 6d. net. Persian Calf 8s. net. LONDON: ANDREW MELROSE LTD. Contents. -+- PAGE CYNGRAIR ý CENHEDLOEDD (Gan y Parch. Morris Roberts) 4 COLOFN YR YSGOL Sut, (Gan y Parch. J. T. Davies, M.A.)" 4 COLOI'N Y IITOT KDI) (dan Olygiaeth ') Ap Ceredigion) 21 LLTTE MOUFA 21 SWANSEA AND DYSTRICT 2 VALE OF CLWYD NOTES 2 RHONDDA 2 WREXHAM AND DISTRICT 2 BRECON AND DISTRICT 2 PROBLEMS OF lifE. By the Rev. R. J. CAMPBELL, D.D. 13 THE ENABLING BILL PASSED 13 THE BOOK WINDOW: Ths Diverting Letters of an English Lady of Quality. By ELIOT BUCKRAM 5 Religion in the Labour Movement 12 Church Reform Victory Debt to Free Church- men 12 Life and Liberty Congress Enthusiasm over Enabling Bill 16 Industrial Problems Churches' Contribution.. 15 Welsh Church Temporalities Act: Why it was Accepted. By the BISHOP OP ST. DAVIDS 15 Peterborough Readers: Quiet Day at the Palace 19 Gleanings from the Dioceses 9 Bishop of Lincoln 11 Clerical Stipends 11 Clergy in the Commons 10 The Vicar's Garden. By JOSEPH JACOB 20 New Novels 5 Monks Lyonness Serial Story. By CECIL ADAIR <5 Family Colunini 17 Home, Gardening 20 Church News, Preferments, Vacant Benefices, Ac. 22