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Hill t =:: I The Red rianro MMO- r' f rtbe Years of Reconstruction f B 1 The Y.M.C.A. does not come on the scene to teach p • the Churches how to do their work, much less to p I supplant them. It desires to help,and serve the Church 1 as the permanent Divine Institution designed by God ij to help and save the world. Its function is more that § of the communication trench. It has the help of an | Advisory Committee representative or the Churches. §j O It believes it is called of God to serve our soldiers, 1 sailors, and airmen until demobilisation is com- | plete, and then to continue to serve them when demobilised p or disabled, and, as far as possible, all the young men g and boys of the Nation in town and city, camp and J barracks, village and hamlet,. East End and West End, guiding and befriending them as they move from place | to place, and looking after their interests when, in I response to the call of commerce or vocation they travel in search of health or wealth to the most distant parts of the Empire, or to the uttermost parts of the earth. 3 It desires to act, and is acting, as a unifying force as between Church and Church, Class and Class, Nation and Nation-not so much by theorising as by jj providing a common platform and opportunities for uniting in common service. JJ 4 It has its distinct contribution to make towards the JJ solution of the problem of intemperance and vice— 1 not through legislation, but through the provision of 1 enticing counter-attractions, and by giving opportunities jj for the sexes to meet under healthy conditions. jj It attaches supreme importance to work for boys, jj QJr* and in designing the accommodation for the jj Y.M.C.A. of the future, adequate scope for the develop- H ment of this side of its activities must be provided in 1 every centre. jj ft It regards the whole world as its parish, believing 1 that the work done during the War has demonstrated 1 that the Red Triangle has a message for the men of every M creed and nation. It believes it can help the Churches to find the key to the solution of one aspect of the §j missionary problem, and that the Hut" will prove as helpful to the young men of missionary lands as to those jj of our own country. J BJP It believes that the very success of its War work [1] • constitutes a challenge to undertake work on an if] adequate scale for the men and boys of every class. Ill IULI O It holds that it is of more importance that the need 61 should be met, and the work done, than that any B| particular society or organisation—even the Y.M.C.A.—- II should do it. It recognises that the field is so wide that t there is ample scope for the activities of all societies that p have the same end in view, and it earnestly desires that III over-lapping and consequent waste of energy should be B avoided, and all such work be co-ordinated. 1 Q It believes in encouraging our National games and m providing facilities for t-hose iiidoor and outdoor B sports and recreations that supply the natural outlet for j§ the energy of the physically fit, and point out the road p to health and strength to those who otherwise might fall H behind in the great race of life. t | A It seeks to provide a* rallying centre for those pll who, irrespective of distinctions of creed or party, j§ desire to engage in social service for a better Britain, by jj the extension of the Kingdom of God; it welcomes the p co-operation and invites the support of all who wish fi Britain well, and desires to do its part in organising the S young manhood of the Nation for the common good of (j all sections of the community. 1 11 Its aim is that every Y.M.C.A. centre should carry 1 out a constructive programme, for the intellectual 1 improvement and spiritual uplift of the men of the 1 Nation. It does not claim to be an educational authority, ff but it regards a strong programme of educational work as M an essential feature of every progressive association. This 1 department is under the direct supervision of a w Committee on which all the British Universities and S other educational bodies are represented. • jj 12 It would state definitely and categorically that jj whilst fully recognising its position as an agency j| of the Christian Church, it regards as the primary aim of 8 the movement the winning of young men for our Lord jj] Jesus Christ, and the leading of them into the fellowship Jj and service of the Churches. 1 ur lob Olt ow v If you approve of this Programme will <w s == | you contribute to the Y.M.C.A. Fund ? j Mmmm&mmmmmmmmmmm a i«MI!IIBI