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JFL NEW S.P.C.K. BOIS MISSIONARY STORIES. LA new series projected by the Central Board of Missions in conjunction' with the Missionary Societies.} BRING-BROTHER. One of the Children-in-Blue from the Town of Lone Bamboo. By F. J. CODRINGTON. With coloured Frontispiece and nine black and white Illustrations. 4s. net. [The life story of a Chinese child who was brought to Christ. 2 he special feature of this book is the intensely interesting series of illustrations by a Chinese artist.] AFRICAN SCOUT STORIES. Part 1. by R. KEABLE. Part II. by E. G. SEDDING. With coloured Frontispiece and other Illustrations. 28. net. [Equally delightful both for scouts, who like to. hear haw the black troops are run, and. as a book to stimulate missionary interest in young people.] MXAMLI, THE FEASTER. A Pondomisi Tale of the Diocese of St. John's, South Africa. By GODFREY CALLA- WAY, of the Society of St. John the Evangelist. With coloured Frontispiece and several other Illustrations. 2s. 6d. net. J, [A graphic presentation of the coming of the mission to a South African tribe, from the point of view of the African.] THE LION-TAMER. By the Kev. A. P. SBKPAKD. With Illustration. 6D. net. [A story of Robert Moffat and early days in South Africa.J THE SIGN OF LOVE. By MARY A. ANDREWS. With coloured Frontispiece and other Illustrations. 28. net. [Describes the conversion of a Child in a Central African village.] DON RAIMON. A Story of Raymund Lull. By E. K. SETH-SMITH. With Illustrations. 3s. net. [Early missions to Moslems are illustrated by this story, which is founded on an accurate study of the history of the time.] BOOKS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. A LIFE OF OUR LORD. Told in the words of the four Gospels., With twelve Coloured Illustrations by JAMES CLARK, R.I. Cloth boards. 5s. net. (The exquisite pictur" in this book, reproduced by the four-colour process, will M. enhance the drfist's reputation for reverent and helpful treatment of sabred themes. The letterpress is entirely in the words of the Gospels^ those incident# having been chosen which are readily intelligible to children.} THE CHILDREN'S JESUS., By E. B. TRIST (Mrs. Wm. C. PIEBOY). With coloured Frontispiece and fifteen black and white Illustrations by ARTHUR A. DIXON. 2S. 6d. net. MORNING RAY. A little Child's first glimpse of Christian Truth, taught in Stories and Songs. Fo the use of mothers. Written and Illustrated by C. P. S. WARREN (Mrs. WATKIN WILLIAMS). 4S. net. [This is a mother's book, for home use in teaching the tiny mies. The simple little hymns with their specially composed music are a valuable feature.] THE CHILDREN'S YEAR. 1 alka to the Church's Children on the Church's Seasons. By the Rev. G. R. OAKLEY, M.A., B.D. With coloured Frontispiece. 3s. 6d.net. OUR WONDERFUL CATHEDRALS. Second Series. By GERTRUDE HOLMS. With coloured Plates and numerous other Illustrations. 3s. 6d. net.. MORE BATTLEFIELDS OF THE CROSS. In the British Empire and Elsewhere. By E. B. TRIST (Mrs. Wm. C. PIERCY). With coloured Filmtispiece and eight black and white Illustrations. 3s. 6d. net. STORIES OF THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES. Told for Children. By WINIFRED S. BOWEN-COLTHURST. With coloured Frontis- piece and six black and white Illustrations. 2s. 6d. net. WHERE THE POLLS LIVED. By Mrs, M. H. C. CRADOCK. With four coloured and numerous black and white Illustrations by HONOR C. APPLBTON, 4s. 6d. net. fA story in prose arid picture calculated to win the heart of any little, girl.] THE EVER-YOUNG. By ROSAMOND LANOBRIDOB. With four coloured and four black and wh e Illus- trations by F. D. BEDFORD. 12s. 6d. net, [Dermot, a boy brought up on antiseptic principles, meets Mickie, a simple-life- girl. Their friendship, begun in the waking world, is continued in dreamland, • where Dermot is taught to overcome fear and incidentally to become a poet by the 1 Pooka, the spirit of Poetry. This is the main theme, but there is r, good deal of nature mysticism and Celtic mythology, making, in all an exquisite phantasy which Mr. F. D. Bedford, who illustrated "Peter and Wendy," has sympathetically interpreted.] OLD-FASHIONED FAIRY TALES. By the late Mrs. JiiwiNG. With eight coloured Illustrations by W. GRAHAM ROBERT- SON. 4s. 6d. net. WOODCRAFT SCOUTING In and buburb. By Silver Wolf, the Rev. ROBERT BKEN, M.A., District Commissioner for the Beckenham Area. With numerous Illustrations. Paper cover, 2s. 6d. net. Cloth boards, 3s. 6d. net. fA handbook to a reccntdevelopmeflt of Scouting by one of the pioneers. Inci- dentally a splendid present to any boy who enjoys "playing at Indians."] THE LAND OF FARAWAY And other stories for little children. With coloured Forntispiece and niunerous other Illustrations. Is. 4d. net. us TEDDY AND THE FAIRY. v With coloured frontispiece and many other Illustrations. Is. 4d. ntffc — — s A BffBLE PICTURE BOQMS, T; 1,1,11 "11 ™'r By E. 13.ftlST (Ivirs. WM. C. PIERCY). Each with four coloured and black and white Illustrations. Is. 6d. net. JOSEPH. MOSES. dUDGESIN ISRAEL It SOCIETY FOR PROMOTBNG CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE, Central Offices ordy 6, ST. MARTIN'S PLACE, LONDON, W.C. 2. K^upo 64, NEW BOND STREET, LONDON, W. 1; 43, QUEEN VICTORIA STREET, E.C. 4. £ isl$ post free* And. of all Booksellers. Inquiries invite V- ■ "■ ■: .v Contents. — PAGE JIWBILI EGLWYS Y CELLI (Gan y Parch. Morris Roberts, Rhosybol) 8 COLOFN YR YSGOL STTL (Gan y Parch. J. T. DAVIES, M.A., Ty Ddewi 8 COLOFN Y BEIRDD (Dan olygi,eth Ap Ceredigion) .i 25 LLITH "MORFA" 8. LLANDAFF DrooESE 2 SWANSEA AND DISTRICT 2 BRECON AND Di,TRieT.. 2 VALE OF CLWYD NOTES « .» 2 CHUROH LIFE .AT ABERYSTWYTH 2 THE CONSTITUTION OF THE CHURCH IN WALES. .1> 2 PROBLEMS OF MFg. By Rev. R. J. CAMPBELL. 21 LITERARY LIGHTS OF THE NINE- TEENTH CENTURY. VII. Charles Kingsley. By MORICE GRRARD 21 THE BOOK WINDOW: The Interest- ing Life and Diverting Letters of "Erewhon Butler. By ELIOT BUCKRAM 5 THE OMNIPOTENCE OF GOD. By the Most Rev. C. F. DARCR 12 Leader Message of the Congress 1 London's Proprietary Chapel Some Interest- ing Particulars 9 Monk's Lyonness," Serial Story. By CECIL Adaib 6 English Church Music. By GEORGE GARDNER 4 New Novels 5 Our Pulpit. The rowerfulriess of Unity. By the ARCHBISK OP OF CANTERBURY 22 Hook Reviews 7 Village Water Supply Urgent Questions. By JOHN PARR 9 Casterton School: The Prixe (JtyiDR 28 Sational Comradeship jnNtJonaiLifen 12 Ecclesiastical Art, Church Congress Exhibition 12 The Ulster Q.uestion Ita Religious Side 24 St. John's, WOrksop: Jubilee Anniversary 24 A Noble Declaration: Brotherhood and Chris- tian Unity .» 10 Securing Peace: King's Message 10 A New Irish Bishop .11 A Loss to Norwich ,U 11 New Canon of Bangor ,» 11 Commons Next Week 21 Control of Drink: Scientific Basis 14 I A Great Record, Circulating the Word 17 Church Congress: Civic Beceptton 23 A Regenerated World: Need for Penitence 23 Sermon Outlines. By Canon J. H, B. MASTER- MAN .V 23 Young Folks 28 Church News. Preferments. 4e. 29 We ask our readers to note that the cost of postage on this week's issue willt owing. 1 to its size, be one penny.