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(Y LLAH. PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY. SCALE OF CHARGES FOR PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS WEDNESDAY MORNING is the latest time for,, receivipg 1dvertisement8 for insertion in the current number. -0:- — SPECIAL PREPAID CLASS. ■' I No. One In- Three In j Six In- of Words. sertiort-surtious. sertions. 3r~rv" I P. d: s. d. s. d 20 0 9 1 6 2 3 30 1 1 2 2 3 3 40 1 B 2 10 4 3 50 1 9 3 6 5 3 ;r> ■ 1 — Pob 10 gair ychwanog 0 4 0 8 1 0 These Charges apply to the class of Advertisement enumerated below, and are strictly confined to those PAID FOR PREVIOUS TO INSERTION if placed to account, Scale price will be charged. Situations "W anted or Vacant. Houses, &c.. to be Let or Sold. Apartments Wanted or to Let, Articles Lost or Found. Miscellaneous Wants WANTED. M/WV>AVVVS\VwVVV\VWVV\ TITLE Wanted, by a Graduate of Dur- ham Uuiversity. Diocese of Bangor preferred. -Apply, 'Alpha,' LLAN Office. 123p-132 .+- "MTTANTED Immediately, Curate, Priest, » » musical, bilingual, for Llanfaes and Penmon, Apglesey.-Apply, Vicar. 329-130 WANTED, a Bilingual Lay Reader at once.—Apply, stating salary required, copies of testimonials, and references, Yicar,' Mi nejfa, Wrexham. 124p-131 r^RADUATE IN PRIEST ORDERS ^3* peeks Curacy or Locam Tenency, at onee, in Dtaeese of St. Asaph. Good references and testimonials — Clericus, LLAN Office. [15-131 PRIEST'S WIFE has 500 new SUR- PLICES. BOYS' from 30s; MEN'S from Gs PRIESTS' from 7s 6d. Tailor- made Cassocks, black, violet, red, blue, from 9.; to 20s. Stoles, from 5s 6d. to 804. Bajjs from 5s 6d.-Altar Linen.— Gw.>nwisg," The Church Agency, Ltd-, L' mh rd House, London, E.C. [82—129 IX)R SA' E. — Deai Pulpit, Reading Desk, Lectern, and old Oak Altar Rails alscl two Altar Chairs as good as new. -Apply, Vicar, Llaugunnock, Carmarthen. 323- NOW READY, EMYHIAOUR YR EOLWYS. MERIN YNG HCHYMRU. ADRAN YR YSGOL SUL. 0 DAN ABOLYGIAD Y GWIR BARCH ESGOB BANGOR. SUNDAY SCHOOL SECTION OF THE WELSH HYMNAL FOR THE CHURCH IN WALES. Containing about 140 Hymns and Carols, and 100 Tunes with Liturgies, many never before published in any Welsh Manual. Hyuins with Times, Cloth Is. rds only 6d. 25 ptff cent. discount for cash. Postage extra. A Specimen Copy post free at pubiished price. CHRISTMAS CAROLS. With Tunes, 3d. dozen and upwards, 2d. each Words only, Id., or 6s. per 100. JARVIS & FOSTER, BANGOR. 321- Popular Church Music for Easter, BY THOMAS EDWARDS. Alelnia Crist a gyfoclwyd. 4th thousand. Magnificat a Nunc Dimitti?. 4th thousand. To Deum, 7th thousand. Cyfododd Ef (Owain Alaw). 4th thousand. HanPS y Groes (Eiis Wyzl o Wyrfai). 10th thousand. Ileal good music—simple—musician-like— natüral-easy to sing—exceedingly pretty. Copiau i'w cael oddiwrth 'The Welsh Church Musical Agency, Carmarthen.' 331— LANIIOVEIiY COLLEGE" ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS, JAN., 1896. Two of £ 25 a year each two of R20 a year each; two of JE15 a year each two of £ 10 a year i-ach six of £ 8 8s a year each. The Examination wil) begin at 3 p m. in the School Hall, on Wednesday, Jan. 13th. Three grades of papers will be set—Senior, Intermediate, and Junior. The School Fees are 40 guineas a year for board, and £8 8s a year for tuition. Next Term will commence on Friday, Jan. 17th. Boarders return previous day. For particulars apply to the Warden, College, Llandovery. 320-129 JUST PUBLISHED— BENEDIOITE AND MISERERE BY THÖS. EDWARDS. Both Notations together, 2d each. A happy arrangement of the Benedicite, which does away with all samenes. Is easy, sweet, and very pretty. COPIES FROM—THE WELSH CHURCH MUSICAL AGENCY, CARMARTHEN. Soprano Solo Competition, Llandudno Eisteddfod, "Cenwch orfoledd i j Jacob" (OwainAlaw), to be had from W. Spurrell & Son, Carmarthen, post free, Is Id. [334-134 ST TEILO'S CHUliCH, PONTAR- DULAIS, ORGAN OPENING SERVICES, on Wednesday, January 22nd, at 3 p m., with Sermon by the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Swansea, in English, and a Recital,' by H. Radcliffe, Esq. Evening Sermon in Welsh by Vicar of Skewen. » Will the Clergy bring Robes, and kindly send to Vicarage, that seats may be reserved ? 333-129 LECTURES. 1\1 IS S ROBERTS (" Eirianwen"), JJfJL Corwen, is open to a few Lecturing Engagements on Temperance, Historical, Social and General subjects (Welsh or English). Special terms for Church of England. Charities. — 4s A WONDERFUL OFFER TO BEN EFIT CLUBS. Cloth-lined Contribution Cards, ex- cellent quality, well printed on four sides, with name of Order and Club, time and plase of meeting, secretary's name and address, money columns, with dates of meeting for 1896 and 1897, &c., &c., &c., offered at the following exceptionally low rates :— 50, 4s. 100, 53. 3d. 150, 6a. 6d. 200, 7s. 9d. 250, 9s. 300, 10s. and Is. for overy 50 above that number. Send for sample to THE MANAGER, "JOURNAL" OFFICE, CARMARTHEN. W The Cheapest House in the Printing Trade for Tcucfit Clubs. COMING EVENTS. Where the printing in con- nection with any Church or IJtoochial event lias been ^Jgfeuted in the "Llan" Office, 96, e announcement of it will be made in the "Llan." SUBSCRIPTION RATES FOR THE LLAN FOR 1896. Credit (Post Free) ls. 9d. per qr; Prepayment (Post Free), 6 months, 3s. 3d.; 12 months, 6s. 6d AT EIN GOHEBWYR. YN EIN NESAF.— D. C. Morgan, Glyn Tarrell, a loan Glan Prysor. Cydym- deimlwn yn ddwys &'r diweddaf a nodwyd, gan ei fod yn wael er's pedair blynedd, Mown nodyn atom dywed :— Blinaw er's pedair blynedd-yr ydwyf Wrth rodiaw ac eistedd Yn fnan, fuan caf fedd I aros yno'i orwedd. Duw a'i ddyddano yn ei lesgedd yw dy- muniad ein calon. MEWN LLAW. X. Z., S. F. D., M. P., Talsarnau, D., y rhai ddaethant yn rhy ddiweddar i law. ADOLYGIADAU. Rhaid i bob llyfr y dymunir cael adolygiad arno yn ein colofnau gael ei anfon i'r Golygydd, ac ni chydnabyddir nnrhyw adolygiad ond a fyddo yn awdurdodedig. Yr ydym yn gwneyd y mynegiad hwn er atal siomedigaeth. Dymuna y Golygydd hysbysu nad yw ef yn gyfrifol am y syniadau a ddat, genir mewn Erthyglau arwyddedig nac am Erthyglau a arwyddir "Oddiwrth Oheb- ydd," &c. Dymuna'r Golygydd ar i lythyrau o natur gyfrinachol gael eu cyfeirio fel y canlyn REV. W. DA VIES, Llanllawddog Vicarage, Llanpumpsaint, R.S.O., South Wales. Pob newyddion, gohebiaethau, &c. i'w cyfeirio fel y canlyn EDITOR, LLAN OFFICE, CARMARTHEN.