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A GREAT WELSH LUNG CURE. The robust and vigorous, who, possibly have escaped the stings of an ailing organ, frequently trifle with a strong and sound constitution through careless exposure to the winter colds and the sudden caprices of cur climate by neglecting suitable protective clothing to retain the heat of the body at its proper temperature. Overcoats and jackets are left at home, thin boots worn, etc., which eventualiy spring a ebill or cough, slight at first; but still trusting to the recouperative and resisting force of their previous good health, for a while it is per- mitted to take its own course. The natural powers of the system lacking, it often leads to more complicated and serious results, and, as one pair of lungs only is our portion, let us look to them, and at the first onset of a cough or cold procure a remedy. A most reliable and certain is the COLTSFOOT ELIXIR, recognised by the medical faculty as a sure cure for Lung complaints. The Elixir is scientifically pre- pared, chiefly from extracts of English and foreign balsamic plants possessing remarkable healing virtues upon Pulmonary affections, viz., Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Influenza, Distemper, etc. It stimulates the mucous membrane of the lungs and tubes. relieves phlegm, reduces inlfammation, and immediately soothes irritable and painful coughs. It is quite as suitable for the very young child as the grown up. Full directions as to dose given. It is prepared by the inventor, MORGAN W. JAMES, Manufacturing Chemist, of Llanelly, and is put up in bottles at Is. lid. each, which are supplied to all the London and Provincial wholesale houses, who distribute it to the retail chemists throughout the country, or, upon forwarding the amount in stamps, it can be obtained direct from Llanelly. Many cases of cure by the COLTSFOOT ELIXIR are simply marvellous. Old lung affections and chest weaknesses readily yield to its treatment. Be sure you get the right article, with name of inventor and introducer upon stamp, label, and bottle, and take no other if offered, as passing off substitutes is a growing evil of the present day. 326—