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Y DDIOtf FWYAF DANTEITHIOL. I DELIO t WORKS: CARDIFF. — I DAN NAWDD A CHYMERADWYAETH Y MEDDYGON. V~i 1,1 87-140 23, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. THE CARDIFF FUR STORES OF THE HAYES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL MANUFACTURING FURRIERS, HAVE very great pleasure in .informing our Customers that we pliall open the above commodious and centrally situated Premises on October 81st. We shall have the very finest stock of Furs and Skins in the United Kingdom. ALL OUR GOODS ARE SOLD AT MANUFACTURERS' PRICES, and made and finished in our well-known style. Furs of all kinds repaired. H. R. HARRISON, Manager. 87-114 -e AC Ilk, CL \|g^sicfg/ IP Wr 15 ft. TEST YOUR EYES. 9 ft. ( This bill should be looked j at from the distances given on the margin. 7 ft. If you fail to discern any size at j its given distance, it is proof that your eyes require assis- tance from spectacles. 6 ft. ( Some persons have "long sight." Such will be ) able to read the large sizes, but not discern the { small type, at their distances. 5 ft. f OTHER PERSONS HAVE "SHORT SIGHT," THESE WILL NOT ,¿ I SEE THE LARGE TYPE SO FAR AWAY, BUT BY 4 ft. j HOLDING THE PAPER IN A GOOD LIGHT CLOSE TO THE EYES, WILL I DISCERN THE SMALLEST PRINT. 30 in. Fa-iling to disceria either size, you will, if you are wise, adopt Fpectaeles, Only J one strength will suit. Much injury is done by ordinary sellers of Spectacles, j Do not put off the help of Spectacles en any excuse whatever,, Nature's penal- ties will not be averted by wishing or thinking otherwise. 14 in. (Do not be swayed by popular notions, but consult Professor Scott. He, having had thirty years experience as an Eye Optician, is qualified, and will, free of charge, scientifically test your vision. If you cannot go and consult Professor Scott, you should certainty write to him. Send this advt. marked (carefully measured) with the distances at which you discern each size. He will then be able to send a pair of proper Spectacles for the money you remit. (carefully measured) with the distances at which you discern each size. He will then be able to send 1 a pair of proper Spectacles for the money you remit. PROFESSOR SCOTT, OPTICIAN, AND EYE SPECIALIST, 37, CASTLE ARCADE, CARDIFF, Will attend at Residences, on being honoured with Post Card. -1. SCOTT'S PRICES FOR SPECTACLES. STRONG-FRAMED SPECTACLES, for Working; Men from t/ BLUE STEEL-FRAMED SPECTACLES *16 BEST BRAZILIAN PEBBLE SPECTACLES ,.4/6 to 8/6 FOLDING EYE-GLASSES .1 I/- t0 s/- GOLD SPECTACLES AND FOLDERS .from 18/- THESE PRICES ARE HALF OF THE USUAL OPTICIAN'S PRICES. THIRTY YEAR'S EXPERIENCE Professor Scott is prepared to give Sun Bright Optical Exhibitions to Private an(I Public Gatherings. Low Terms. BUY YOUR SPECTACLES QF AN EXPERIENCED OPTICIAN. ,01 I HOW IS YOUR COUGH THIS MORNING? I l#F2TchEsJ 2il\- "Ha! Ha! Ha! I have srol rid of it at last. Oh, what a relief! It's a grand medicine —acts like magic; I have only taken two doses." I was just going to make you some tea out of these Coltsfoot plants, because the other day I read of a wonderful medicine called 'COLTSFOOT CHEST PRO- TSGTOBJ* for Throat and Lung Complaints, with a long list 01 letters in its praise, from people in every rank in life, who had been relieved and cured by it, so I thought I would make you some tea out of the plants." "You arc, fortunately, too late; I only this morning procured a bottle from our chemist of the genuine n airieie: you perceive ne H B rapid and complete change. My voice is now as clear as a bell, and the cough has quiteleft me, and my respiration H ■ is auite easy—yes, it is a real_ pleasure to breathe. Tou are, I admit, exeellant at making tea, but to prepare a B ■ medicine out of those plants is, I fear, a totally different thing. This remarkable COLTSFOOT CHBST PROTECTOR ■ ■ is, I understand, made by a chemist who has thoroughly studied the best solvents to use for extracting its wonderful M H medicinal virtues, and it also contalhs other ingredients which I have no doubt greatly improve its marvellous ■ I For Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Catarrh, Bronchitis, Influenza, Spitting of Blood, Asthma, and other Chest Dis- I ■ orders. Its tonic and strengthening properties remove the subsequent delicate condition of the mucous membrane of H ■ the lungs, thus affording the best guarantee of a perfect cure. Being purely vegetable, its action on the human system ■ H is mild but effectual, and adapted to all ages, from the infant to the adult. The COLTSFOOT CHEST PROTECTOR is H B sold in Bottles, at Is. ljd. and 2s. 9d each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors in the United Kingdom; ■ M or post free from the Proprietor on receipt of stamps. Arrangements also made for exporting into our Colonies and B 3 other Foreign Countries. Prepared only by MORGAN W. JAMBS, Wholesale Chemist, Manufacturer and Introducer of B OAT &L IIIFO RTOP, IlI GS I L.i.- I tour.,Ii The Bishop of Llandaff writes I have just read your 'Popular Story of the Church in Wales,' and think it a valuable and very seasonable addition to Church Defence literature, and that it would help to strengthen our hands very much if the Clergy (especially in Wales) would make an effort to get it widely cir- culated in their parishes." The Bishop of St. Asaph writes: I have read it with much interest. It seems to me in every way calculated to do good by distributing valuable informa- tion throughout the country." A POPULAR STORY OF THE CHURCH IN WALES, Shewing its Birth, its Progress, and its Work in the Principality. A Sketch for English Readers, in three Chapters. r I.-ITS PAST HISTORY. II.-ITS PRESENT WORK. III.-THE AGITATION FOR ITS DISESTABLISHMENT. By G. H. F. NYE. IPMX03B -C-5XMCX=MIV433B. Post Free, Eight Stamps. Cloth Boards, Gold Mitre, ONE SHILLING. The Bishop of Peterborough, in commending to all who in his diocese are interested in the cause of Church defence Mr G. H. F. Nye's book entitled A Popular Story of the Church of England," says It gives in a condensed and popular form one of the best statements of the past history and present work of the Churehwith which I am acquainted. It seems to me especially suited for distribu- tion amongst our intelligent working classes, who need just such a corrective to the ;n zn false and misleading statements now so industriously, circulated amongst them by the enemies of our Church." Just Out. New Edition. Twenty-sixth Thousand. A POPULAR STORY OF THE y CHURCH OF ENGLAND, Shewing its Birth, its Progress, and its Work for the People. A Sketch in aD Z5 Three Chapters. By G. H. NYE. -X7 3PMXC:3B SIXPENCE. Post Free, Eight Stamps. Cloth Boards, Gold Mitre, One Shilling. The Bound Copies make excellent Gift Books. Copies of these Popular Stories supplied in quantities for distribution at cheap rates on application to THE CHURCH DEFENCE INSTITUTION. AM BOB MATH 0 ARGRAPHWAITH DESTLUS, Etvcl at y Mri. F. & F., -1 mSSm SwyddfvCr Llan" Merthyr. THE TRYPOGRAPH (ZUCCATO'S PATENT). y raj M\ i n iii RELIABLE. CLEANLY. RAPID. EASY. CHEAP Thousands of Facsimile ImpressIons I All equally good, from One Writing, and without Transfer The only proved system for printing in INDELIBLE BLACK, by unskilled Labour. Repays its Cost after a few times using. Specimen and Price List forwarded on application. Agents for Merthyr .and Aberaare- FARRANT <& F R O S T PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, and STATIONERS, Whm tht afovi may fo wn in m* PUBLICATIONS ■■■•■ OF THE CHURCH DEFENCE INSTITUTION (CYHOEDDIADAU CYMDEITHAS AM- DDIFFYNOL YR EGLWYS.) Yr Eglwys yn Nghymru a'i Gvcrthwynebwyr. Anerchiad a draddodwyd gan Esgob Llanelwy yn Neuadd Gyhoeddus Truro nos lau, Tachwedd 7fed, 1889, larll Mount Edcombe yn y gadair. Pris Ceiniog. The Church in Wales. A Speech delivered in the House of Commons by H. Byron Reed, Esq., M.P., May 14, 1889. Price Id. The Speech of the Right Hon. H. Cecil Raikes, M.P., in the House of Commons, March 9, 1886, on Mi-. DiUwyn's Motion for the Disestablishment of the Church in Wales. With Appendix. Price One Penny. The Church in Wales: Reply to Mr. H. Richard's Letter to the Daily News." By the Rev. Canon Bevan. Price 3d. Y Cynwrf Gwrthddegymol yn Nghymru: Gwrthdystiadau gan Anghyd- jfurfwyr. Rhif 1. Price Is. per 100. Gwladiceinwyr Rhyddfrydig ar Ddadgysylltiad. Is. per 100. Pobhgaeth Grefyddol Lloegr. 2s. per 100.. Cymdeithas Rhydahad Crefydd a'i Chynllun Bwriadedig. 2s. per 100. Cydraddoldeb Crefyddol. 2s. per 100. John Elias ar Eglwys Loegr. Is. per 100. A ddylai fod Eqlwys Sefydledig ? Is. per 100. Cyfiwr presenel pwnc y Degwm. 2s. per 100. j Dadwaddoliad yr Eglwys yn ei Nodweddiad Arianol acyn ei yysyllt- iad a'r Cyhoedd. Is. per 100. Ymddiddan rhwng Dau o Blwyfolion ar Gwestiim yr Eglwys a'r W ladwriaeth. J-d. each. 2 Yr hyn y mae yr Eglwys WladQZ yn Gostio, 2s. per 100. Rhai o Haeriadau Anwireddus Cymdeithas y Dadgysylltiad per 100. Md yw Eglwys Sefydledig yn un camwri ag Ymneillduwyr. Is. per 100. < Byr-Hanes oyr Ymosodiad Anghyfiawn a wneir yn awr ar Eglwys Loegr, ynghyd a Thaer Apeliad am Gymorth a Chefnogaeth 0 Blaid Sefydliad Amddiffynol yr Eglwys. Gan W. H. F. Edge, M.A. Price 3d. Wedi ei Rydd-gyfieithu i'r Gymraeg gan y i Parch. Thomas Walters, D.D., Ficer Llansamlet. Yr Eglwys yn Nghymru. Llythyrau at Ddadgysylltwyr. By the Rev. Canon Bevan. Price 3d. j Golygiadau Mr. Gladstone ar Ddadsefydliad yn Nghymru. Araith a draddodwyd yn Nhy y Cyffredin, Mai, 1870, yn y ddadl ar gynygiad Mr. Watkin Williams i Ddadsefydlu yr Eglwys yn Nghymru. Price Id., or 6s. per 100. Crefydd Wladwriaethol a'r Eglwys yn Nghymru. Anerchiad a draddod- wyd gan Ddeon Bangor yn y Guild Hall, Caernarfon, dydd Iau, Rhagfyr 20fed, 1883. Price One Penny, 6s. per 100. n II Araith Arglwydd Selborne ar yr Eglwys yn Nghymru. Ceiniog yr un, neuli chwe' swllt y cant. I Fjeithiau am yr Eglwys yn Nghymru. Gan Mr. W. E Gladstone. Chwe'cheiniog y cant, neu bum'swllt y fil. The State of the Church in Wales.' Atebiad i'r Dr. Thomas o"Livor- I) pool, gan y Parch. T. Lloyd Williams, B.A. Swllt y cant < neu bedwar swllt y fil. J i THE CHURCH DEFENCE INSTITUTION, 9, BRIDGE STREET, WESTMINSTER. Argraffwyd a Chyhoeddwyd gan Mri. Farbanx a FROST, 186.Bigh, Street, Merthyt Tydfilf