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l.I-A.'WJL.irE'ra ATWASANAETHATHRAWON YR YSGOL SUL, Sef Qofyniadau ar Lyfrem Hanesyddol yr Hen Destament. Gtta y Parch. EVAN JONES, B.D., Rheithor Trefdraeth, Penfro. PRIS 6D. GYDA'R POST, 7D. Merthyr Tydfil: FARRANT a FKOST, Swyddfa "Y Llan a'r Dywysogaeth." HANESYDDIAETH BOBLOGAIDD o BGJJWYS ILOIECxnl (YN SAESNEG) in dangos ei Tharddiad-Bi Ohynydd-A'i Gwaith, dm8 y Bobl. BRASDDARLUN MEWN TAIR PENOD. i.-oaaiar y dyddiau boreuafhyd amseroedd y Diwygiad. II.—Hanes y Diwygiad. III.-Oddiar y Diwygiad hyd ein dyddiau ni. Gan G. H. T. NYE, Ysgrifenydd Trysorfa Sefydliad Amddifynol yr Eglwys (Financial Secretary to the Church Defence Institution). The Palace, Llandaff, March 13th, 1890. MY DEAR SIR,—I am much obliged to you for a copy of your Popular Story of the Church in Wales." I have just read it, and think it a valuable and very seasonable addi- tion, to Church Defence Literature, and that it would help to strengthen our hands very much if the clergy (especially in Wales) would make an effort to get it widely circulated in their parishes.—Believe me, very faithfully yours, R. LLANDAFF. E F. Nye, Esq., 'I" Palace Chambers, Westminster. —- J — YS^DAAION AR Egwyddorion Eglwysig," Cyfieithedig gan cy PARCH. E. P. HOWELL, M.A., Prif-athraw Ysgol Ramadegol Bottwnog, ger Pwllheli. Chwaethus a dyadorol. Wedi eu Cym- reigio yn drwyadL Bydd pwy byaag a'u dar- lleno yn gwybod llawer mwy am yr Eglwys fel un corfE ysprydol nag ydoedd cyn byny.-Haul. Dyma lyfr rhagorol. Y mae y Parch. E. P. Howell wedi gwheyd gwasanaeth gw.erthfawx i'r Eglwys a'r genedl trwy gyfieithu mewn dull mor ardderchog lyfryn cynwysfawr Mr. West. Dylasai pgb Eglwyswrl Cymreig brynu, darllen, a chwilio y gyfrol fechan hon.-Llan. We do not know their equals for force of reasoning and perspicuity.—Church Times. Ychydig gopiau m law. Yn rhad drwy y Post am Is. 2c. oddiwrth y Cyfieitliydd. now fit WH ff E Light Running, Speedy and Noiseless, Simple in Construction, and of Thorough Workmanship. OVER 900,000 NOW IN USE. GOLD MEDAL AT PARtS EXHIBITION, 1889. SEWING For Family Use, Corset Making, Dressmaking, Mantle-making, Hand Machines, convenient for carrying about, Prices from Fifty Shillings. Hand and Treadle Machines. Large Machines for Tailors and Manufacturers; in short, suitable Machines for all elapses of work. Im mr mm N'" MACHINES Guaranteed for Five Years no charge for repairs in that time, and despite the large numbers Bold, the Company has never failed in a single instance to make good its guarantee. Weekly or Monthly Payments, without Additional Cost. Price Lists and Samples of Work: by. Post, Free. Beautiful Samples always on View. ENQUIRE FOR WHITE MACHINES. Over 1,100 Ageneies in Great Britain. WtiSe Sewing Machine Co., 48, HOLBOBN VIADUCT, LONDON. Machos sold by Mj\ J. LEWI3, Peny- iwrreoi sea* Mwfcfey* Ty'Sfil. PRINTIN G of all kinds executed without delay, in the best style of the art, and at reasonable prices at the office of this paper. Church and Choir Notices, Bills and Tickets for Entertainments, &c. What the Trade Journals say of our work:— H From the office of Messrs. Farrant and Frost, Printers, of Merthyr Tydfil, we have received a number of specimens of general printing (chiefly concert work) of a very superior character. Where so many nice things are shown, it is not easy to particularise. The bulk of the programmes and cards show several origi- nal designs, successfully carried out, and even where nothing out of the ordinary r_" ry- run has been attempted, the job bears the stamp of neat and excellent workmanship. Two programmes-for a volunteer and an orchestral concert-are good samples of new and attractive ideas for this special class of printing, and indeed the whole collection from this house bears impress of having been produced in a well-stocked office by efficient hands. The London, Provincial, and Colonial Press News," April 26th, 1887. Messrs. Farrant and Frost, Printers, 135, High-street, Merthyr, and 8, Canon- street, Aberdare, send samples chiefly of bazaar and programme work-all first rate. Some of the ideas are original and very happy."—>( The Paper and Printing Trades Journal," December, 1887. Messrs. Farrant and Frost, Merthyr Tydfil, send us the four-page aiinounce.,r ment of a fancy fair in aid of the restora- tion of the Parish Church of Merthyr. Worked throughout in the style of our ancestors as regards both type and spell- ing, the announcement with its quaint design of an old-fashioned crier who be- gins the text, with the time honoured Ovez! Oyez!! and with its chocolate- hued ink solidly impressed upon rough deckle-edged paper is strikingly adapted n n to its purpose."—"The Paper and Print- ing Trades Journal," March, 1888. Messrs. Farrant and Frost, 135, High- street, Merthyr Tydfil. Very superior specimens indeed-all tastefully done in the best stylq. The booklet, Marriacre, is it a Failure?" composed of extracts from the poets who think it is not a failure, is quite a gem in its way, its material aspect being worthy of the beauty of its literary contents.—" The Paper and Printing Trades Journal," June, 1889. BOOKBINDING by competent workmen on the premises. Missing parts of Magazines, &c., procured to complete. Church Bibles and Prayer Books repaired. The first section of the Folio Church Prayer Books supplied new in place of torn ones in Welsh or English. ACCOUNT BOOKS of any pattern ruled, printed, and bound in all descriptions of binding. BELIEF STAMPING from engraved dies in colours or plain Dies sunk. Monograms designed and Arms found. BOOKS, in all Departments of Literature in stock. Cash discount. Any work not in stock procured in a few days, and forwarded by post to all parts of the country free of charge. Depot of the Society for Pro- moting Christian Knowledge. Books for Sunday School Prizes a special feature. All the Monthly Magazines regularly supplied. STATIONERY, Fancy and Commercial. A large and varied stock of Note Paper from 4id. pAT packet. Envelopes from 4d. per 100. Sermon paper ih. stock, or specially ruled to order. Mem. Books from 6d. per dozen. Reporters' Note ..Books from, I d. each. Copy Books ruled to anv pattern, "a?id applied with of School, &<v Home Education. TUITION BY CORRESPONDENCE. System adopted is thoroughly sound and individual. Highly gratifying results. Single subject or full. Preparation for the various Local Examina- tions, including the Camb. Prelim., Theolog. and Musical Examinations. Fees low. Success guaranteed, however backward. Highest credentials. Address, F. S. A., Hillshaw Cottage, Ripon. 79-180. 5 Years' Warranty- THE WA TERBURY WATCH. 61) I U- 19 3 ro 8 4 -1 5w 5 Years"Warranty- THE WATERBURY WATCH. KEYLESS, splendid finish, sent on receipt of P.O.O. value 10s. 10 £ d. This Watch will suit a working man, and money will be returned if not approved of within 7 days. Send for Catalogues of Watches (Gold and Silver), also of Bell American Organ, Metzler Pianos, all to be paid for by weekly payments. Free delivery. Our Special Organ, fine tone, walnut case, by Metzler-price, cash 10s.; 5 years' warranty.-FREEDMAN & SON, 7, CASTLE STREET, SWANSEA. 92-119 Ladies' College, RILSTON, OSWESTRY, Conducted by MISS LEGH, assisted by Certificated Teachers and Professors. THE Sehool is situated on the outskirts of the flourishing town of Oswestry, which is a centre for most of the Musical and other Public Local Exams. A HIGH-CLASS EDUCATION is given, together with Home Comforts and careful Moral Training on Church Principles. Reference is kindly permitted to past and present Vicars of the town. There will be two vacancies for next Term, for which an early application is desirable. 88-115 Ladies' College, MOUNT.VALE, NEWTON ABBOT. PRINCIPAL MISS MORLEY (In Union with the London College of Music) Assisted by Resident Foreign Governesses and Visiting Masters. HOME COMFORTS AND THOROUGH EDUCATION. TENNIS GROUND. Special Arrangements for Indian or Colonial Children. Fees Moderate and Inclusive. Prospectus and References on Application. PUPILS PREPARED FOR EXAMINATION. SPECIAL ADVANTAGES FOR MUSIC AND PAINTING. Reference is kindly permitted to the follow- ing :—Professor Chapman, D.D., Western Col- lege, Plymouth; Rev. H. R. Reynolds, D.D., Cheshunt College, London; and Rev. F. W. Aveling, M.A., B.Sc., Principal of the Indepen- dent College, Taunton, 79-130 JUST PUBLISHED, Y PRIMER BACH: [SECOND EDITION] A WELSH BOOK OF INSTRUCTION AND DEVOTION, CONTAINING Instructions on the Creed, the Ten Command- ments. On the Sacraments and Ordinances of Religion, Baptism, Confirmation, &c. The Eucharistic Sacrifice, and Communion Ceremonies of the Church, &c. Devotions before Holy Communion, in Church at Holy Communion, and Thanksgiving after Holy Communion. A Litany, of the Passion, a Litany of the Blessed Sacrament, and a Litany of a Happy Death. And other Occasional Prayers. PRICE EIGHTPENCE: POSTAGE IJD., SOLD BY lueom FARRANT FBOST, Us-a a'r Dywye- tlI.. I Church Choir Guild (GUILD OF CHURCH MUSICIANS), 35, WELLINGTON ST., STRAND, W.C., Under the patronage of the Bishops and Clergy of the Church of England. For CLERGY, PRECENTORS, ORGANISTS, CHOIRMASTERS and CHORISTERS. Wplsh Patrons :—Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Bangor, Very Rev. The Dean of Bangor, and Ven. Archdeacon Watkins, D.D. President: The Very Rev. DEAN PIGOU, D.D.,F.C.C.G. Warden: J. H. LEWIS, Mus. Doc., D.C.L. Annual Subscription, 10s. 6d. Choirs Enrolled, 10s. 6d. a year. Free Register of Appointments open to the Members and the Clergy. Local Examiners for Chorister's Certificates required in towns not already represented. For further information regarding Member- ship and its privileges, Choir Enrolments, Chorister's Certificates, Diploma Exams., &c., apply T. Westlake-Morgan (organizing Sec. Welsh Branch), Merthyr Tydfil, or Dr. Lewis. The C.C.G. is doing excellent work for the Church and its music. 0 Among the local representatives and members in Wales are :— Bangor—Roland Rogers, Mus. Doc., F.C.C.G. Carnarvon-G. B. Williams. Haverfordwest—W. Price, F.C.C.G. Llandudno-C. Shrubsole-Turner, F.C.C.G. Maebynlleth-Boyland Davies. Merthyr Tydfil-T. Wesdake-Morgan, F.C.C.G. Newtown, Mont.—J. Macrone, A.C.C.G. Ruabon-M. Bowen, F.C.C.G. The Church Musician, THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE "CHURCH CHOIR GUILD." 11, BURLEIGH STREET, STRAND, W.C PUBLISHED 15th of EVERY MONTH. I MONTHLY, 2d., by post 2Jd.; annual sub- scription (post free), 2s. 6d. May be obtained at 4 Aberdare—Farrant & Frost, Canon Street. London-Church Printing Co., 11, Burleigh Street, Strand, W.C. Novello, Ewer & Co., 1, Berner's Street, W. Merthyr Tydfil-Farrant & Frost, High Street. Swansea—J. Brader & Sons, Wind Street. Tredegar, Mon.—C. Peaty, Castle Street. Or ordered through any Bookseller or Newsagent. This journal is the only musical periodical devoting itself to the interests of Church Musieians, Precentors, Organists, Choirmasters and Choristers. The Clergy will find the Church Musician very helpful. Articles on Church music at home and abroad, Church musical news, competitions, music supple ments, hints to the Clergy and to Students, appear constantly; arid the C. M. is rapidly becoming the means of intercourse among all musicians of the Church, by which it is hoped material benefit will result to all en- gaged in the cause of Church music. LL YFR TON AU GENEDLAETHOL Y DR. PARRY. Yn awr yn barod, Rhanau 1, 2, 3 a 4. Hen Nodiant, Is. y rhan. Sol-ffa, 6c. y rhan. Yn cynwys gyda'u gilydd 67 o Donau, 4 o Gor-ganau, a 5 o Anthemau. Telerau cirbenig i Goran Capelt, A phan y'u harferir fel Rhaglen Cymanfa, Gellir cael Gan' copi ac": fyny am haner pris. J 'JOSEPH,' Cantawd Ddramatig newydd a hawdd, Cyfaddas ihv pherfformio ar y Nadolig. Hen Nodiant, Is. 6c. Sol-ffa, 8c. Llyfr yn cynwys y geiriau, 2c. Cyfeirier pob archeb (gyda blaen-dal) at D. M. PARRY, Music Publisher, PENARTH, 90-143 South Wales. AMDDIFFYNIAD YR EGLWYS. DADL DOLWYDDELEN. ffela y Parch. Evan Jones, Carnaroon." GAN y Parch. R. Williams, B.A., Rheithor Dolwyddelen. Pris Ceiniog. I'w gael yn Swyddfa R. Isaac Jones (" Alltud Eifion "), dog. 4wfow 50, post free, ar dderbyiK ■■ f", NAISH DODREFN 0 BOB MATH. 0- ys* Y CWERTHWYR RHATAF YN ALL NGHAERDYDD. £ > /^QUIRING /S FURNITURE Gwneir ymdrech arbenig i roi 3 X SHOULD NOT FAIL boddhad i Brynwyr sydd w X 10 V,S,T NAISH yn preswylio allan o BROS. Gaerdydd^^ 72, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. Y BRODYR NAISH, 72, HEOL Y FRENHINES, CAERDYDD. 93-146 j THE BISHOP OF MM) Speaking recently at hi* wtirr. place,, tnid Init >inning the. inmt eminent notabiiUiev who had in:en h,:rn (if in that locality, ought to be mentioned th? eiir '>r of ■< lew KHEUMATIC ESSENCE," the well- {{! known remedy for Rheumatism, Gout, ScUiticR and Lumbago. lil ■—OUR NATION i-* now thai m ;f .i <.<>toore useless, os it is impossible for jf! tuch to strike at the. r.njt uft;tc, erU, a'ul LEWIS' RHEUMATIC ESSENCE" it rlcclnre<l to bc'the (« Only reliable vcMeiiij y*t discotiercd. It is iuti/o io coucince ertiryhod;/ through un advertisement; (u but a fair trial will be sufjiceri. to convince, even in the worst old standimj am*. (({ Of all Chemist* and Medicine Vendors tkroH;ilmnt the World it. 2 9 per Bottle: or Po*t Free from III JOHN LLOYL) LEWIS, MASRFACTURIS» CHK.MIST. AUKUAYIIOX, S.W. ||| -¡ .c:v 92-145 FOR BALLS, BANQUETS, Sec. .l;( ;<;7"¡';f; T E CLARENCE STRING BAND (As engaged to play before H.R.H. Duke of Clarence and Avondale, Marquis of Bute, and elite of the County). E. BANES, MUSICAL CATERER, 68, ADAM STREET, CARDIFF. Pianists and other Instrumentalists supplied for Evening Parties. Testimonialfrom Mr. J. tLloyd. Solicitor, Barry. "In forwarding you enclosed Cheque, I have also much pleasure in stating that your Band gave every satisfaction." 92-145 THE VERY BEST INK IN THE MARKET. FAIRS KS ,m INKS. flip CHEMICAL, NON- CORROSIVE, WRITING, COPYING, SCHOOL, MllBnP^ COLORED. FIELD'S PURE GUM. Of FARRANT & FROST, Merthyr and Aberdare, AND ALL STATIONERS. 64-89 -A_ THE BEST CLASS REGISTER PUBLISHED. SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS REGISTER from Advent to Advent, with additional space for pupils' addresses, &c., as well as other mis- cellaneous information. PRICE 2D. EACIt. Sample sent free for Two Stamps. LASERS. FARRANT AWO- F £ Q§*VPUBLISHERS, U LLAN Dfwyeog&atV' Office. SEGOND SERIES. EIGHT SERMONS AND ADRESSES DELIVERED BY THE REV. FATHER BENSON, Superior of the Society of St. John Evangelist, AT A PAROCHIAL RETREAT Held in S. David's Church, in the Parish ci Merthyr Tydfil, On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, December 11th, 12th, and 13th, 18&7. PRICE ONE SHILLING, POST FREE. Merthyr Tydfil. FARRANT ANP FROST, Liar a'r Dywysogaeth" Office. Now Ready, Price One Shilling, POBTHCAWL AS A HEALTH REL, orrn 61 fit WHERE IT IS, AND ALL ABOUT IT, WITH MAP AND ILLUSTRATIONS By Robert C. Hunter, Physician and Surgeon. May be had from the follvtciny Aberdare—Messrs. Furva t & ^rost.8- Cat)-,ti i Bridsend:—Mr. Wesley Williams, Pv,et Office Cardiff—Mr. E. Dolbin, Bookse'tar. Merth/r'Tydifl—Messru. Farratit & Fivst, 135 High-street. Neatb-Mi. -Wliittiiiqtnn. Pott OJFQFE. Pontypridd—Mr. W. F-T. Iv- F>. P',rth-I r C. r-,k <• Piinl'a-wi—Mr. Ti? -m;, t' W¡skfP ;i:$tt J.>ç'j': &e., Q(Tèrck1{Q\\i 0T—-9JL