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PRINTING of all kinds executed without delay, in the best style of the art, and at reasonable prices at the office of this paper. Church and Choir Notices, Bills and Tickets for Entertainments, &c. What the Trade Journals say of our work:— From the office of Messrs. Farrant and Frost, Printers, of Merthyr Tydfil, we have received a number of specimens of general printing (chiefly concert work) of a very super- ior character. Where so many nice things are shown, it is not easy to particularise. The bulk of the programmes and cards show several original designs, successfully carried out, and even where nothing out of the ordinary run has been attempted, the job bears the stamp of neat and excellent workmanship. Two programmes —for a volunteer and an orchestral concert- are good samples of new and attractive ideasjfor this special class of printing, aud indeed the whole collection from this house bears impress of having been produced in a well-stocked office by efficient hands."—"The London, Provincial, and Colonial Press News," April 26th, 1887. Messrs. Farrant & Frost, Printers, 135, High street, Merthyr, and 8 Canon street, Aber- dare, send samples chiefly of bazaar and pro- gramme work-all first rate. Some of the ideas are original and very happy. "-The Paper and Printing Trades Journal," December, 1887. Messrs. Farrant <§■ Frost, Merthyr Tydfil, send us the four-page announcement of a fancy fair in aid of the restoration of the Parish Church of Merthyr. Worked throughout in the style of our ancestors as regards both type and 11 y spelling, the announcement with its quaint design of an old fashioned crier who begins the text with the time honoured Oyez Oyez I I and with its chocolate-hued ink solidly impres- sed upon rough deckle-edged paper is strikingly adapted to its purpose."—" The Paper and Printing Trades Jourkial," March, 1888. Messrs. Farrant & Frost, 135, High street, Merthyr Tydfil, Very superior specimens in- deed—all tastefully done in the best style. The booklet, Marriage, is it a Failure ?" composed of extracts from the poets who think it is not a .failure, is quite a gem in its way, its material aspect being worthy of the beauty of its literary contents.- The Paper and Printing Trades Journal, June, 1889.