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(6 T\IGESTION AND INDIGESTION."— A New Work by De Quentin. Post; free 2s. 6d. "Provincial Medical Journal" Office, 6, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London. Can be ordered through any book- seller. All students of and sufferers from Indigestion should read this excellent book." A CARD.—AN IMPORTANT DISCOVERY is announced in the Paris Figaro," of a valuable remedy for nervous debility, physical exhaust- ion, and kindred complaints. The discovery was made by a missionary in Old Mexico; it saved him irorn a miserable existence and an early grave. The Rev. Joseph Holmes, Blooms- bury Mansions, Bloomsbury Square, London, W.C., wiil send the prescription, free of charge, on receipt of a self addressed envelope. Mention this paper. MUSICAL. MR. M. W. GRIFFITHS, Mus. Bac., Organ- ist and Choirmaster of the Parish Church, Dolgelley, North Wales, gives LESSONS through Post in Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, Composition, &c.; and prepares for Mnsical Examinations. MSS. Corrected and Revised. Terms very Moderate. Established 1884. Patronized by the Clergy and Nobility. BEACONSFIELD HOUSE, BALA. THOMAS TJIOMAS TiklEOr- AND DRAPER, Lady's Jacket Maker. Agent for JOHN SMITH, Royal Art Dyer and Cleaner to H.M. the Queen and T.R.H. the Prince and Princess of Wales. The HAUL, CYFAILL EGLWYSIG, Y LLAN A'R DYWYSOGAETH, and other Church Monthly Magazines supplied. FRANK SMITH & CO., CLERICAL OUTFITTERS AND CHURCH FURNISHERS In all Branches to H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES. Patterns, Designs, Estimates, and Illustrated Catalogues, Free. 13, Southampton-street, Strand, LONDON, W.C. AMDDIFFYNIAD YR EGLWYS. DADL DOLWYDDELEN. Hela y Parch. Evan Jones, Carnarvon." GAN y Parch. R. Williams, B.A., Rheithor Dolwyddelen. Pris Ceiniog. I'w gael yn Swyddfa R. Isaac Jones ("Alltud Eifion"), Tremadog. Aufonir 50, post free, ar dderbyn- iad 4s. HANESYDDIAETH BOBLOGAIDD o EGLWYS LOEG R. Yn dangos ei Tharddiad-Ei Ohynydd-d"i Gwaith dros y Bobl. BRASDDARLUN MEWN TAIR PENOD. L-Otldiar y dyddiau boreuaf hyd amseroedd 11 y Diwygiad. II.-Hanes y Diwygiad. III.—Oddiar y Diwygiad hyd ein dyddiau ni. Gan G. H. T. NYE, Ysgrifenydd Trysorfa Sefydliad Amddifynol yr Eglwys (Financial Secretary to the Church Defence Institution). The Palace, Llaudaff, March 13th, 1890. My DEAR SIR,-I am much obliged to you for a copy of your Popular Story of the Church in Wales." I have just read it, and think it a valuable and very seasonable addi- tion to Church Defence Literature, and that it would help to strengthen our hands very much if the clergy (especially in Wales) would make an effort to get it widely circulated in their parishes.—Believe me, very faithfully yours, R LLANDAFF. G. H. F. Nye. Esq., Palace Chambers, Westminster. THE ORPHANAGE OF MERCY, Randolph Gardens, Kilburn, London, N.W., Receives Destitute Orphan Girls from all parts of the United Kingdom, free of charge. rpHIS Institution has been founded for the express purpose of befriending children of the labouring class. It has already been a comfort to many dyiiig parents to have the pron.ise of admission into this home for their little ones, whom they can thenwlves fit, longer protect. In such cases the recommendation of a Clergyman alone is necessary. As the Orphanage is entirely supported by voluntary contributions, funds are earnestly solicited. Applications for Forms of Admission, and all Subscriptions and Donations, should be sent to MISS FRANCES ASH DOWN, 27, KILBURN PARK ROAD, LONDON, N.W. O. GOLDSMITH, PIANOFORTE AND ORGAN DEALER. Sole Agent for Merthyr for the celebrated COMPETITION PIANO, With Iron Framo, full Trichord, and all recent Improvements. CASH PHICE. 27 GUINEAS. Splendid Value. fample always on View. 50, Pontmorlais, Merthyr. The Bishop of LlanrJaff writei\ :_H I have just read your I Pol)tti;ii- Story of the Church in VV'ales,' and think it a valuable and very seasonable addition to Church Defence literature, and that it would help to strengthen our ban Is very much if the Cleroy (especially in Wales) would make an effort to get it widely cir- culated in their parishes." The Bishop of St. Asaph writes: I have read it with much interest. It seems to me in every way calculated to do good by distributing valuable informa- tion throughout the country." A POPULAR STORY OF THE CHURCH IN WALES, Shewing its Birth, its Progress, and its Work in the Principality. Z5 A Sketch for English Readers, in three Chapters. n I.-ITS PAST HISTORY. II.-ITS PRESENT WORK. III.-THE AGITATION FOR ITS DISESTABLISHMENT. By G. H. F. NYE. PRICE SIXPENCE. Post Free, Eight Stamps. Cloth Boards, Gold Mitre, ONE SHILLING. The Bishop of Peterborough, in commencing to all who in his diocese are interested in the cause of Church defenco Mr G. H, F. Nye's book entitled A Popular Story of the Church of England," says :—"It gives in a condensed and popular form one of the bast statements of the past history and present work of the Church with which I am acquainted. It seems to me especially suited for distribu- tion amongst our intelligent working classes, who need just such a corrective to the false and misleading statements now so industriously circulated amongst them by the enemies of our Church." Just Out. New Edition. Twenty-sixth Thousand. A POPULAR STORY OF THE IT CHURCH OF ENGLAND, Shewing its Birth, its Progress, and its Work for the People. A Sketch in Three Chapters By G. H. NYE. PR:J:CE SIXPBNCS. Post Free, Eight Stamps. Cloth Boards, Gold M itre, One Shilling. The Bound Copies make excellent Gift Books. Copies of these Popular Stories supplied in quantities for distribution at cheap rates on application to THE CHURCH DEFENCE INSTITUTION. BY ROYAL LETTERS PATENT. Pf YMOOBI WNlYf? EiGK BtOD Hfih HIKMH Gwna Poiel Chive' Cneimo<r Chive' tiu.wyn u num. c.He OLD WELSH S° V TKADE MABH. Sylwedd dwysedig o Lysiau Chwerw, Peraidd, a Pheraro^laidd. a Brag, a hopys. Cynyrcha ddiod ftasus, iachus, a dymunol. Yn meddu bias naturiol, l'iw gloew, ac ewyn ( foam) dvsglaer, cyfartal 1 unrhyw ddiod mewn potcii. Mawr ^anmolir hi gan bawb n'i prolasant. Ar werth gan Grocers a ffwerthwyr meddyginiaeth Breintebig (Patent Mrdicines). Telir cludian syniau o Uri dwsiii o botrl-, ,ic tick >U t unrhyw ursal rueilffotAt wt <9 ynydcyrnas. Anfonir potslaid tel samfle irtvv v Post- ar d "rbvn-id V'c xtm (C^L mewft Stumps. Rhoddir Telerau Cvianwerthol (Wholesale), i'r neb a'u ce'B'ant- Cyfiet,wad o SHOW CARDS a HANDBILLS i wetthwyr. Goruchuylwyi yn ei^iau y>. mhcb 'ret a phr>tref yn y Dcyrias .v\ jS ynydcyrnas. Anfonir potslaid tel samfle irtvv v Post ar d "rbvn-id 7c xtm (C^L inewn Statnps. Rhoddir Telerau Cvianwerthol (Wholesale), i'r neb a'u ceisiant. CyfteLwad o SHOW CARns a HANDBILLS i wetthwyr. Goruchuylwyi yn ei^iau y>. mhcb let,, phr>tref yn y Dcyrias jS Gyif/Hol. Darqanf; ddwr ac unig wneuthurwr. i MORGAN W. JAMES, WhotesaU^ M ■mufacturinz Chemist, i LtANElLY, SOUTH WAI.E8. TRADE MARK-FINE OLD WELSH DRINK (REGISTERED). RHYBUDD ARBENIG.—Gochelwch dwyllwyr. Gofalwch eich bod yn cael y WELSH DRINK gwirioneddol, gydag enw y Gwneuthurwr, MOR- GAN W JAMES, a'r enw cofrestredig, "Fine Old Welsh Drink," ar y n botel. Hefyd, edrychwch fod y Label priodol gyda'r cerflun Cwpan a Llaw yn argraffedig arno, dros y corcyn a gwddf y botel. AR WERTH MEWN POTELI 6c A Is YR UN. Keenk MuAtond AM le Why has it gained BLdBTjlI Q A mJF I ni rjj the best hi the worlt], 5 gold medals, Milm. llf ra W 'QJr Any housewife will SM BORWICKs BLdBTjlI Q A mJF I ni rjj Milm. llf ra W 'QJr au^trer •. Becausc^it mrmhaiifllPB SMA RA AM MMMM MIIMIIJI. MAKPA th« best mBBB& iWfffBinr i ip&w WsWM raj ing cakes and m m m WW m M M puddings.Ten Oil I I %# 1 f IMF fe 1 m»CrmustgE IFI M JHWHIRRL I fBoiiWICK'S. est pastry. and mot tempf- mBBB& iWfffBinr i ip&w WsWM raj ing cakes and m m m WW m M M puddings.Ten your grocer mBBB& iWfffBinr i ip&w WsWM raj ing cakes and m m m WW m M M puddings.Ten Oil I I %# 1 f IMF fe 1 m»CrmustgE IFI M JHWHIRRL I fBoiiWICK'S. BBMa 1 JAMES' gmto u"^lthe Gold Medal HOUSEHOLD. IS THE UUIVIT HUIUIMH ORIGINAL Black Lead. ONLY "DOME." ML-B "Dome" Black Lead Is called by the Press "THE CLEAN BLACK LEAD." .J. I::IM:P0 RT..A..N"T. Purchasers of the GOLD MEDAL "DOME" LEAD Should observe— ist.—That the word "JAMES" appears on every Label, and on the bottom of every Block. 2nd.—That the word DOME" (which is one of our Registered Trade Marks) also appea-k-, Without these precautions worthless imitations may be substituted. The DOME BLACK LEAD differs from all imitations from the fact of its having had special awards of BRONZE, SILVER, AND GOLD MEDALS, At successive International Exhibitions, for Excellence of Quality, and Cleanrumn in use. There is only one DOME Black Lead, and it is made only by the lavcotors, E. JAMES & SONS, PLYMOUTH. -O_'I'r- THE m 'VTW JKjKL* (ZUCCATO'S PATENT). y (7 RELIABLE. CLEANLY. RAPID. EASY. CHEAP. Thousands of Facsimile impressions! Ail equally good, from One Writing, and without Transfer. The ouly proved system for printing in INDELIBLE BLACK, by unskilled Labour. Repays its Cost after a few times using. Specimen and Price List forwarded on application. l' Agents for Merthyr and Aberdare- FAR r A- N- T cfe FROST, PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, and STATIONERS, Where the above may be Been. -in use.