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&c. M A BOOK NO LIBRARY SHOULD BE WITHOUT. "THE LAND OF MORGAN," BEING A CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS THE HISTORY ov m LORDSHIP OF GLAMORGAN. im GEORGE T. CLARK, ESQ., F.S.A. CONTENTS: INTRODUCTION. THE LAND OF MORGAN AND ITS CONQUERORS. THE CHIEF LORDS: EARLS ROBERT AND WILLIAM OF GLOUCESTER. THE CO-HEIRS OF THE HONOUR AND LORDSHIP, AND THE COMING IN OF THE HOUSE OF CLARE. THE EARLS OF GLOUCESTER AND HERTFORD, Ac. Messrs. DANIEL OWEN & CO. (Limited) have great pleasure in announcing that they have acquired the entire remainder stock of the above valuable and interesting work of Welsh history, on terms whieh enable them to offer it to the public at a greatly reduced price. Mr. Clark, who is one of the best-known antiquarians in the country, relates in these pages the history of the Lords of Glamorgan, from the conquest of the county an4 the settlement by Robert Fitzhamon down to the Dxtinction, in the male line, of the House of Clare, Fitz- aamon's descendants and successors. As the number of copies on sale is strictly limited, mmediate application should be made to the publishers. rhe work will not be re-printed, and is, therefore, cer- tain very speedily to become scarce. Thpse acquainted with the extravagantly high prices which books on Welsh subjects are always able to :ommand is the market will lose no time in securing :opies of The Land of Morgan at the present greatly reduced rate. 4N IMPORTANT WELSH COUNTY HISTORY, 176pp., Large Post 8vo,, BEAUTIFULLY PRINTED, AND NICELY BOUND IN CLOTH, PRICE ONLY HALF A-OROWN i Post Free, 2a. lid. ipplication for copies should be made direct to- DANIEL OWEN AND CO. (LIMITED), WESTERN MAIL BUILDINGS, CARDIFF, rho Low Sum charged for the Work rendering a Boolr- sellers, Commission impossible. DÝLAI POB CYMRO DDARLLEN Y LLYFR RHAGOROL, "Y FERCH 0 GEFN YDFA," GAN CRAIGFRYN. Pris It., neu yn ddidraul drwy y post, It. 2o. Cyhoeddectig gan Mri. Dakim Ojww *'» Gwau" (Cyfyn-odig), gwyd"r LuB. Caordydd. ■# Y mae yt nobod yn: an olr Dyfrwa rhagoraf, a rallWD 8i argymell I aftw«te dallORWY4 laD ycaiff pwrb 11 foddhaa fnddo. ftljsirtfstaimtt$tamac\jaL CHARLES'S Electric Corn and Wart Cure. A NEW and Painless Cure for Corns and Warts it contains no mineral acids, caustics, or anything injurious it has the advantage over similar preparations in being quite painless. Success is Certain! Beware of Imitations In bottles, 9Jd. and Is. ld. each, or to any Address on receipt of lid, or Is. 3d. in Stamps. TESTIMONIALS. 31, High Street, Evesham, August 9th, 1886. Sir,—I shall be obliged by your sending me another bottle of your preparation for corns (stamps Is. 3d., enclosed). I do not think a cure for corns has yet been discovered, but my wife has found your prepara- tion by far the best she has used, and she has tried many kinds.—Yours truly, JOHN S. SLATER, M.R.C.S., L.S. A. Mr. Charles. Dear Sir,—I had thirty-six warts on one hand one bottle of your Corn. and Wart Cure completely removed every one of them. Signed, J. E. THOMAS, Telegraph Messenger, Brecon Post Office. WHOLESALE AGENTS. LONDON—Barclay and Sons, 95, Farringdon Street. LIVERPOOL—D. Jones and Co., 31, Red Cross Street. RETAIL AGENTS. LONDoN-Lamplough and Co., 113, Holborn. „ Lamplough and Co., 9a, Old Broad Street. „ Whiteley, Westbourne Grove. TREDBGAR-Pegler and Co., Grocers. TREGARON-T. Jones, Chemist. LLANELLY-Randall and Sons, Grocers. SWANSEA—Taylor and Co., Grocers. MERTHYR—Gunson and Co., Grocers. NEWPORT, MON-Gunson and Co., Grocers. CARDIGAN-T. Davies, Glo'ster House. CARDIFF-Stranaghan and Stephens. PONTYPRIDD—Pegler and Co., Grocers- ABERDARE- do. do. PONTYPOOL- do. do. BRYNMAWR— do. do. EBBW V ALE- do. do. DOWLAIS— do. do. TYLORSTOWN-J. E. Jones, Grocer. FERNDALE—Pegler and Co., Grocers. CARNARVON—Evans and Hughes. NEATH-Llewellyn pond Co., Grocers. HAy-Stokoe, Chemist. ABEYSTWITH-N ayes, Grocer. MACHYNLLETH-J. M. Breeze. LIVERPOOL—Lewis and Co. DENBIGH—W. Price Jones, The Piazza, RHYL-J. T. Jones, Aled House. WREXHAM—C. and K. Benson and Co. HAVERFORDWEST—Thomas Devereux. 12 f'r-.J'rv,J'/ '.I"r,r,r' ,Vt"r' /F"r,.r-. PUBLICATIONS OF THE httrh Cicfcitce Institution. Is the Church in Wales an Alien Institution ? Reply to Mr. Stuart Rendel, M.P., by the Rev. VVF L. BEVAN, Canon of St. David's and Vicar of Hay. Price 6d. The Case for the Church in Wales. By the Rev. Canon BEVAN, Vicar of Hay; Author of "Letters to the Liberationists," "The Church in Wales.: A Reply to Mr. Henry Richard, M.P." Price 6d. The Speech of Right Hon. H. Cecil Raikes, M.F., in the House of Commons, March 9, 1886, on Mr. Dillwyn's Motion for the Disestablishment of the Church in Wales. With Appendix. Price One Penny. The Church in Wales: Reply to Mr. H. RICHARD'S Letter to the Daily News." By the Rev. Canon BEVAN. Price 3d. Gwladweinwyr Rhyddfrydig ar 1) dadgysyutiad. Is. per 100. Foblogaeth Grefyddol Lloegr. 2s. per 100. Cymdeithas Rhyddhad Crefydd a'i Chynllun Bwriadsdig- 2s. per 100. Cydraddoldeb Grefyddol. 2s. per 100. John Elias ar Eglwys Loegr. Is. per 100. A Ddylai iod Eglwys Sefydledig ? Is. per 100. Cyflwr Fresenol Fwnc y Begwm. 2s. per 100. Dadwaddoliad yr Eglwys yn ei Nodweddiad Arianol ac yn ei gysylltiad Wr Oyhoedd. lB. per 100. Ymddiddan rhwng Dau o JBlwyfolion ar Gwestiwn yr Eglwys alr Wladwriaeth. id. each. Yr hyn y mae yr Eglwys Wladol yn Gostio. 2s. per 100. Rhai o Haeriadau Anwireddus Cymdeithas y Dadgysylltiad 2s. per 100. Hid yw Eglwys Sefydledig yn un camwri ag TTmneillduwyr. Is. per 100. Byr-Hanes o'r Ymosodiad Anghyfiawn a wneir yn awr ar Eglwys Loegr, ynghyd a Thaer ApeHad am Gymorth a Chefhogaeth o Blaid Sefydliad Amddifiynol yr Eglwys. Gan W. H. F. EDGE, M.A. Price 3d. Wedi ei Rydd-gyfieithu 'r Gymraeg gan Thomas Walters, D.D., a Ficer Llansamlet. Yr Eglwys yn Nghymru. Llythyrau at Ddadgysylltwyr. By the Rev. Canon BEVAN. Price 3d. Golygiadau Mr. Gladstone ar Ddadsefydliad yn Nghymru Araith a draddodwyd yn Nhy y Cyffredin, Mai, 1870, yn y ddadl ar gynygidd Mr. Watkin Williams i Ddadsefydlu yr Eglwys yn Nghymru Price Id., or 6s. per 100. Y Gwir am yr Eglwys. Darlih a draddodwyd yn Llanelli, Mawrth 16eg, 1836. By Rev. THOMAS MOORE. Price Id., 6s per 100. Crefydd Wladwriaethol alr Eglwys yn Nghymru. Anerchiad draddodwyd gan DDEON BANGOR yn y Guild Hall, Caernarfon, dydd Ian Rhagfyr 20fed, 1883 Price One Penny, 6s. per 100. Araith Arglwydd Selborne ar yr Eglwys yn Nghymru. Ceiniog yr un, neu chwe' swllt y cant. Ffeithiau am yr Eglwys yn Nghymru. Gan W. E. GLADSTONE. Chwe'cheiniog y cant, neu bum' swllt y fil. THE CHURCH DEFENCE INSTITUTIOIN 9, BRIDGE STREET, WESTMINSTER.. Argrafiwyd a Chyhoeddwyd gan Mri. DANIEL OWEli & Co, (Limited), Western Mail Buildings Mary Street, Caerdydd Ebrill 26, 1889,