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CHARLES'S Fleetric Corn and Wart Cúre. A New and Painless Cure for Corns and Warta; it eor,tains no mineral acids, caustics, or anything injurious; it has the advantage over similar pre- parations in being quite painless. Success is Certain I Beware of Imitations In bottles, 9id. and la. lid. each, or to any Address on receipt of lid, or Is. 3d. in Stamps. TESTIMONIALS. 14, Mary Ann Street, Dowlais, August 28th, 1886. air. unaries, Sir,—Please forward me another two bottles of your valuable Corn Solvent. The bottle that I received of you has done excellent work on a very largo and nasty soft corn of mine. I enclose 2s. 6d. in stamps for same.—Yours faithfully, J. DAVIES. Rhosyncooh, Mydrim, St. Clears, Carmarthen. Sir,-Please send me a bottle of Corn and Wayt, Cure. I enclose you 15 stamps for the same. What I have already used has done wonderful good. -Yours truly, SABAH PHILLIPS. 31, High Street, Evesham, August 9th, 1886. .iir,-I shall be obliged by your sending me another fcctfcte of your preparation for corns (stamps Is. 3d., enclosed). I do not think a cure for corns has yet been discovered, tut my wife has found your pre- paration by far the best she has used, and she has tried many kinds.—Yours truly, JOHN S. SLATEB, M.R.C.S., L.S.A, Mr. Charles. Tylorstownt Pontypridd, 1—11—86. Dear Mr. Charles,—Please to send me one bottle more of your -1 Corn Cure." My friends speak highly of the benefit they have had by using it.— Faithfully yours, P. H. HUGHES, Congregational Minister. Llanfarthen Rectory, Valley, Anglesey, July 26th, 1887. Daar Sir,—I have every reason to be well satisfied with your Corn Cure.—Yours truly, THOS. JONES WILLIAMS. To Mr. Charles, Chemist, Brecon. 3, Oakbank, Birkenhead, 24-7-87. Dear Sir,—It is with pleasure I can add my jtessimony to the invaluable remedy offered to those who suffer from Corns in your Electrio Corn Cure," which gave me relief within one week after suffering ftcuieiy for more than three months, having tried many other supposed remedies during that period. ™Youra truly, J. B. FLETCHER, Drat Sir,—I had thirty-six warts on one hand; one bottle of your Corn and Wart ure completely teiuo vad every one of them. Signed, J. E. THOMAS, Telegraph Messenger, Brecon Post Office. Sent by Post for lid. or 15d. in Stamps. 49, Reporton Road, London; Sir.,—Will you kindly send me a Is. lid. bottle of yo Corn Eradicator per return, for which I enclose order and stamps. I had some given me by a friend, and I find it invaluable; can you also let me inow where I can procure it in London; I have tri? cl several places, but without success, JAS. ELLIOTT. j Sent by Post for lid. or 15d. in Stamps. EXTRACTS FBOM Western Mail. j I have just had a call from one of your contri- te; who rejoices in 'the nom cle plume of 'Ap He wishes to confer a benefit upon his lr-,i has sought my aid in the praiseworthy £ c~- vvouc. In writing of his pilgrimage to our Lady of Llanthony, he complained of the penance I fj a bad corn which refused to be comforted. Considerate readers, half-a-dozen in number, sent bÜn specifics which were, it was said, certain to cure. He gratefully accepted them, and proceeded to « trial of a fluid from a Mr. Charles, Brecon. II ■ the preparation for three days and got rid f f tronb10. Shades of Holloway and Beeohara HCU2¿i a. testimonial of the right grit. I can believe ths e»tion, because the individual in question t-Sf d to come up the editorial stairs as if he were going to a funeral, suffering the while a gouty attack in the left toe: to-day he came steaming up the stairr, like a 40-horse power engine, at the rate of & 01 steps to the second. I need not add that a genuine testimonial, and that there is no Jee?ption f1 Sent by Post for lid. or lSd. in Stamps. H Mr. Charles Williams, your war correspondent; relates in press circles in London a joke which sets the table in a roar.' When he reached Korti on his return journey he found there a, curious packet at the post-office awaiting him. On opening it he discovered it tc contain a mixture of corn solvent, addressed to him by a chemist at Brecon. This patriotic Cambrian medico had enolosed a note with the corn solvent stating that he had read his war i oiee in the Western Mail with very great interest; that, he concluded, taking into considera- ITL £ e long journeys he had made in the desert, he must have by that time, not bells' on his toes; but something far more disagreeable, viz., corns. Brecon, he stated, knew no corns since the dis- covery of the Brecon Solvent. Afaerhondduans could leap without wincing, and dance without tegret, for their corns had all disappeared." Wholesale of BARCLAY & SONS, 95, Farriagclon Street, London. Sold, retail by LAMPLOUGH & Co., 113, Holborn, and 9a, Old Broad Street, London, E.C.-Price, 9d. and 13 jd., or sent by Post direot from the Proprietor for lid. or 15d. in stamps, R. E. CHARLES, Manu- iaeturing Chemist, Brecon. Sent by Post for lid. or 15d. in Stamps, or may he ordered through any chemist, but do not be persudtfei to take anything else instead