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A MISER'S HOARD.- An old woman, named Jane Douglas, died at St. Helier's, Jersey, a month ago, leaving her landlord, Mr. Bown, to take charge of all she had, as she possessed no relatives. She resided in a mean house in Byron-road, Lon- don, and was presumed to be, and put on the ap- pearance of being, very destitute. She was visited by a great many ladies, who supplied what they deemed her pressing wants. Mr. Bown did not take any trouble about the deceased's goods after she was dead until a few days ago a report was set a,float that she had left a pood sum of money. Thereupon he made an examination of the house, but succeeding in finding only the sum of £4 10s. There were, however, five or six boxes, apparently filled with wearing apparel, and examination proved such to be the case. On their being turned out, the following, among other articles, were discov- ered Fifty-six silk and stuff dresses, 30 shawls, 108 nightdresses, 127 chemies, 29 flaBnel petticoats, 48 towels, 108 pocket-handkerchiefs, 84 pairs of stockings, a quantity of print dresses not made up, 42 ties and neckerchiefs, 60 nightcaps, 24 skirts, 24 aprons, and 23 dress jackets. Many of the ar- ticles were quitf new. In addition to these were found three canisters and a small chest of tea, a keg and a bag of sugar, and various other articles of food. Mr. Bown distributed the wearing ap- parel among some poor persons and the ragged schools of the town. POTATO DISEASE IN WEST CORNWALL.—The late rains have increased the disease in the potato to a serious extent. Great are the complaints on all sides. In some cases more than half the pota- toes are so diseased as to be entirely useless. This is a sad calamity to the Wr of the West, especially while depression in mining is being so severely felt. SINGULAR CASE OF DROWNJNG AND COWARDLY CONDC" OF LooKFRS-ON.-A yotiii, woman named Jane Elizabeth Brown, wife of the master of Charles- street Ragged Schools, Drury-lane, London, was drowned at Littlehampton, on Saturday. She was bathing in the sea lIear a groyne, and was talking to a friend when the water suddenly carried her on her feet and washed her over the groyne from the east to the west side of it. Her friend screamed for assistants, and six men were standing on tha green by the side of the road, but made no effort to save the poor creature. FROM A COTTAGE TO A THRONE.—The Empress of Morocco is a native of Chaley, near Dole, in France, where she was born on the 20th Novell ber, 1820, in a poor thatched cottage. Her name was Virginie Lanternier. She went with her parents in 1834 to Algeria, and the whole family were taken prisoners by the Morroccans. Her father was killed, and her mo her died a shoit time afterwards. The captors, dazzled by the great beauty of Virginie, spared her, and by a con- currence of romantic circumstances the Emperor's son fell in love with her and made her his wife. The Empress has since sought out and brought her three sisters to the Morrocan Cuurt, to which they are now attached. DEVASTATION BY LIGHTNING.—A storm a few days back broke over the Cote d'Or, France, and committed sad havoc in that department. The lightning set buildings on fire at five different points: at Persigny, Auxvillars, Votdenay, Pouilly- sur-Soane, and Brazay. A granary, a barn, and six houses were consumed. DYING OF THIRsT.-Strange to say, while water has been so abundant all over the country, there is one little spot where people have been dying of thirst. It is said that in the Lachlan back coun- try bodies and skeletons of persons who have perished from want of water are being continually found. It is also related that one man offered a pound note for half a pint of water, and having got it and swallowed, offered X20 for a full pint, so great, was his thirst. This may be an exaggeration, but still the story passes muster and is generally believed. The tract of country alluded to is the only portion of the colony where the rain has not fallen in large quantities.—Sydney Herald, May 23rd.





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