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LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. The Mayor informed the Board that in the ab- sence of the Town Clerk, he could not prodtWB the report which was intended to have been done. Dr. Lucas said that he could not see why a re- port should hot be produced on the first Monday in every month, stating what progress was made in the New Waterworks. There certainly had been a committee appointed for the purpose of seeing into matters, but a written report should have been produced. continually, and the Board would, at any time, be able to refer to them. Al- though the committee had been appointed, they were only part and parcel of that Board, and no- thing should be kept back from the public. Mr. Trew said that it was not too late to begin then, and he begged to move that a report of the progress be produced at every monthly meeting. Mr. Walton said that as a member of that com- mittee, he begged to second the motion the com- 11 mittee were placed in precisely the same difficulty. The Mayor said that he was quite willing to take any amount of censure in pait with the other members. Mr. Morris said that if Doctor Lucas had at- tended the committee meetings he would know f better, but if Doctor Lucas had been a member of that Board for so long a time as he (Mr. Morris) had, he was sure that the matter would have a dif- ferent impression upon him. He (Mr. Morris) was a very old member of that Board, and fiom his long experience he could say that there was a great amount of business belonging to it that requited to be done in committee, and should not go before the public. Doctor Lucas said that the committee should report their proceedings at every meeting of the Board. Many committee meetings were held for the purpose of shunning the public, and he con- sidered that they had as much right as any mem- ber of that Board'to know how matters were con- ducted. Some further conversation took place on this subject, and the matter dropped. In reply to the Board, Mr. Isaac Davies said that the water was in the one filtering bed of the New Waterworks, and as soon as the soil was set in the other and the reservoir, the water would be turned on for Lhe town generally. Mr. De Winton said that there was an expen- sive piece of public wotk going on, and the public had a perfect right to know what amount of m'>ney had been expended in the concern. Mr. Walton said that the Board should receive a report and statement of account everv month, stating what amount of work was done it would not be long before the whole woik would be com- pleted, and the public should know what progress had been made. Theie was a bill of extras which had been produced to the Board without any ex- planation whatever, he could noc understand what any bill of extras should be introduced before the work had been completed. The Mayor said that the bill of extras had not been noticed any further than when it was put in, and they had the particulars put down at the time, f but it was not noticed further than the committee considered the claim rather premature. Some conversation took place concerning the drainage in Llanfaes, and the meetings were ad- journed until that day fortnight.