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BRECONSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. These Sessions commenced on Tuesday last, at the Shire Hall, when the following gentlemen were present -Rev. Hugh BlIld, Chairman Col. Pearce, K.H., John Lloyd, Esq., Rev. C. Griffith, Martyn J. Roberts, Mordecai Jones, Esq., Lewis Hughes, Esq., Capt. P. Lloyd, Evan Jones Davies, Esq:, H. P. Price, Esq., Thomas Davies, Esq., Dr. J. Williams, John Lloyd, jun., Esq., Charles Alexander Wood, Esq., and W. Woosnam, Esq. The following Reports were read and passed :— CHIEF CONSTABLE'S REPOHT. Chief Constable's Office, Brecon, July 2nd, 1867. To Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace, for the County of Bre- con, in Quarter Sessions assembled. Gentlemc-n, -1 have the honour to report that your Police Force, on this date,1 is one below its authorised strength, viz.— a third class constable. With that exception no other vacancy has occurred during this quarter. Since my last report 183 persons havebecllapprehended, and were disposed of as follows :—Committed for trial, 13 sum- marily convicted, 95; discharged, 25 total, 133. 36 offences against the Licensed Victuallers' and Beef Acts have been dealt with:—Convicted, 34; dismissed, 2; total, 36. The number of vagrants relieved by the police for the last three months amounts to 316, showing a slight increase to the corresponding' quarter last year. I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your obedient and faithful servant, EDMUND R. GWYNNE, Chief Constable of Breconshire. VISITING JUSTICES AND FINANCE COMMITTEE'S REPORT. To Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Bre- con, assembled at the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held on the second day of July, 1867. The'Visiting Justices and the-Finance Committee beg to re- port that they met at the Shire-hall on Tuesday, the '25th day of June last, when they examined the Treasurer's account for the past quarter, as well as the various bills a.nd demands upon the county,- of which they have passed and allowed (subject to the confirmation of the same by the Court) claims amounting to £ 851 10s. 5d. These may be summarized as follows £ s. d. Salaries of the county officers 236 18 0 ■Repairs of county bridges 159 6 3 The County Roads Board and quarter's contract for h repair of roadways 66 16 3 -Gaol expenses 209 16 8 'Inspection of weights and measures 11 19 2 Repairs of police stations 23 16 5 Coroner's disbursements 42 13 2 Various other miscellaneous items 100 4 6 £ 851 10 5 The Committee recommend that these may be ordered to be paid. There were other claims submitted to the Committee by persons for duties performed in connection with the Cattle Diseases Prevention Act, some of which the Committee have allowed, and the othersthey have deferred for the,conSideration of the Court. They have also examined the probable statement of account for the ensuing- quarter, and recommended that a rate of one penny in the pound be ordered at this Sessions, which they estimate will be sufficient to meet the requirements of the next quarter. _CIIARLES GRIFFITHS, V.M. "WM. DE WINTON, V.M. HOWELL PRICI, V.M.