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EPITOME OF NEWS, BRITISH AND FOREIGN. A splendid new screw steam-yacht, the Sea Horse, has just arrived in Southampton Water, belonging to the Earl of Cardigan. It was built on the Clyde, and cost 12,0002. Ninety-six sheep, belonging to Mr. Burrough, of Douyatt Park Farm, near Chard, were recently hunted by three dogs into a hole, and died of suffocation. They were worth 300Z. The Commerce of Galveston, Texas, it is estimated, will reach 80,000,000 dols. this year. "The types made some funny reports of the an- niversary meetings. One of our city papers printed Dr. Beecher's name Dr. Buchu; and the sentence, 'The song of the Redeemer shall be heard throughout the land,'was made to read, I The song of the red man,' &c.—Boston paper. A wealthy citizen of Berlin has applied to the municipality of that town for a site on which to erect a statue of Francis Drake, as the introducer of the potato into Europe, and offers to subscribe 15,000 thalers (2,2501 ) towards the statue. The trial of Berezowski will be held at the Seine Assizes, on the 12th July. "Some of the leading volunteer officers are anxious to have a review of their force by the Sultan in Hyde Park. They say they can bring 80,000 men into the park, if the War Office pays 10,0001. to cover the cost of the arrange- mentf;Army and Navy Gazette. The Russian journal The Voice states that the Em- peror Napoleon, on taking leave of the Czar expressed a wish in favour of a general European disarmament. The same journal advocates the establishment of a permanent Amphictyonic Council, to which all serious disputes between the governments of Europe should be referred for decision. His Highness the Prince Imperial paid a visit to the Universal Exhibition in Paris, on Monday. During the two hours of the Prince's visit an enormous crowd constantly fallowed his footsteps. Under the heading Paris, June 24, the Moniteur says The Emperor and the Empress received in the course of the day his Royal Highness Prince Arthur of Great Britain and Ireland and his Excellency Earl Cowley, am- bassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of England and Ireland. The Prince was accompanied by two of his officers." A bronze money chest has lately been discovered in the excavations at Pompeii. The figures which are carved in bas-relief on the sides and lid are said to be of extraordi- nary beauty. A Providence (Rhode Island) writer has been visit- ing Chicago, and he gives it a bad character. He says that there the tailors' children go ragged, shoemakers' children barefoot, and though it is the greatest cattle market in the country, Chicago has the meanest beef. A volunteer, named Brett, who bad come from Bristol to attend the recent meeting of the ltifle Association in Edinburgh, was one day last week accidentally killed by the discharge of his own rifle. The Emperor of Austria has amneeted all persons guilty of political offences between March 13 and the amnesty granted on the 15th of December, 1866. "In consideration of his distinguished public services, Aristarchi Bey, ex-Governor of Sainos, now a member of the Grand Council, has received the title of Prince.' This distinction is the first, and as yet only one, of its kind in the Turkish official hierarchy, into the nomenclature of which the new title has been specially adopted for the occasion." -Levant Herald. The reports of the crops from Ireland are extremely promising. Hay is an abundant yield. The potatoes will be later than usual, but the weather leads to expectations of a large return and freedom from disease. Oats have suffered, and will be in many districts the single deficient crop. Wheat looks well, but there is not much ground under it. The green crops in Tipperary and generally throughout Munster are luxuriant. The great prize of four thousand pounds, open at the Paris Exhibition to the competition of institutions, public or private, created with a view to improve the physi- cal or moral condition of the working classes, remains unawarded. Smaller prizes have been awarded to Russia, Holland, Italy, and Spain. France gets nothing, nor does Germany—for political, among other reasons, the French papers say. England, when the prize was announced, did not compete. There is some stir among the Irish judges, says a correspondent, with respect to a question of patronage raised by a clause sought to be introduced by the three chief judges into the Law Courts Officers Bill. The object of the clause being to confine to the Lord Chief Justice (Whiteside) and the two other chief judges (Monahan and Pigot) the exclusive right of appointing the officers conneated with the courts, the puisne judges have had a meeting at the four courts, and have unanimously adopted a resolution protesting against the insertion of any such clause in the bill. A mysterious poisoning case is reported from Bever- ley, in Yorkshire. A youth of sixteen, who lodged with his father, a widower, at the house of a shopkeeper, named Nixon, was taken ill and was nursed by one of Mr. Nixon's nieces. to the course of a few days he died, and, poison being suspected, his body was opened, when it was found that he had been killed by repeated doses of tartar emetic. As to the person who administered the poison there is at present no clue whatever. The lad would have been entitled, when he came of age, to 1,5001., which sum will now go to an uncle at York. The Tennessee papers tell a story of the exploits of a negro who a short time since found a bag of gold in a hollow log. He converted his gold into five-twenties and had over 4,000 dols. He went to New Orleans, worked in a barber's shop, studied evenings, acquired a good knowledge of English and French, and in March last went to Europe as the attendant of an ex-Confederate general, and now turns up as the proprietor of a first-class American restaurant in the Paris Exposition. A farmer in the province of Limburg has hit upon a curious way of deriving profit from horseflesh. He keeps some 2,000 fowls, which are the fattest in the country, owing to the way in which he feeda them. Every week he buys two or three dead horses, which he outs up and boils. The troth is given to his pigs, and they seem to enjoy this novel soup very well, and thrive admirably upon it. The meat that has been used for the broth is hashed and given to the fowls, and what remains of the horses' carcase is sold to the sugar- refiners, who convert it iato lamp-black. The eggs of the fowls he sends over to England, realising six centimes a-piece for tfcera, and the fowls go the Name way when they have done laying eggs. One clothing firm in Boston did a business of over 2,000,000 dols. last year. Among the fHes to be given on the occasion of the visit of the Sultan to Paris is a grand review, to take place at the camp of Chalons. It is said that the sovereign of Tur- key will spend a day at Corsica on his way to France. Much enthusiasm is evinced in the Army at the prospect of the grand review her Majesty has proposed to witness in person in Hyde Park next month. Miss Burdett Coutts has signified her intention to subscribe 100Z. towards building a new quay and enlarging the harbour for the fishermen and pilots at Mousehole. Neither of the English Archbishops voted on Mon- day night in the division on Lord Russell's motion on the Irish Churels. The Archbishop of Dublin voted against the latter clause, which was struck out, as did the Bishops of Bangor, Cork, 4w., Down, &c., Gloucester and Bristol, Lincoln, Llandaff, and Ossory, &c. Thus, only two English and two Welsh prelates took sides in the division. An European congress of veterinary surgeons will be held at Eurich from the 2nd to the 8th of September, 1867. The cattle plague will be the principal subject of discussion." British Medical Journal. An English Volunteer has signed for two years as a Zouave in the Papal service. Of course he will lose pay and promotion in the English volunteer army during the time, and be forgotten when he returns with his honours thick upon him. It has been arranged that the Lord Mayor of London, the Sheriffs, and the Under-Sheriffs, shall pay a State visit to Paris. They will leave London on the 29th inst., so as to reach the French capital on the 1st proximo. The Duke of St. Albans has sent 501, to the Mayor of Nottingham to be expended in treating the poor of the borough, as a recognition of the kind feeling expressed towards himself and the Duchess on the occasion of his marriage. The Czar has presented to Count Bismarck the order of St. Andrew, and to General von Roon the order of Alexandernewski, both set in diamonds. The first annual meeting of the Irish Rifle Associa- tion, for match shooting, commenced at Dublin on Monday. The competitors included several English volunteers and officers in the army. The shooting was considered good, even at the long ranges. The Bishop of Durham has removed the name of the Hon. and Rev. Francis Grey, Rector of Morpeth, from the list of rural deans in his diocese, because he expressed approval of the Bishop of Salisbury's charge. Some days ago he inhibited Dr. Morrell, the Coadjutor Bishop of Edin- burgh, from preaching in his diocese because he used an invocation of the Trinity instead of a collect before his sermon at St. Oswald's Church.Pall Hall Gazette. M. Thiers greatly enraged M. Rouber the other day, in the Salle des Pas Perdus, He said, "Napoleon III. may certainly boast of having brought out two great statesmen." M. Rouber was delighted; he was one, and M. Billault the other. But M. Thiers drily went on, "Bismarck and Cavour." It is reported that a farmer near Erie, Pa, bought several barrels of spoiled sausages for the purpose of using them as manure, and put a link into each hill of corn Before the next day, every dog that lived in a radius of four or five miles of the field had been there digging sausages. The corn came up a little quicker than the farmer antici- pated or wished! Mr. George Cruikshank has just completed for Dr. Sheridan Muspratt a picture called "Mother's Love." The tale that gave the idea to Mr. Cruikshank appeared in Black- wood's Magazine more than forty years ago. It was from the pen of Professor Wilson, and was published under the title of Hannah Lamond's Bairn." Intelligence was received in Liverpool, on Monday, to the effect that the ship Star of the Teign, had been burnt at sea on the 12th of April, in lat. 21 S., Ion. 30. The Star of the' Teign left Liverpool on the 14th February for Guayaquil. The crew was taken off by the Satellite, bound for Callao, but subsequently transferred to the Nicholas Prousseu, and landed at Buenos Ayres on the 6th ef May. Prince and Princess Christian are about to make a trip to Schleswig-Holstein via Brussels and Berlin, in order to visit the Prince's father, the Grand Duke. Their Royal Highnesses will remain abroad for about two months. A former slave of a destitute lady in Baltimore has given his mistress a comfortable home. An immense peach crop is expected in Delaware- perhaps 2,000,000 of baskets. In New York twenty drinking fountains are to be erected by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ani- mals. They are of iron, ornamentally designed in three departments—the upper for the public, the middle one for horses, and the lower one for dogs. It is reported that four heavy failures have occurred in Chicago, owing to the decline in corn. The Emperor Napoleon has presented the Viiiver- sity at South Bend, Indiana, with a splendid telescope, valued at 25,000f. It bears the inscription in French:- "Presented by his Imperial Majesty Napoleon III. to the Catholic University of Notre Dame du Lec, Indiana, United States." The Archbishop of York has laid before the House of Lords a bill striking a blow at pew-rents. It provides per- mission and authority for the legal surrender to the Eccle- siastical Commissioners of all rights in pews in district churches where persons are so disposed, so that in future they may-be subject as pews of ancient parish churches. Mr. Wm. Henry Whitbread, of Soutbill-park, Bed- fordshire, died last Friday. The lamented gentleman was in his 73rd year. Queen Mary of Hanover ha.s received peremptory directions from her Ro, al husband to remain on the soil of his former kingdom until sent away by the Prussians. Last week an alarming accident occurred at Copley- hill Junction on the main line of the Great Northern Rail- way Company, Leeds. The engine of a goods train ran off the line, and fell down an almost perpendicular embank- ment thirty feet in depth, dragging eight or nine trucks after it. The driver and firemen were thrown from the engine and so seriously injured that their lives are despaired of. A contemporary, summing the income of Mdlle. Nilsson from various sources, says, "I suppose Mdlle. Christine Nilsson's income whilst in England will be at least 1.200Z. a month, which is half as much again as the Lord Chancellor gets, and three times the income of a puisne judge." An alarming accident occurred a few days back in the Casino, at Marseilles. Two American gymnast's (brothers) named Howard, were going through their performance, hang- ing by their hands to a ladder fixed horizontally near the ceiling, when one of them made a spring, with the intention of clasping the other round the body, but missed his grasp, and fell from an immense height into the orchestra. Although seriously bruised, none of his bones were broken, and he is said to be out ot danger. The clothes of the gentleman whose melancholy death by drowning in a boat off Spithead was reported last week have been identified by his mother, a French lady, named De Bas. It appears that the deceased only arrived at Southsea on the day prior to his death. He left his lodgings at an early hour, tell ng the landlady that he was going to bathe. Up to Sunday afternoon the body had not been picked up, and a reward of 10Z. has been offered for its recovery. An anonymous donor has just forwarded a sum of 16,000f. to M. Asselin, Mayor of Douai, for the foundation of some charitable work at that gentleman's choice. The mayor has decided on investing the money in rente, and applying the interest to the relief of needy families, and giving savings-banks books, with a first deposit, to deserving pupils in the municipal schools. Mr. Read, in the House of Commons, on Monday night, wanted to know why it is unlawful for carters in the country to drive waggons with reins from their carts, whilst it is lawful for carters in London to do so. Mr. Hardy re- plied that such is the state of the law on the subject, but could not explain to Mr. Read why such an absurd law ia suffered to exist. The Minister of Agriculture has addressed a very clever circular to the mayors of France, enjoining them to punish severely all persons caught in the act of netting, trapping, &c., small birds, whose valuable services as destroyers of insects he sets forth, demonstrating by statistics the utility of these humble members of the feathery genus. A salmcn, weighing over 561bs., was taken in a net on the 14th inst., in the Wye, about four miles below Here- ford. A fish of this great weight has never before been taken in that river withiillliving memory. The president, secretary, and other officials of the Operative Tailors Society were brought up at Marlborough- street police-court, in London, on Monday, to answer a charge of conspiring to prevent the master tailors from ob- taining workmen. The chief allegations against the defen- dants were that they had established pickets, and had inter- fered with workpeople employed by certain masters. After hearing a good deal of evidence, the magistrate committed the defendants for trial. The president and the secretary were ordered to find bail. The others were allowed to'go at large on their own recognisances. Mr. JefEerson Davis was lately serenaded at Niagara. He expressed his thanks in the following speech :—" Gentle- men, I thank you sincerely for the honour you have this evening shown me. It shows that true British manhood to which misfortune is always attractive. May peace and pros- perity be for ever the blessing of Canada, for she has been the asylum of many of mv friends, as she is now an asylum for myself. I hope that Canada may for ever remain a part of the British Empire and may God bless you all, and the British flag never cease to wave over you." At the Maidstone police-court, on Monday, Henry Roots, a labourer, was charged on suspicion with having caused the death of a woman unknown, whose body was found in a wood near Stoney Bridge, in Trotterscliffe parish, a short time ago. Evidence was taken at great length, showing that the prisoner was on the road near to the woman, that he went up to her, and that a struggle had taken place near to where the body had been fownd, and some hair similar in colour to the prisoner's had been found at the spot. The evidence, however, was not at all con- clusive as to the guilt of the prisoner, and he was discharged the magistrates remarking that the paliOll had only dona tfceix d*ty in taking tefe COJWM they had d«*a. Cardinal Cullen has passed through London on Ida way to Rome. He intends returning to Ireland not late than the middle of August. The Duke of Devonshire has given an invitation te the Belgian riflemen to visit Chatsworth. Her Majesty's ship Galatea, having Prince Alfred on board, finally left Gibraltar on the 11th instant, on a cruise round the world, and will be absent from England a year. Sir Morgan George Crofton, Bart., was found dead in his bed at his residence at Leamington, on Monday morning. The deceased was the third baronet. He was born in 1788, and was, consequently, 79 years old. He is succeeded by his son, Denis, who was born in 1819. At Bennington, Vermont, recently, there was a trial of speed between a walker and a fast horse of that place, in which a man was to walk a quarter of a mile in less time than the horse trotted one-half a mile. The first heat waa won by the horse, but the man took the next two with case in 1. 23 and 1. 55 It is said that the rejection of the lodger franchise will be moved in the Lords, and that a majority against the clause is expected. The marriage of Prince Paul Demidoff with the Princess Mestcherski has just taken place at Paris, at the Russian Church, with great pomp. The young lady, it is known, had been greatly admired by the Grand Duke, heir to the throne of Russia, before his marriage with the Princess Dagmar, and it is the Emperor Alexander himself, report says, who brought about this union bet ween Prince Demidoff and the Princess. There are eight theatres in New York, and the Tribune says: It is, we think, rather a remarkable fact that at the present time, in the city of New York, there is not a single dramatic performance given which a person of taste and culture can witness with entire satisfaction." The first Catholic convent in Western Massachusetts is being erected at Chicopee. A new fashion has sprung up in Paris. The ladies are taking to drink bitter beer, and they are in raptures about it. To drink pale ale is chic. It is quite the mode now at a refreshment-stall to ask a lady whether she will take a glass of beer or an ice. Beer, monsieur, beer. It is so good, and it is so chic to driuk it." They will alter their minds in London, where it is not chic but nux vomica. A school teacher in a Texas town was grossly insulted by a man, who told her, at the same time, that it she had any friends to avenge the insult she could send them to him. The lady replied that she was able to protect her- self, and, drawing a pistol, shot the man, killing him on the spot. The forgery of bank notes is developing into a trade. London forms the head-quarters of these commercial banditti, and they forge in turn the notes of nearly every country in Europe. They are photographed, and the photography is so perfect that the most practised bank clerk can only discover the fact by a close examination of the paper. This is the weak point of forged notes. As there is only one bank note paper factory in England, it is impossible to get an exact fac-simile of the real article. The other morning, while a railway parcels' van was proceeding along Moorgate-street, in London, a packet of copper rifled pistol cartridges fell out on the street, and several exploded with a loud report, which caused great con- sternation in the neighbourhood. No one was hurt. It is said that the Czar gave 2,0001. to the servants of the ElysCe, in Paris. We regret to state that it has been deemed advisa- ble to postpone for another week the removal of H.R.H. the Princess of Wales to the country, or even the taking of car- riage exercise. This is. happily, not on account of any relapse, but from the difficulty of arranging any apparatus which will prove secure against the danger of a renewal of the inflammation. "-Globe,. A man named Stovey is now living at Milborne Port, near Sherborne, in Dorsetshire, wla, fought at the battle of Waterloo). He is seventy-seven years of age, has had three wives and ten children by each wife. All the children are alive. Stovey's birthday is the 18th of June, Waterloo day. The present intended to be presented to the Empress of the French by the Sultan is a magnificent set of Turkish coffee cups mounted in diamonds of L,000 carats weight. For the Emperor, there are eight beautiful Arab horses. An accident of a most lamentable and heartrending nature took place on Monday, in Liverpool, at the brewery of Air. Lane, Oriel-street. It appears that one of the men named William Carr was engaged at a large mash-tub con- taining boiling hot liquor some five or six feet in depth, when he lost his balance and fell into the scalding liquid. His fellow-workmen hastened to his assistance, and after considerable exertion got him out, but he was so frightfully scalded that he expired shortly after the occurrence. In the new Criminal Act which has justbeen printed, an important amendment has been made in respect to jurors in civil and criminal proceedings. Hitherto only wit- nesses were allowed to make a declaration who, on religious scruples, objected to take an oath, but this is now extended to all jurors in civil and criminal proceedings. The law was amended at the instance of the Recorder of London. There are no female jurors, but the statute declares that such per- son may be permitted "to make his or her" solemn affirma- tion. A sad boating accident has occurred in Kerry. Captain Townsend Blennerhassett, of Killoi-gliii, his ivife, and some of the young members of his family, were cru aiig in a sailboat on the river Luane, when a seaman named CorteUoe fell overboard, and being unable to swim, sank. Captain Blennerhassett plunged in after him, and diving brought him up, and struggled powerfully to sustain him. The lather ol Cortelloe, however, who was steering, in his Agitation at the scene, allowed the yacht to drift away. The two dro wuiag men rose and sank several times and eventually some fishing boats coming up succeeded in taking on board the body of Captain Blennerhassett, but he was found to be dead. The seaman's body has not been recovered.