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BOARD OF HEALTH AND TOWN COUNCIL MEETING. The above meetings were held at the Council Chambers, in the Town Hall, on Tuesday last, when the following members were present :John Davies, Esq., mayor, in the chair. Alderman-D. Thomas, Esq. Councillors-Dr. Lucas, Messrs. J. Morris, John Griffiths, and Alfred A. Walton. S. B. Evans, Esq., town clerk. The Mayor introduced the subject of the postal and railway arrangements, and said that Mr. Tho- mas (who had not yet entered the room) had a pro- position to bring before them at the suggestion of Mr. Alexander Wood. Mr. Wood, a Vice-Chair-1 man of the Great Western Railway^ had consider- able influence at Paddington, and anything Mr. Wood could do for the town of Brecon, as to their postal arrangements particularly, he said he would be glad to do. His (the Mayor's) opinion as to the early arrival of their mails, was that they were pretty well off. Dr. Lucas Very well off! The Mayor said that he should like to see the time for despatching the London mail bags ex- tended, say to five or half-past. It would be an advantage. Dr. Lucas said that they could post at present without an extra. stamp up to quarter past four. The Mayor said that they had the Hereford train leaving at 5-30 if they got up to five o'clock for posting it would be an advantage. They were more limited as to their postal arrangements than any town in the Principality at Cardiff and Swansea they had up to a much later hour at Carmarthen the London letters were delivered an hour earlier. They were indebted to the Mid- Wales Railway for the recent extension of time for despatch up to five o'clock. Mr. Griffiths stated that after the departure of the Mid-Wales train at five o'clock he had sent letters by the guard of the 5-30 Hereford train, who upon his arrival there posted them in time for the London mail. He thought that the 5-30 He- reford train would give them better postal commu- nitation to London and the West of England, by means of the train leaving Hereford for Gloster at a quarter to nine o'clock. Mr. Morris said that it would injure their com- munication with Crickhowell and other places. Mr. Griffiiths stated that he was told. about 12 months ago that arrangements could be made for having the mail bags forwarded by the early goods train which left Hereford about five or half-past, and arrive here about quarter-past seven. The Mayor said Mr. Wood was anxious to give them a day mail which, leaving Brecon, at half- past six, would catch the first train leaving Here- ford, and arrive in London at half-past two; The Town Clerk observed that that was very important, as their letters would then be delivered in London in time for business. The Mayor said that he was glad that Mr. Wood was anxious to serve their interests. He (the Mayor) thought they were rather behind hand with their mail carts running on their roads. He con- sidered better communication with Bristol and the West of England of great importance. Mr. Griffiths observed that Gloucester was a great postal centre between the north and south, and by getting communication with Hereford they would be going as direct as possible. Mr. Alderman Thomas, who had then entered the room, explained Mr. Wood's view at length, and the advantage that an earlier train would give to the inhabitants of Brecon, whereby they could proceed to London without any delay at Hereford or elsewhere. As to postal arrangements perhaps they ought not to ask at once—there may be a difficulty as to obtaining the same now. He con- sidered it me wise and prudent that they should apply to get their railway arrangements first, than that they should ask for both at once. It was resolved that the Council should on the following morning wait upon Mr. Henshaw and the directors of the Brecon and Merthyr Railway, and express their view upon the subject. The Town Clerk suggested that an early day should be appointed for the Waterworks Commit- tee to draw up a report of their proceedings to the Board. The name -of Dr. Lucas was added to the com- mittee list, and Wednesday next, the 26th inst. appointed for a meeting. Mr. Walton said that the proper course would be for the Engineer first to furnish the committee with a proper report, and for the committee to con- sider the same preparatory to drawing their own report. Dr. Lucas handed to the Town Clerk the follow- ing letter, which was read WATERWORKS. Bulwark, Brecon, June 11th, 1867. Dear Sir,I observe by the reports of the Local Board of Health Meeting of last Monday, in the local newspapers, that I was censured for not fur- nishing a report on the contractor's claim for extras, according to instructions. Doubtless you were not aware that a report had been sent to the Town Clerk and laid before the Waterworks Committee on the 20th May last, on this subject, when you attended the meeting on Monday. I now enclose you a copy of that report, and I feel quite sure that your desire not to censure unjustly, will induce you at the next meeting of the Board to set this matter right with the public. With regard to the financial information you desire, I have never seen the account, but am in- duced to think that they are kept in the Town Clerk's office. I have much pleasure in stating that the town will be supplied with water from the new works before the end of this month, when I trust that some of the dissatisfaction complained of will be removed. I am, Dear Sir, Yours faithfully, ISAAC DAVIES. Prestwood Lucas, Esq., M.D. The meeting then adjourned until Monday, the 1st of July.

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