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THE MARKETS. MARK-LANE, MONDAY. The supply of English wheat on sale at Mark-lane to-day was smail, but the condition of the produce was good. Millers showed more disposition to buy, and the show of produce on the stands was disposed of at the rates of Monday last. There was, however, a slight tendency to improve- ment. The market was fairly supplied with foreign wheat. The amount of business transacted was moderate, and prices ruled firm. Floating cargoes of grain were in fair demand, at full quotations. The supply of barley on sale was mode- rate. For most qualities there was a fair demand, and at last Monday's currency. Malt sold heavily, and prices had a drooping tendency. The market was but moderately sup. plied with oats. For most qualities there was a steady demand, and prices were rather on the advance. Beans are in short supply, and the trade ruled firm, at full currencies. Peas, which are in short supply, changed hands at full currencies. For flour there was a moderate inquiry, at late rates. The amount of business transacted in seeds was very moderate. In prices no change took place. Oats were in fair demand, at full quotations. METROPOLITAN CATTLE MARKET. -IFONDAY. A moderate supply of foreign stock was on sale here to- day, in very middling condition. The trade both for beasts and sheep was slow, at barely the rates of Monday last Fresh up from our own grazing districts the arrivals of beasts were only moderate. An increased supply was received from Scotland, in prime condition. The attendance of butchers, owing to the absence of the greater portion of country buyers, was small, and the beef trade, as regards aU qualities, ruled heavy, at a decline in the quotations, as com- pared with Monday last, of 2d. per 81b. Prime Scots and crosses realised 5s. 4d. per 81b. The arrivals from Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, and Cambridgeshire amounted to about 1,350 Scots, short-horns, and crosses from Lincolnshire, 140 oxen; from other parts of England, 400 of various breeds; and from Scotland, 257 Scots and crosses. The supply of sheep in the pens was moderate, but their quality and con- dition were only middling. The trade was quieter than on Monday last, and that day's improvement in the quotations was not maintained. Prime Downs and half-breeds sold at 5s. 4d. per 81b. A good supply of lambs was exhibited for sale, chiefly in very middling condition. The trade was dnU. and prices were lower, the quotation being 6s. to 7s. per SIb. Calves were in moderate supply. The trade for them ruled quiet, at late rates. Pigs met a slow sale, at last Monday's currency. POTATOES. s* There have been fair average arrivals of potatoes, for which the demand was brisk, at our quotations. The imports last week were 890 packages from Genoa, 90 from Levanger, 470 from Lisbon, 3,660 from Marseilles, and 9 from Rotterdam. Yorkshire flukes, 150s. to 185s. ditto regents, 120s. to 140s.; Lincolns, 130s. to 150s.; Scotch, 120s. to ISOs.* and foreign, 100s. to 110s. per ton. HOPS. •-•••> • The hop market continues firm, and the late advance In prices is fully maintained. The demand, however, is very limited. Accounts from the various plantations are more favourable, but the changeable weather is much against the plant. Sussex, 72. 5s. to 71. 158. Weald of Kent, 72. 7s. to8t Mid and East Kent, 7J. 10s. to 92. 9s.; Farnham IIDCI country, 82. to 10J. Yearlings, to «. 16a; Olds, 2116s. t9 42. 4s. per cwt. « WOOL. A At the public sales of colonial wool there is a fair amount of competition for all good and fine qualities; but faulty descriptions are in little request Prices show an average decline of Id. per lb., when compared with March rates. In English wools there is very little doing, at about previous terms. The imports last week were 1,067 bales from Bay, 12 from Bombay, 56 from Colombo, OQ from CteaotL from Jersey, and 60 bales from Lisbon.