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THESTANDARDLIFEASSURANCE COMPANY, ESTABLISHED 1825. CONSTITUTED BY SPECIAL ACTS OF PARLIAMENT. ANNUAL REPORT, 1867. THE FORTY-FIRST ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY was held at Edinburgh, 011 Wednesday the 8th of May, 1867,— H. MAXWELL INGLIS, Esq., P.C.S., in the Chair. THE MANAGER submitted to the Meeting— REPORT by the DIRECTORS as to the PROGRESS of the BUSINESS during the Year 1866. The Annual Report on the Books and Accounts by the Auditor of the Company, certifying that he had found the whole Accounts accurately stated and properly vouched. Balance-Sheet of the Company's Affairs, certified by the Auditor and three of the Directors, in accordance with the Acts of Parliament constituting the Company. A General and Comparative Statement explanatory of the Progress of the Business from 1825 to 1866. THE REPORT submitted by the DIRECTORS was shortly as follows :— The Board of Directors have again the pleasure of congratulating the Proprietors of the Company on its continued satisfac- tory progress. On occasion of the last Annual General Meeting in the Spring of 1866, the Directors had the pleasure of reporting the pro- gress and completion of large and important negotiations namely, the transfer of the business of the MINERVA and VICTORIA OFFICES, and the successful amalgamation with the COLONIAL LIFE AsSURANCE COMPANY, all of which brought new connec- tions and varied advantages to the Institution. In May 1866 the satisfactory result of the Quinquennial Investigation into the Company's Affairs, and Division of profits, as at lath November 1865, was reported, when the Company commenced the work of another lustrum, strengthened by its new and extended connections, supported on a broader basis, and full of confidence in the future, arising from the thorough inves- tigation which its Affairs had undergone with a successful and satisfactory issue. The first year of the new period has been marked, the Directors have pleasure in reporting, by complete success not only as regards the New Business transacted, but what is equally, if not more, important, the thorough and complete retention of the interests and connections of those Companies whose business was transferred to, or amalgamated with the STANDARD. The New Business, however, is perhaps the most tangible exponent of this statement, and the Directors are satisfied to rely -00 it as the test of their assertion. The following are the Results of the Business for the year under review :— AMOUNT PROPOSED FOR ASSURANCE during the year 15th November, 1865, to 19th November, 1866, X12439,927 0 4 NUMBER OF PROPOSALS FOR ASSURANCE, 2389 AMOUNT OF ASSURANCES ACCEPTED, £ l,190,281 11 2 NUMBER OF ASSURANCES COMPLETED, exclusive of Annuities, 2013 AMOUNT OF ANNUAL PREMIUMS on New Business. X38,918 19 11 AMOUNT OF CLAIMS BY DEATH, exclusive of Bonus Additions, X314,376 3 10 ANNUAL REVENUE, X675,267 6 8 ACCUMULATED FUND, X3,700,005 1 4 These figures represent numerous interests and an important trust, not much fewer than 28,000 persons holding Policies from the Institution. They are also a sure test of the confidence placed in the Institution by the public and the Directors, impressed with the responsibility which such a trust involves, make it their study to conduct the business on the soundest principles, free from speculation or undue anxiety to make profits. In accordance with these principles, the Directors have confined the Investment of the Company's large Funds to thoroughly reliable securities, preferring for the great bulk of their Investments the Mortgage of land at fair rates of interest to increased returns on Investments of a less certain nature; and in proof of this they request attention to the following Statement, show- ing the Company's Investments as at 15th November, 1866 :— Mortgages and other Landed Securities, £ 2,535,748 14 6 Government Securities, 86 782 17 2 Loans on the Company's Policies within their Surrender Value, 19s'610 2 5 Stocks and Debentures, 2is'313 9 6 Bank Balances, Agents'Balances, and Premiums in which Days of Grace are current, 3231675 2 0 Invested abroad in connection with Colonial business, 49 275 17 2 Life Annuities and Reversions purchased 34'403 14 9 Various other Investments, 253^195 3 10 93,700,005 1 4 The Directors are satisfied that all interested will approve of this course of procedure. To all other points of Management the attention of the Directors is carefully directed. The records of the Company's tran- sactions have been brought into the most thorough state of efficiency, after giving effect to the transfers and amalgamation W j have been carried through—a matter of the greatest importance in connection with transactions of such magnitude; and the endeavour of the Directors in future will be to conduct the Institution in such a manner as to devolop the resources at its command without seeking further extension of its field of action, making it their study to produce as much profit as they can, consistently with liberal dealing, for the advantage of all interested. T -1- HE REPORT was unanimously adopted. TH? I?N DIRECTORS, to supply the places of those who retire by rotation, in terms of the Company's Acts of Parliament, followed. The Establishment was then constituted as follows for the ensuing year GOVERNOR,—HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF BUCCLEUCH AND QUEENSBERRY, K.G. DEPUTY-GOVERNORS I THE RIGHT HON. THE EARL OF DALKEITH, M.P. .DEPUTY GOVERNORS, J mE EIGHT HON THE EARL OF STAIR, K.T. EDINBURGH, 3 AND 5, GEORGE STREET. ORDINARY DIRECTORS. CHARLES PEARSON, Esq., C.A, J J. HAY, Esq., Merchant, Leith. T. MENZIES, Esq., Merchant, Leith. GEOUQE Mora, Esq., Advocate. H. MAXWELL INGLIS, Esq., P.C.S. H. DAVIDSON, Esq., Merchant. T. GBAHAM MuaRAY, Esq., W.S. I ANDREW BLACKBURN, Esq. W. SWWALKER, Esq., of Bowland. Sir J. Y. SIMPSON, M.D., Bart. JAMES VEITCH, Esq., of Eliock. J. Lindsay, Esq., Woodend. JAMES HOPE, Jun., Esq., W.S. f BOBERT HUNTER, Esq. JOHN DUNDAS, Esq., C.S. W. JAS. DUNCAN, Esq., Manager of the National Bank of Scotland. ANDREW WOOD, Esq., M.D. I WM. MONCREIFF, Esq., C.A. Manager and Acturary,-WILL. THOS. THOMSON, F.R.S.E. Home Sometary,-THOMAS ROBERTSON. Colonial and Foreign Secretary,—D. CLUNINE GREGOR. .A.ooant,-A. WOOD STEW ART. Joint A etuary,-SPENCER C. THOMSON, B.A., CaDtab. -4 uditor,-CHARLES PEARSON, C.A. Physician,—PROFESSOR CHRISTISON, M.D. Bankers.-THE BANK OF SCOTLAND THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND. LONDON, 82, KING WILLIAM STREET. CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD.-THE RIGHT HONOURABLE LORD ELCHO, M.P. ORDINARY DIRECTORS. ALEXANDER GILLESPIE, Esq., Heathfleld, Walton-on-Thames LUSTOCX ROBERT REID, Esq., 122, Westbourne Terrace. JKANCIS LE BRETON, Esq., 21, Sussex Place, Regent's Park. T. H. BROOKING, Esq., Merchant, New Broad Street, J. G. FRITH, Esq., Old Broad Street. I J. NESBITT, Esq., 42, Eastcheap. I J. C. DIMSDALE, Esq., Banker. W. RATRAY, Esq., 41, Tavistock Square; CHARLES HEMERY, Esq., 28, Threadneedle Street. I Lieutenant-Colonel JAMES D. G. TULLOCH. General Secretary for England,—HUN RY JONES WILLIAMS. Inspectors,-GEORGEEDW ARDS STEPHEN HUDSON. E Medical Officers,-A. TWEEDIE, M.D.; R. H. SEMPLE, M.D. Bankers,—LONDON & WESTMINSTER BANK; LONDON & COUNTY BANK; MESSRS. DIMSDALE, FOWLER, & BARNARD, Cornhill. LONDON—WEST-END OFFICE—3, PALL MALL EAST, S.W. BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Colonel JAME$ HOLAND (late Quartermaster-General, STEPEN WALCOTT, ESQ" 17, Lansdowne Crescent, Ken- Bombay), 24, Prmces Square, Hyde Park, W. smgton Park. J- BcSeSrT'CoKf J" R" Tb°mSOn & °°" St- Peter'8 f is&45> Inverness Terrace, Bays water, W. J- FLEMING, Esa., of Messrs. Robinson and FleLnf?of Au'stta^ri^BStreet' Cavendish SqUare' Besident Secretary,-SAMUEL R. FURGUSSON. Inspector,—JOHN O'HAGAN. Medical Officers,-HENRY OLDHAM, M.D.; SAMUEL SOLLY, Surgeon. BY ORDER OF THE DIRECTORS, WILL. THOS. THOMSON, Manager. H. JONES WILLIAMS, General Secretary for Englawd. FURTHER INFORMATION can be obtained by application at the Offices of the Company in Edinburgh, London, Dublin, and Glasgow, or at any of the Agencies which have been established in almost every Tuwn of importance throughout the Kingdom. COLONIAL AND FOREIGN ASS URANCES.-Asstirances granted on the Lives of persons proceeding abroad. Branch Offices and Agencies in India and all the British Colonies, where Pre- miums can be received and Claims settled tondon ( 82, KING WILLIAM STREET, E.C.; and -• j 3, PALL MALL EAST, S.W. EDINBURGH, 3 AND 5, GEORGE STREET, (HEAD OFFICE). DUDUN, 66, UPPER SACKVILLE STREET. Agent for Brecon—Mr. J0KN" EVANS, Post Office. BROWN AND POLSON'S v PATENT CORN FLOUR. Packets, 8d., Tins, Is. i WARRANTED PERFECTLY PURR Recommended for CHILDRF,N,'S DIET. The Second quality Indian Corn Flour is sup- plied at 6d. Counterfeit cheap kinds are sometimes offered Instead of Brown and Poison's, which bears the makers'signatures. "JOHN BROWN," "JOHN POLSON," Upon each Packet. FIRST BRECKNOCKSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEER CORPS. ORDERS for the Week ending JUNE, 22nd,1867. Officer on duty-Ensign John James. Orderly Sergeant-Fred. Hodges. Corporal-Henry Bennett. Church Parade on Sunday the 16th inst. Full Dress Parade on Wednesday, the 19th instant, fall in at 7-15 p.m. The band will practice on Thursday, at 7 p.m. By Order, PENRY LLOYD, Orderly Rooms, Watton, Capt. Commanding. Brecon, June 13th, 1867.





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