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THE MARKETS. MARK-LANS, MONDAf. The supply of English wheat on sale here to-day was imi moderate, but the condition of the produce was good. Owiss to the favourable weather for the growing crops, and tbi downward movement in the value (if w. eat in the provincial markets held on Saturday, the tr,de was very dull, and the quotations were 2s, per quarter lower than on Monday last. Even this decline attracted but few buyers, and at the closa a portion of the supply was left undisposed of. With foreiga wheat the market was fairly, but by no means extensively supplied. The trade was heavy, and in prices a decline e( Is. per quarter took place. Floating car-oes of grain wan in slow request, and wheat declined in value to the extent" Is. per quarter. Very littie Endbh barley wa3 on the standi* but there was a moderate show of foreign produce exhibitëi for sale. Most qualities were in fair demand at late ratal Malt was very dull, and prices had a drooping tendency. Oats the supply of which was very iii(tdurai,e-i-ti led firre, and prices were rather higher than on Monday. Beans were in short supply, and the trade ruled firm, at full quotations. Peas supported the rates of Monday, with a fair demand. The show ot samples was very moderate. The flour trade is very dull, and prices have a drooping tendency. The amount of business transacted in seed-, was very moderate. at late rates. Cakes were in but moderate request; never- theless, prices ruled firm. METROPOLITAN CATTLE M ARKET.—MONDAY. There was a good supply of foreign stock on sale here to- day. Both as regards beasts and sheep the trade was more active, and prime qualities commanded more money than on Monday last. Calves were 2,1. per Sib. dearer. Fresh-up from our own glazing districts, as well as fiom Scotland, the arrivals of beasts here to-day are very moderate, and, taken as a whole, the quality of tne supplies of home-fed was but middling. The trade was much firmer than on Monday last, and prime breeds changed hands at aft advance of 2d. to 44. per 81b. In other qualities an improvement of 2d. per 81te, was established. Prime Seots aud crossts realised 5s. 4d. to 5s. 6d. per 81b. The arrivals from Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, and Cambridgeshire amounted to ai,out 1,400 Scots, short- horns, and crosses; from other parts of England, 500 of various breeds; and from Scotland, 150 Scots and crosses. The supply of sheep in the pens was moderately extensive; and the quality of the stock was tolerably pr.me. There was more activity in the trade than on Monday last and in some instances, prices ad vallced 21. per Sib. The general top price was 5s. 4d. per 81b. According to an order, issuei this morning, the regulations in operation respecting the r. Bioval of beasts from the market now apply to sheep. were in moderate supply and steady request, atan advanCi i tf 2d. to 4d. per 81b. The quotation now ranges from 6s. 6tL to 7s. 8d. per 81b. The v, al trade was firm, at 2d. per 81b. more money, the ton nrice being 5s. 6d Figa were in mode- rate reque^,SZ5 <»« quotations ruled firm. POTATOES. These markets are farlv supplied with potatoes, coastwise and by railway. The trade is inactive, at barely late rates. The imports last week were 31 packages from Boulogne 3,146 from Cadiz, and 3,< 00 from Madeira. Yorkshire flu ie4: 140s. to 180s. ditto, regents, 120a to 140a Lincolus 120*. to 140s.; Scotch, 110a to 160a foreign, 100s. to no- per ton. HOPS. The accounts from the plantations being rather man favourable, very little business is doing in this market. Prices, however, are well supported. On the Continent, well as in the United States, the quotations rule hick. Mid and East Kent pockets, 71. log. to 91. 9s. Weald ot Kent, 71. 7s. to8 £ Sussex, 71. 5s. to 71. 16a.; Yearlings. 5i ta 61. 15a; Olds, 21 16s. to 41 4a per cwt. WOOL. The public sales of colonial wool held since our last report have gone off slowly, ami the que tat ions have been witk difficulty supported. About 100,000 bales have now passed the hammer, leaving 90,000 bales yet to come forward. Laat week's imports were 1,181 bales Algoa Bay, 1,079 from Bart London, 2,550 from Hobart low, 880 from Port 2SI from table Bay.