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EPITOME OF NE\VS, BRITISH AND FOREIGN. At Liverpool, a respectable-looking man, about forty years of age, has been charged with indecently assaulting a young woman in a third-class carriage when coming from Preston to Liverpool on Monday night last. After some deliberation as to whether he should send the case for trial, the magistrate decided to fine the prisoner 51, and costs. The suicide at Berlin is announced of Count de Potulicki, member of the Chamber of Deputies. The cause is not known; but whatever it may be it was not the state of his fortune, which was very considerable. A great number of Italian labourers, finding it im- possible to obtain work in Italy, have emigrated to Austria, where they are now employed in the arsenals at Pola and Trieste. General Geffrard, ex-President of the Republic of Hayti, has arrived in Paris. He is a tall, fine man of colour, with a white moustache. The Florida correspondent of the Cincinnati Com- mercial says that Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe has 300 acres of land near Jacksonville, which she planted with orange orchards. She has been offered twice its cost. A couple of N ewLebanon shakers got married recently in America, in open violation of all law as pro- pounded by that sect. Both the parties were jouna, and had carried on a cprrespondence for some time, although they had never spoken to one another. The correspondence was discovered, however, and the young man was expelled, whereupon the young lady fled, rejoined her true love, and they were married according to the rites of the outer world. Considerable indignation and excitement exists in conse- quence among the family." At Cincinnati, recently, the management of the Parepa-Brignoli Opera Company announced that in con- sequence of a railroad accident, while on their way from Chicago, Signor Brignoli and three other members of the company were so severely injured as to be unable to sing. Before the performance commenced, Mdme. Parepa stepped to the front of the stage, briefly informed the audience of what had taken place, referred to her husband's injuries, and her own mental distress in consequence, and begged their kind indulgence, promising to do her best A storm of applause greeted her appearance. "A steady well-to-do working-man, if he only keep himself free from the bondage of trades unions, is far more likely to vote as we could wish him to do, than an arrogant, church-hating, and democratic 101. dissenter. We may be wrong, but we would rather trust the- working men of England to sustain the great institutions of this countrv, than we would trust not a few of their employers. "-Black- wood s Magazine for June. Rtr^r0tJing £ y daylight is something new in the V"?' An offence of this kind was, however, |?lin6ton> London, the other day. A lady was the afterninr? FPPer"street between two and three o'clock in « a the midst of a glorious June sunshine, when Wnd t™ked her" Three of them held her from be- thefr CndeaTOurf £ efm £ ,ont and llearly Wangled her in neck Th^two fattV?ruMy tear a watch-chain from her s&*a, At the Central Criminal Court, in London, William Gosling Balls pleaded guilty to having receive'd from a Matthew John Thomas 101. for having procured for him an appointment m the Post Office. Thomas isT™™ from the country. He advertised for an appointment and offered 401. to anybody that would get him one. Balls re- sponded to the invitation. The situation was procured but Thomas was unable to pay the money down, and got into difficulties. An exposure of the transaction was the conse- quence. Sentence upon Balls was postponed in anticipation of some further information being forthcoming respecting him. A telegram was received in New York on the 25th ult., from San Francisco, slating that the benevolent societies h, that city celebrated the Queen's birthday. The French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, and Austrian consuls, prominent army officers, and citizens participated. On Saturday, while a guard named Charles Taylor, after placing a parcel upon the platform of the Southall Station, was riding upon the steps ef one of the carriages on the 4.10 p.m. Gloucester goods train, and elldeavouringto fasten the door, his body came in contact with a portion of the station, and he was thrown on to the line and killed. The Sporting Life says it is believed that the Mar- quis of Hastings won at 'Ascot last week quite 20,000Z. in bets, "which is a fair instalment of his lordship's late heavy Derby losses." The South London Press states that an oven in bermondsey is used, according to the report of the inspector of nuisances, oil Sunonys to cook the dinners of the poor aroutid. and on week days to baking hair, and destroying erregarine-germs before its conversion into fashionable chignons. Edwin James's treatise on the Bankrupt Law of the United States has reached its seventh edition. An old dog at Rockport, sixteen years old, deli- berately walked into the water and drowned himself. The recent heavy tax laid upon his race is supposed to have been the cause of the dee(1. The Manchester Examine- reports that at the Black- burn Board of Guardians' meeting on Saturday last, there were only six applicants for reliet from s x townships, and three of these cases arose out of disputes between man and wife. None of the cåses were relieved. Mr. Jefferson Davis has arrived at St. Catherine's, in Canada He was enthusiastically received and cheered at Toronto, en route to his destination. A number of cattle having died suddenly within the last few days in the county of Dublin, the Government ordered an investigation to be made into the matter by Pro- fessor Ferguson, of the Veterinary Department of the Privy Council, who has expressed a decided opinion that the cattle did not die of the rinderpest, as beiieved, but of apoplectic congestion of a very fatal nature. During the past year the total production of the vllJ"ious (juicksilver mines of the world was about 85,534 flasks, of which the old Almaden of Spain and the Idrian mines of Austria supplied 39,625, while the remainder came from California. The Prince de Teok has, after obtaining the consent of the Emperor of Austria, accepted the colonelcy of the 1st (late 2nd) Surrey Artillery Volunteers, commanded by Lieut.- Colonel Durn:ord. The London doctors generally are making loud com- plaints of the healthiness of this season. Their glorious winter, the busiest almost ever known, has been succeeded by a sunimerof discontent. A sun fish was captured in Torbay, a few days since, which weighed 5 ewt. The Pennsylvania oil wells are at their lowest ebb, and the whole product of the State is est..mated at less than 6,000 barrels daily. Oil stocks are also going down out of sight, and at Philadelphia the other day, 2,000 shares, which once brought a premium and represented an aggregate of 60,000 dols., were sold for 10 dols. The population of New South Wales, on the 31st December last, was 431*414, of whom 230,825 were males. It can be scarcely credited now that thirty years ago the postage of a letter from London to the Isle of Man was Is. 3d. to Lerwick, in Scotland, Is. 5d. and to Glenavy, in Ireland, Is. Od. The postage on a letter to Australia or New Zealand is now only 6d. The two Grand Dukes, sons of the Czar, are, it is said, going to Nice, to make a pilgrimage to the monument erected to the memory of their elder brother. After a stay of a few days they will return to Paris and leave for England. On Monday morning while a boy was passing down Middle Abbey-street, Dublin, his attention was attracted by a famished-looking dog devouring something most eagerly, and when drawing near he discovered to his horror that the animal was feasting on the body of an infant. The brute was at once chased away, and the police sent for, whf-n it was ascertained that the remains were those of a still-born infant that had been left in a doofway. The largest hardware manufactory in the United States, at New Haven, gives employment to 81)0 hands, and turns out 4,000 different kinds of articles, worth from 4,000,000 dols. to 7,000,000 dols. per year. A pretty sweetmeat stall has just been opened at the Paris Exhibition. It addresses itself to the gourmands of all natious-and especially to gourmands in knickerbockers. Over the stall the world is inforrged that" every customer may eat as many sweets as he likes for four sous A few days since an English lad rearl the announcement, drew out his twopence, and acldressedthe presiding lady, "Here's lilY sous—only you must lend me a chair I" The offer was declined. The Lancet reports that the Princess of Wales con- tinues to make satislactory progress. The splint was changed a few days since, and such a support applied as will allow the patient in a short time to move about the room. A heavy storm broke over Bruges on the 2nd. Seve- ral buildings and the spires of the ciiurvlies of Notre Dame, St. Croix, and that of the Redemptorists. were struck with lightning. At Ghent a great many old trees were torn from their roots by the wind. The New York Home Journal mentions a young lady who when she left that city spoke the English language as well as the majority of young ladies; but the pleasure and excitement of a trip to Paris seem to have affected her memory, for she has entirely forgotten English, and can now only converse in French. We trust that all our youug ladies who visit Paris this year will not he thus affected New York spends 40) >,000 dols. and Boston 200,000 dols., annually, for cut flowers. All know that large sums are paid for presentation bouquets and baskets; but some people would be astonished to see what money is expended regularly for flowers, by families who think they are econo- mical. A New York merchant of ordinary means thinks nothing of spending fifty dollars for artificial flowers to de- corate his table when he has a few friends to dine. When the commutations of the capital sentence pas- sed upon them were read to the Cork Fenian eonvjcts in presellceof the governor ot the county gaol and the chap- lains, the prisoneis expressed their thanks for the generous manner in which t! ey had been treated with respect to diet and exercise, and really communication with their friends. The prisoners were immediately shiirn and placed in the convict dress, preliminary to removal to Dublin. Several anti-Austrian demonstratians have taken place during the past week at Tr este A bomb was thrown at the house of a German member of the Reichsrath, and during the performance of a German play in the theatre two shells were discovered oil the stage, fortunately belore the fuzes had been ignited These proceedings are generally attributed to the Italian party of action, which is very strongly organised in the northern part of the Peninsula. The grand review of the British fleet is appointed to be held on the 15th, Pith, and 17th of July. The naval force engaged will include all available ships on the home stations, as well as the coast-guard vessels and the gunboats, and it will assemble at Spithead on the 9th. Accommodation will be specia'ly provided for the representatives of her Majesty's Government and for the members of both Houses of Parliament to witness the spectacle. The Court of Exchequer in Banco has decided a case of some importance to betting men. The plaintiff backed certain horses for a place it" last year's Derby, and deposited the amount of his risk with the defendants. The bet was won, but being unable to obtain the amount won, or even the sum deposited, the plaintiff brought an action to recover the latter. The Court decided that under Lord George Bentinck's Act the money so deposited is irrecover- able. Betting as a business is therefore like tke famous sporting formula-" heads I win-tails you lose." "It was remarked a week ago, when the enormous losses of eminent supporters of the Turf, and the manner in which their bets had been settled, were recounted with so much detail by the sporting pres. that fur her elucidations could not be delayed. The hnperial Review furnishes them, stating that Mr. Naylor, of Hooton, has become the pur- chaser of the residence of the Duke of Hamilton, in Arliug- ton-street: and the Marquis of Bute has purchased Loudoun Castle, in Ayrshire, the seat of the Marquis of Hastings, for £ 350,000."—Daily News. The Emperors of Russia and Austria are about to be invested with the Order of the Garter, and missions will be sent to Vienna and St. Petersburg for that purpose. The same honour is to be conferred upon the Sultan, who will come here to receive it in person. Whether her Majesty will grace the ceremony by her own presence we are not in a position to announce, though we should gladly hear that such was her intention. There is a story now going round that gives a very good idea of the way in which the compound householder was regarded. A drunken man was taken to tne police- station, and the police-seing that he was somewhat of a re- spectable appearatica-waiited to find out who he was. He, however, steadily refused to give the infoi ma ion which was required of him. lint at last, relenting, he said, Sergeant, stoop down." The sergeant, fearing or hoping that he was gaingto hear something terrible or extraordinary, held his breath while he held his ear near the drunkard's lips. "Ses-sergeant," said he, "I-I'm the ke-ke-conipound house- holder." Nine of the prisoners convicted of treasonable practices, at the late special commission for the ceunty of Cork, were sent to Dublin On Monday afternoon en route to convict prisons in England or the colonies. Amongst them were Captain M Clure, Colonel F. X. O'Brien, and others who had made themselves particularly noticeable in the "rising" of March 5 The prisoners were dressed in the convict uni- form, and their appearance-with hair cut and beard shorn -is described as miserable. They are at present detained in Mountjoy convict prison. The cumbrous jack boots worn by her Majesty's Life Guards are not without their ad van I ages. At the volun- teer review in Windsor Park on Monday, one of the troop vorses stumbled, threw its rider, and then galloped off, dragging the man fully 200 yards. At last the soldier con- trived to disengage himself by slipping his leg out of his jack boot, which remained fixed to the stirrup. Several other less serious falls occurred, and a member of the Tower Hamlets corps blew his own finger off. "> By the official return published on Satuidsy, the em'yration from Ireland in 186G numbered 101,251 £ £ £ 302!s, of whom 60,680 were males. Wisconsin affords the curious history that she was governed by the King of France n.inety-tliree years; King of Great Britain, twenty-years by the State of Vir- ginia, one ear by the territory of Ohio, sixteen yea:-s; by fndiana territory, nine years; and by Michigan territory, eighteen years. She continued a territory of the United States nearly twelve years, when on the 13th March, 1843, she became the thirtieth State of the Union. Thomas Henry Whitefoot, a pointsman on the rail- way at Hereford,has been knocked d"wn and killed by a goods train whilst in the execution of his duty. lIe leaves a wife and five children. St. Louis is to have a cathedral that will cost two million dollars. M onday, the 10th inst., commenced the eighth week of the tailors' strike, and there is no prospect at present of a settlement. The clear profits of the Massachusetts State prison last year were 2,000 dollars. The birthday of King George of Hanover was cele- brated at Vienna by a banquet at which about ninety dis- tinllÍshed Hanoverians were present. Among them were two generals and several other officers in the uniform of the late Hanoverian army. Mr. Arclnd ihl Campbell, of BIythswood, has inti- mated to his tennnts tint. in order to induce them to insure their cattle, he will pay the half of every policy of insurance they may effect to the amount of 100Z. At the first day's sale of the celebrated collection of the Marquis de Salamanca, at Earis._ last week, fifty-two pictures were disposed of, the sum realised being 28,0001. Maine has in operation at present twelve railroads, extending an aggregate distance of 573 nines. The new roads now are ten in number, and will run an aggre- gate distance of 458 miles. The two discoverers of gold in California are now in destitute circumstances. A private of the Royal Artillery named Iiealey has been drummed out of his corps at Limerick for the use of disloyal language and desernion, and handed over to the civil authorities. He had been eleven years in the army. Cincinnati has a co-operative furniture manufac- tory, with a capital of 2,000,090 dols. On Saturday the infant son of Sir Robert and Lady Emily Peel was baptised at the Royal Chapel, Whitehall", in the presence of a large family circle. The baptiamal rite was performed by the Very Rev. Dr. Peel, Dean of Worcester, and the sponsors were Lord William flay, M.P., Lady Emily Peel's brother, and Captain John Peel, and the Hon. Mrs. Stonor, brother and sister of Sir Robert FeeL The infant was baptised in the name of Robert. The Manchester dfiurt of common council have de- cided to invite such of the European Sovereigns as may visit this country during the summer to a grand banquet in the Guildhall. On Monday morning the members of the various temperance societies in and around London celebrated a grand monster demonstration. The latest horticultural device is that of removing the stones from fruitshy a process o gradual reduction, by extracting the pith from shoots and grafting them on stocks and their own branches for successive seasons. The experi- ment has been perfectly successful with the Malaga grape. Mr. Blenkiron's first sale came off on Saturday last at Middle Park, Eltham, and the prices ruled even higher than they did last year. Forty-two yearlings realised 19,565 guineas, averaging about 5002. each. Mr. Padwick, as the Duke of Hamilton's representative, was the chief purchaser, giving 2,000 guineas for a chestnut cult. The extent of pocket-picking at the Paris Exhibition may be judged from the fact announced by the French papers, that one Sunday no less than R4 "professionals" were taken "iii the act." It may ')e interesting to the lio-ht- fingered profession in eeneral to know that they were not all Knglish, a good sprinkling being French and German. Explosions in coal mines have killed 25,000 men since 1850. The different conservatories of music and music schools in Boston are enjoying a season of great prosperity. Theleaves of geraniums are excellent for cut where the skin is rubbed off. and other wounds of the like kind. One or two leaves must be bruised and applied to the part, and the wound will be cicatrised in a short time. Curious enough it is to find the Czar himself, on the eve of his visit to Paris, betraying his personal anxiety to appease the indignation of Western Europe at his severeties towards the Poles. lie dares not show himself on the Boulevards, or in the Champs Elysee without holding out a flag of truce."—Examiner. The French cannot understand our ideas with regard to the SaUbath. They are quiteillùignant because the Eng- lish exhibitors in the Champ de Mars cover up their goods on Sunday with brown holland. They even declare this to be a breach of contract, for," say they, "Sunday is our chiel day for visiting the Exhibition, and when we go and pay our money we are deprived of a great portion of the show." Madame Ristori is now living in Paris, having re- turned front America, where she realised no less 'han ICOOUO clear money. Immigrants continue to arrive at New York in large numbers, no less than 17,500 having landed there during the past two weeks, and some 72,000 since the beginning of the year. A solicitor of high position in society, and whose father held a responsible government situation, was con- victed at Dublin on Satlmlayof the robbery of 701, worth of jewelry from the International Hotel, Bray, and was sen- tenced to six months' imprisonment. On the expiration of that term other charges oi the same kind will be brought against him. "A notary of Bergamo, M. Colpani," says the Lomhardia, a confirmed votary of Bacchus, has discovered a method of self-destruction as strange as it is new He made a bet that he would break several hundred plates with his head. He did so, and won his wager; but on returning home was seized with a burning fever. His head swelled to a frightful size, and he expired after some hours of excru- ciating suffering." T The f?ame which is played by the street boys of Loudon under the name of tl tip-cat," to the exceeding annoy> ance of irritable old gentlemen ami the danger of everybody, is it appears called "Piggie" in the North. A young woman at Leeds has very nearly lost her eyesight by a blow from one .of these "piggies" or cats," and the magistrates sent the boy who was the cause of it to an Industrial school, ordering his father to pay halt'-a-cro wn a week for his maintenance. An American paper promises Londoners the estab- lishment, by an American of a daily journal in London to sustain the rights of women. Price one penny. The first of a series of excursions to the French capital, organised by the Paris Excursion Committee, under the presidency of A. H. Layard, Esq., M. P., left London Bridge Station at ten o'clock on Saturday night. Several large employers are in treaty with the committee for the accommodation of workmen whom they propose to send over to Paris during the present summer. The voyage to Greenwich from London by water is now pleasingly diversified by practical and nasal demon- strations of the efficient working of the dog-tax. No fewer than 292 bodies of departed canines, in various stages of decomposition, 'were seen floating off Green wich during the space of f-even days last month, seventy-eight of which were found jammed in the chains and landing-stages of the Dreadnought Hospital Ship, thereby enhancing the salubrity of that celebrated hot-house for sick seamen! The whole number of taxable incomes returned in Cin- cinnati for the past year is 3,114. The whole amount returned is not far from 8,000,000 dols., or an average of more than 2,600 dols. to each person making a return, which would make the tax upon incomes less than half a million. Leavenworth, Kansas, is now a city of 30,000 inhabitants Lawrence, of 8.00D or 10,000; Topeka, the capital, 3,000- Ossawatsmie is a mere village; Lecompton is at a sta'ndst ll; Manhattan is a thriving town; and Salina is the present termination of the Pacific Railroad. The population of Kansas is estimated to be about 250,000. A communication from London to the Havas Agency mentions a rmllour that Queen Victoria had written an autograph letter to the Emperw Napoleon to congratulate hnn on the success ofr the Exhibition, and to express her Ma- jesty's regret atnot belllg ahle to visit, it herself with the accus- tomed ceremonial. It lS, however, the correspondent adds, generally believed that her Majesty will visit Paris incognito 1 he Prince of Wales is shortly, the letter says, to be in the French capital. An inquest has been held in London, on William Marlow, aged fifty, who cut his throat with a razor in con- sequence of mental anxiety brought -n by fear of having an action for defamation of character brought against him. He got up in the middle of the night, while sleeping with his wife, and she heard him groan. She went to see what was the matter, and discovered that he had cut his throat. One who has often seen Juarez, the famous Mexican chief, describes him as "about sixty years old, under the middle size, well built, and inclined to embonpoint. He has the colour of an Indian, and, like all the Zapotec tribe, has a small forehead, high cheek bones, a broad and bent nose, a large mouth and beautiful teeth, black, small, and lively eyes, and black, straight hair that is tinged with grey. His voice is soft, sonorous and mournful; but, like President Lincoln, he is fond of garnishing his conversation with anecdotes and jokes that could not always be printed." The Norfolk Chamber of Agriculture has been called into action by Mr. Fawcett's projected legislation with respect to task gangs, and on he 1st instant the present state of education of the agricultural labourer in Norfolk and the merits of the gang system were discussed by that society, when it was resoli ed by an overwhelming majority that the employment of women and young children is absolutely necessary, and t'at no further educational measures are required for the welfare of the labouring population. A Mr. Taylor, in opposing the resolu- tion, made a striking speech, in which the evils of the gang system were vividly depicted, but the farmers whom he was addressing replied that they must look to their own interests, and that they cannot afford to be led away by the clap-trap of men who are ignorant of agricultural business. It is therefore, very lucky for the peasantry of Norfolk that Fawcett has taken the matter in hand. .4. ï.. The Tcroni~} Gfk&e announces that Madame Parepa Rosa has decided to roak-3 another tour through Canada. The total amount of beet sugar prodnced in the world is reported to be about annually. France is the chief grCl "er of beet sngar, and a utwii amount it raised in the I'nK d States. "Only the otw day the population cf crowded the Prater to v. a coursing without precedent in the hippie annals. E g> Mich of them ridden by a lady belonging to higti life. w 'n a |?3SBW of diamonds of great value. The Counter -09. 119 half a neck. "-Court Journal. The Queen has caused great satisfaction in the dÍll>< trict by employing the young Carmelite convent girls ot Youghal in making the baptismal robes of the infant son ot the Princess Christian. "The Unions have re-established the dy- EWty of Protection. Thy have done for themselves and ttAtnlbreii the same thing-"hich they denounced the Cora fAWafor having done on beha*. the landowners. They have created a monopoly in favour oi carpenters, 1)ri",j\ !ayen¡.1 ptMttNn* and masons, which is just as unreasonable aas as ntaefcifTona as that which once existed in favour of tU8 squirearchy. "-Saturday Be, iew. A petition has been got up at Manchester in f;j.vo« of bestowing the franchise upon women on the j CQAo dition of property, festal, or any other qualiflcati< > not te- pendent on such value, on wMsh it is, as may I* ad to mea." In the coane of a wesac is waa sJgn sSS thousand persons. His Serene Highness Prince Teck, accomp^w«4 Baron asd Baroness Blome, Count Kaluski. and the Mir Fortunate, visited the Crystal Palace on .Saturday, and diaaC iu the grakd saloon. His serene highlit ss and party sub- sequently witnested the display of fireworks and the assem. blage of to OCIO spectators on the terraces from the windon of one of me private dining room?. The Bsgon Pott says—"Maximilian's fizzle cost 302,000,00(1 4»0ars." Catheria8 Mulcahy appeals, through the New Herald, for pecuniary assistance, to prosecute a --it of error in the House of Lords, oil behalf of her brother, Denis Dowling Mulcahy, and in her letters pictures the lion :>i s of penal servitude. A bear weighing 2,6001b. has been shot in Georgia. The Sandwich Islands promise to supply the Pacific coast with sugar. They are in the Pacific to America what Cuba it in the Atlantic. The number 01 acres plan ed with canei* 16,266 the capital in the business is 2,000,000 dols. The diversity of the versions of what Louis Napo- leon and Alexander aatd to each orlier when Beregowski had fired the shot is aosBBistg. The earliest version records that Napoleon, turning towards Alexander, said with a smile, Sire, we have bedttdor fire together T 'i he Osarreplied: "Our destinies are la the hands of Providence."—A lest tragic version makes Louis Napoleon say We have been under fire together, and are now brothers in arms !B the version which most nearly approaches the character of stage phrase is that which makes Louis Napoleon say If • Pole, for you; if au Italian, for me We find the following striking "personal" in the Milwaukie Sentinel:—"Mr. Geo. B. M'Clellan, well knowm as having married a dter of Colonel r arcy. of the reg army, was, at last auct)utita,miniewliere on the Mediterranean, with his wife and child, expecting to return to America next fall. Mr. M'Clellan hae been m iking qu;te a protracted btay abroad. He was formerly a military man." In the days of American slavery, the negro women of the South constituted fully mw-IHt1î the field foice in the labour of cotton culture. Even last year they worked in the field to a con-iderable extent; but a Southern correspondent wrltesthat this year they have almost entirely withdrawn from it. They declare that "the white women never work out, but are supported by their men, that it ought to be so, and that they (the blacks) will not submit any more to oat- door work." An attick was made (pri two Fenian informers, whe were escorted by a detective, in a public-house at Drum- condra, on Sunday afternoon. The men went in to get some drink after walking. They were recogmse,l-oae aa having given evidence a-amst M'CaSferty—and beaten witb the pewter vessels. The deltctlve is dangerously wounded,^ and a temple artery had to ba severed to stop hemorrhage. A posse of police succeeded in bringing the approvers anl policeman off without further injury. Two disastrous marino accidents have recently occurred in America. Tlie fiteam-diip Santiago de Cuba, from Nicaragua tor New Yoii, was wrecked on the New Jersey coast on May 22, and its landing the passengers six were drowned. The vessel aad cargo wdl probably be a total loss. At one o'clock on the morning of the 22nd tha steamer Wisconsin was burnt oil Lake Ontario, and thirty- lives were lost. There were seventy passengers on board, forty-four of whom, with part of the crew, were saved. The Emperor Napoleon, out of his minute courtear towards his guest, the Czar, has taken care that no goldidfc wearing the Crimean medal shall be on guard at the Elysea. His Russian Majesty could hot, liowaTer, help seeing a greet many at the review. The Tablet in a recent article takes a note of the fact that, of the viceroys Ireland has had for the 300 years thai the viceregal office has existed, fiity-nina have been Englisk or Scotch, and only six li-isri-viz. Ormond, Tyrcounel, Wellesley, Fortescue, liessborough, and Abercorn. It might haveadded that not one of them, except, perhaps, the secon" had any claim to be considered a man of really Irish extras tion. The Chief Secretaries have been almost all English men; and the Lords Lieutenant have mostly been wholly igtiorani-of the country and its wants indeed many of then iL, accepted th office chiefly in order to repair their fortunes. Corydon, thf^ Crown witness on the Fenian triala, has identified the JJnngarvan prisoner who gave the name ot William Palmer as (.neral William Nagle, of the Americas army, who previous to llis promotion served as captain the 88th New York Regiment; and John Donovan he de. clares to be in reality a Cap>la'n John Warrey, of the 63r4 New York Voluuteers, both Of which regiments formed part of the Irish Brigade. commandtN during the civil war by General T. F. Meagher, the YOIIII" irelander of 1843, then commonly known as Meagher of th Sword." It is sai4 that both Nagleapd Warren were persoi.^ ot some consider*, tion in New York. Massey has identified others of the Dna- parvan party, one of the last taken of, a person much intelligence, had ZOOt. in a belt round i"iA wt;"