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The following account of the ball is given by another "corespondent On gaturday Di,-Iit the city of Paris gave to the Emperor Bmpress of the *iencb the Kmperor of Russia, and the of Prussia, BiitBrtJiinnisut, in coinpfirison with £ hich all the fetes and balls that have yet taken place must be set down as shabby and common place. The rooms of the Hotel de Ville, it is perhaps necessary to state, are un- equalled in the world for their Size, their loftiness, and the gorgeous magnificence of their decoration, and to adorn them still further for the reception of such illustrious guests Jhe municipal commission had voted a sum of Go.oooi. Of JjUs huge amount not less than 36.000J. was devoted to embellishment of the municipal palace. The nur- J«riea and hot-houses of the environs of the capital J*ere stripped of flowers, and their stores being insuffi- cient Italy was laid under con tribution; an artificial r^ntain was erected in the state courtyard, throw- volumes of wa er over a transparent of crystal, lighted "■"a gas from below. Flowers ami shrubs adorned every ">om amd every passage, and one gallery was actually turned utoagrove—long, cool, silent, ami discreetly lighted with poured lamps and Chin' so lanthorns. The ball-rooms were the aontraiy a perfect blaze of light, and the seats on 5J*cn side were tilled with ladies, a per ect blaze of diamonds, fnat diamonds, and gems, and all the phantasmagoria of £ <xiern costume are far more common than personal beauty, a.pity—but no doubt all the ladies present meant to look ueir best, and they so far succeeded that the general coup Presented by their dense array was gorgeous beyond anything that imaginat ion can conceive. The Imperial party tove to the Hotel de Ville in gala carriages, lighted inside, that the vast crowd could easily see the features of the "Pants and the shouts of Vive I'Empereur," "Yive le were loud, general, and so enthusiastic as to show reaction caused in public feeling by tlie dastardly crime last Thursday. Inside the Hotel tie "V llle the recept.ou equally enthusiastic. The glittering crowd through "M i tho Imperial party advanced, mawhalled by M. and fi'ime. Haussmann and the municipal magnates, shouted VEmpereur," Vive le Czar,' till they were hoarse, aQIt tha demonstration was repeated several times in the _.i'" course of the evening. As to the ball itself. it Wa9 pretty mnchwhatl1 halls iire wli(,re the business on hand. The crowds were so enormous-ion cUt that 8,000 invitations were is-nub, that moving from one room to another was a wor1, of time and much labour. But as a spectacle, I question whether any of those who were present, Emperors and Kings included, ever beheld a sight of such fairy-like splendour. Taste and money can achieve almost anything, and the Prefect of the Seine has an un- limited (and uncontrolled) command of both.