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SPORTS AND PASTIMES. YOUNG Bennett, since his return to New York from the yachting trip to England, has been made much of by everybody, his father honouring him with the inser- tion of his name at the top of the editorial columns as "manager." THE great Midland Counties archery meeting will take place at Leamington on the 12th and 13th June. That will be the 16th annual gathering of the toxophilites of the Midland Counties. Most of the crack shots of the United Kingdom will be present. TOMBSTONE fame is curious in the turn that it takes. For instance, there will soon be erected in Newcastle churchyard, a tombstone bearing an inscription which, after recording the name and age of the departed, closes thus :—" Deceased was one of the best shooters in the North of England. He killed 59 head of grouse at seven double shots." THE YORKSHIRE MOORS.-The birds during the months of January, February, and March looked very healthy, but the searching and destructive east winds which prevailed during the latter part of March destroyed the top of the herbage, and rendered it to a great extent unfit for food. It is to be feared that the eggs and birds will have suffered to no small extent. THE attendance at the opera concert of the Crystal Palace, on Saturday, the 1st of June, was unusually large. Mdlle. Adelina Patti and other artists of the Italian Opera sustained the principal parts in the con- cert. Mdlle. Patti was encored in both her songs. The brilliancy of the day, combined with the varied colours of the ladies' dresses, made the scene one of great gaiety, especially as seen from the great orchestra. An un. usually large sale of season tickets took place at the doors of the Palace, and inquiries respecting the great festival benefit concert, June 26th, as well as for the fireworks exhibition on next Wednesday, were very numerous. The return of admission for six days ending Saturday, June 1, gives 41,508. THE second annual gathering of the King's College school for athletic sports took place at Beaufort-house, on Saturday, and the proceedings were honoured by the presence of some 300 or 400 spectators, including a large number of the fair sex. The course was in good order. The sports commenced with a 100 yards race open to all ages heats, 14 entries. Heat 1 W R. Bryant 1, W. J. Huggins 2, J. Stagg 3. Won by nearly a yard. Heat 2 C. Hague 1, J. Hutchins 2, L. G. W. Godden. Final heat: Stagg 1, Bryant 2, Hutchins 3. Won by six inches. Time, llf see.-100 Yards Race, for all 4 under 16 years of age, 12 entries Heat 1 T. Ack- land 1, S. Willis 2, C. D. Smith 3. Heat 2 J Kemp 1, T. M. Fry 2, H. P. Ryland 3. Final heat: T. Ack- land 1, J. Kemp 2, S. Willis 3. Won by half a yard in 12 sec., the winner being loudly cheered. The other contests were of an equally interesting and exciting character, and the presentations of the prizes by Miss M'Clear were received with great applause. PIGEON SHOOTING AT PARIS.—BelPs Life informs us that, as a novelty, a series of international sweepstakes has been inaugurated at Paris during the Grand Prix week, and the Emperor's munificence in giving a magni- ficent trophy to be shot for gave a very high tone to this aristocratic reunion, which took place last Friday on the picturesque Pelouse of Madrid. The skill of the two nations in shooting underwent a severe test for the Daily Telegraph Cup victory, however, declared for England. There were 59 competitors for the Emperor's Cup. The shooting was very bad, and by the sixth round 28 were out of the competition, the Marquis du Lau being the one who had up to this time shot all his birds, Mr. Norris having alone scored five out of six. After the 8th round, when the French marquis had missed a bird, things looked more promising for English competitors, for the Duke of Hamilton, Mr. Peters, and Captain de Winton were knocking over their birds in good form, and Lord Clonmel was shooting well, although he had an unlucky succession of fast birds. At the 10th and final round seven tied at eight-viz., the Duke of, Hamilton, Mr. Hambro, Marquis du Lau, Mr. Peters, Mr. Dora, Baron d'lvry, and Mr. Norris. The two latter and Mr. Dora were put out at the 11th bird, leaving the contest to the Duke of Hamilton, Marquis du Lau, and Mr. Peters, who hit his bird with his second barrel. Mr. Peters killed, his last bird well, and won the cup. The Marquis du Lau was second, and Mr. Hambro third, beating the Duke of Hamilton, through the latter hav- ing killed his bird outside the boundary.









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