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CLOSING OF THE ANNUAL LONDON HOBSE SHOW. The great Metropolitan Horse Show at the Agricul- tural-hall closed on Friday. The judging of the harness horses and ponies, which was left unfinished on the previous Saturday, was resumed on Monday afternoon in l'esen' the presence of a large number of spectators, and the award of the prizes was received with great applause. About 10,000 persons visited the show on that day, and the jumping of the hunters and trotting classes afforded considerable amusement. Although Tuesday might have been looked upon as a sort of off-day, the number of visitors was nearly up to the standard of the previous day. In consequence of the announcements and the anticipations that the Prince of Wales would visit the show on Wednesday the scene during the afternoon was a most exciting one. Not only was the whole of the sides of the arena' thronged by the male sex, five and six and in many instances seven and eight deep, but every morsel of gallery sptce,- boxes, reserved seats, and orchestra on both sides of the organ were completely filled with a most fashionable, company, chiefly, ladies. 'The Prince was expected shortly before five o'clock, but in consequence of the late hour to which the Levee was prolonged his Royal Highness was unable to; attend. The judging of the splendid array of cobs,, already in the ring, for the gold medal value 25 guineas, given by Mr. H. Dodd, one of the directors,: for the best'- weight- carrying cob, equal to 16 stone, with a view to improve the breed of this class of horses, then took place, exciting the very deepest interest. The gold medal Was awarded to Mr. Jonas Webb, for his splendid black-brown cob Brunette, 15 hands inch high, 7 years old. On the groom who rode the animal receiving the indications of success, the three sets of prize ribands, blue, crimson, and orange combined, he placed them on his breast, and rode the winning cob round the arena amidst thunders of applause. There were from 15,000 to 20,000 visitors this day. On Thursday the great event was the visit of the Prince of Wales, with Prince Teck and other distinguished persons. The arrival took place at 20 minutes past four. There were -not so many persons in the building at the time as on the previous day, but the Prince on his arrival and departure received demonstrations of applause. After staying about an hour and a half, in the course of which time his Royal Highness made one or two purchases of valuable horses, the royal party left amidst loud cheters. On Friday the jumping and' trotting for prizes were the great features of attraction, and over 20,000 persons paid for admission. The first prize was awarded to Mr. Patmore's Izod, who was at once sold by the owner for 150 guineas second to Mr. Davey's Dollar (not in the show) and the third to Mr. Gales's Preston Dean, ridden by the owner. In the trotting match- against time, 10 times round the ring, Mr. Edwards's Shepherd F. Knapp, American stallion, did the distance in 3 min. 49 sec., or at the rate of 3 min. 27 sec. per mile; second prize to Mr. Edwards's Star, 4 min. 1 sec.; third, Mr. Davis's Lady of the Lake, 4 min. 11 sec. The prizes were awarded amidst great applause. The ordinary parades of stallions then took place, and the show closed about eight o'clock. L


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