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OUR "CITY" ARTICLE. e THE funds opened on Monday morning at Saturday's prices, but a good demand afterwards became manifest, and a rise of i per cent. took place, which was well maintained up to the close of business. Consols stand now at the highest price known since 1863. Support has been given by the arrival of fully X400,000 in gold, and by the continued influx to the Bank, as well as by an expectation that purchases for the sinking fund cannot be delayed much longer. In the foreign stock market the tendency of prices was likewise favourable, notwithstanding rumours of comiDg loans. Spanish paper of all classes continues in request, owing to the hope that the long-delayed claims of the Passive and Certificate holders are at last about to be brought to a settlement, which would of course in- volve the raising of a new loan in the French and English markets. Italian Bonds of 1861 have advanced f per cent., upon the statement that the 4 convention relative to the church property has been concluded at Turin with the Comptoir d'Escompe of Paris, in conjunction with Messrs. Fould, Oppenheim, and Erlanger, and that it will take the form of bonds redeemable in twenty-five years. These will doubtless appear in due time in the Paris and London markets. Chilian scrip has been in demand for investment, and has risen slightly above par. Some of the Turkish bonds have been in better request, owing to the state- ment that the Turkish Government is likely to obtain, in the course of the next five years, a sum of X5,000,000 as redemption money for the right of succession to the State lands, as well as to the rural ecclesiastical properties administered by the State. In the railway market there has been an improvement in several instances of i to i per cent., while Metropolitan stack arose on Monday f upon a very large purchase. North British and Midland were a little lower, dissatis- faction being expressed at the policy pursued by these companies' boaids. At the same time, the effects of the uncertainty that prevails with regard to the real position of railway property is illus- trated by the fact that it is difficult to effect sales of preference stocks which some months ago could scarcely be bought in the market. Great Western of Canada Railway shares were more offered. Consols, which closed on Saturday at 91 to f, ex div., for the 6th of June, opened on Monday morning at the same quotation, and closed at 91 i- to 92. For money the last price was 93f, with div. The Three per Cents. Reduced and New Three per CentR. were quoted at 91i to The official business reported was as follows :-Three per Cent. Consols, for money, 93 §, J, with div.; ditto, for account, 91f, -1, ex div.; Three per Cents. Reduced, 911 f; New Three per Cents., 91-1 f, t; Bank Stock, 251, 3; India Stock, 220; 111 1, 1 2 ditto Five per Cent. 112, llf, t; ditto Five per 4 2 Cent, "enfaced" rupee paper, 1034; ditto Five- and-a-Half per Cent., 10Si; ditto Bonds, 60s., 65s. prem. The India Five per Cent. stock slightly declined, being last quoted at lllj. Exchequer Bills are firm at 22s. to 27s. prem. The tendency of the foreign stock market gene- rally is not unfavourable. Chilian scrip and Italian bonds of 1861 have been in request, and rose on Monday and f per cent., respectively. The Viceroy of Egypt's Loan improved t; Spanish Certificates, it; and Spanish Three per Cents., New Deferred, and Turkish of 1863 aud 1865 (Six per Cents.), as well as Venezuelan of 1862 and 1864, 1. On the other hand, Peruvian of 1865 declined 1 per cent.; Mexican aLd Russian of 1866,1; Greek and Russian scrip, J; and Turkish of 1865, t. The following were the official quotations for English Railway Stock: London and Nortb- Western stock, 1131 to f; Great Western, 43 to i; Midland, 109 to t; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 126t 4 to J; Great Northern, 111 to 112; ditto A, HOt to III Great Eastern, 30i to 311 South-Eastern, Æ361 to a Caledonian, 1071- to 108i; Manchester and Sheffield, 46| to 47t; York and North Mid- land, 921 to 93-j; Berwick, lOll to 102i; North 2 -§ 2 British, 32t to 33!; London and South-Western, 76 to 78; Metropolitan, 121k to i; London, Chat- s ham, acd Dover, 17| to f; and London, Brighton, and South Coast, 58 to i.. Foreign railway shares remain vered, with the exception of a reduction of 6d. in Lom- bardo-Venetian, viz., to 15t to i. Great Western of Canada declined 5s. to 7s. 6d., closing at 14¡ to 15i; and Grand Trunk were 2s. 6d. lower, at In to 18. The American and Indian lines were quoted the same as on Saturday, apart from a rise in Erie, Cape Town Railway and Dock stock re- ceded 2 to 3 per cent.

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