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'I POLITICAL GOSSIP. THE Brand testimonial will be presented with great glee and rejoicings to the Liberal Whip," at Willis's Rooms en the 19th of June. It will be a very hand- some affair, and we are quite certain that on this occasion to do honour to the worthy member there will be no whipping in necessary. HELIGOLAND, so rightly named from the gaming table permitted to continue its open career of temptation, is in sorrow. Heligoland is to lose its public hell, the table is to be abolished. It is odd that this institution could so long have existed under English rule. THE Army and Navy Gazette understands that the Duke of Cambridge has decided on calling upon a general officer of her Majesty's army to resign his com- mission in consequence of his name having been associated with a recent notorious turf scandal. The Secretary of State for War, it is said, fully concurs with his Royal Highness in the course proposed. THE Queen of Spain will visit Paris on the 20th of June, so says report, but it is doubtful if her Majesty will have the courage to leave Spain. A young journalist, editing a Liberal paper, was recently sent off to the galleys for life, chained to assassins and thieves. His offence was a lively leading article. What a razzia there would be were London Madrid and the topic Reform! MR. LAYARD is anxious it should be known that Mr. Harvey Lewis and not himself was censured by the Speaker for the language used in the lobby of the House of Commons the other night. I am authorised," he says, to state that the rebuke of the Speaker was ad- dressed to Mr. H. Lewis alone." Mr. Layard repeats his emphatic denial" that he ever used the language attributed to him by Mr. Lewis, and challenges appeal to the other five gentlemen who were in the lobby at the ime. IN reply to a request from some of his constituents to attend a public meeting at Swansea, Mr. Dillwyn, M.P., writes to say that he cannot at present name a day •inj when he can attend, as he considers it his paramount duty to be in his place in Parliament to watch the pro- gress of the Reform Bill. He adds, "I cannot but think that the result of the course adopted by the House of Commons in respect of the Reform Bill is likely to be such as will satisfy my constituents as to my own course of action in the matter." THE gift of the Queen of Spain for the Sydney new Roman Catholic Cathedral, replacing the edifice destroyed by fire two years ago, has arrived at Sydney. It is a magnificent altar service of solid gold, lavishly enriched with jewels, and the workmanship is said to have been far more costly than the precious materials. How came Sydney to fall under her Majesty's maternal solicitude to such a costly extent as this ? There must be a curious underground current between Sydney and Madrid which was never dreamt of before. MR. C. SEELY, M.P., writes to one of his constituents at explaining Us r«So»s< for recently snp. porting the Government on the Reform question. Mr. Seely -says: I did so because if the bill should be lost, we should most likely have a long agitation through- out the country, and questions might be mooted and gain strength which would be most difficult to settle, and very injurious to the country. But my main reason is, that the bill as amended is a far better and more liberal bill than the bill of last year, and a better bill than our party could carry, if they were in. oflice to- morrow. Any measure going further in the direction of enfranchisement would be opposed by the Whig section of the Liberal party, and the Radicals are not strong enough to beat the Whigs and Conservatives united. THE new American territory, obtained from Russia, has been called by some wag Walrussia." LORD STRATHNAIRN, it is rumoured, has declined the appointment of Minister to the Csurt of Constantinople Mr. Elliot, who superseded Sir James Hudson at Turin being now spoken of. THE John Bull understands that at the usual meeting of the bishops at Lambeth on Ascension Day the Uni- versities Tests Bill will be considered, and the pro- gramme arranged for the Pan-Anglican Synod., MR. SEWARD wishes tQ get a Japanese island in ex- change for some old ships. The Americans are doing the large swopping line of business. A PETITION to Parliament, praying that London may be excepted from the clause of the Reform Bill requiring residence within seven miles (jf the City, has been pre- pared, and lies for signature at the offices of the Liberal Registration Association in Bush-lane, Cannon-street. THE next dinner of the Cobden Club has been fixec. for Wednesday, the 3rd of July, at the Star and Garter Hotel, Richmond, Earl Russell in the chair. THE Little Times is in a position to announce that the Government has determined to renew the expired term of office of the Governor of the Cape of Good Hope. THE Peace Society have sent an address to Lord Stanley expressing their gratitude to his lordship for the eminently wise and pacific spirit" in which he has conducted the foreign affairs of this country. THE Countess of Derby had a brilliant reception on Saturday night, at the Earl of Derby's official residence in Downing-street. Above 700 members of the diplo- matic body, the aristocracy, and members of Parliament responded to her ladyship's invitations. A DEPUTATION of members of the House of Com- mons, consisting of Sir George Bowyer, Sir John Gray, The O'Donoghue, Mr. John F. Maguire, and Mr. James L. O'Beirne, had an interview with the Earl of Derby at his residence in St. James's-square, on Saturday, to pre- sent a memorial in favour of reprieving the Fenian criminal Burke, condemned to death.




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