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OPENING OF THE AUSTRIAN REICHSRATH. VIENNA, >IAY 22. The Emperor Francis Joseph formally opened the Reichsrath to-day. His Majesty delivered the following speech from the throne :— HONOURED GENTLEMEN OF BOTH HOUSES Of THE REICHSRATH,—With j oyful. satisfaction I see the Reichs- rath once more assembled around me. Responding to my appeal, the royal and other countries called upon have sent hither their elected deputies, from whose pa- triotic co-operation I confidently expect, fresh guarantees for the welfare of the empire, and of all the countries which Providence has placed finder m: sceptr, What I pro- mised when I for the first time saluted the Reichsrath in this: place has remained the unchangeable aim of all my efforts. The establishment oLconstitutiunal institutions upon a sure basis—this is what I have unwaver- ingly kept in view. But precisely this object was. not to be attainted •'without first bringing into accord the more ancient constitutional rights of my kingdom of Hungary with the fundamental laws granted by my diploma of tile 20tV Oc|of>er, \186 £ > and: my j patent of the 26th February, 186L The sincere recogni- tion of this fact on the part of this portion of the empire could alone secure to the other kingdoms and provinces --equally full of devotion to the empire-the undis- turbed enjoyment of the rights and liberties granted to them by the fundamental laws as well as a progressive development in accordance with the present age. The heavy blows of fortune which have fallen upon the empire were another earnest warning to act in conformity with this necessity. My efforts were not in vain: A satisfactory arrangement has been found for the countries of my Hungarian Crown, which secures their coherence with the rest of the monarchy, the internal peace of the empire, and its position as a great Power abroad. I am animated by the hope that the Reichsrath will not refuse its consent to this arrangement, and that ah impartial and careful consideration of all the circumstances in connection therewith will serve to banish from this assembly apprehensions-which would cause me serious anxiety were I not firmly persuaded that the honest good- will of all parties will bring the new organisation to a successful issue. The past, the present, and the future exhort us to vigorously apply ourselves to the completion, of the work which, has been begun. The Reichsrath, upon whose patriptic devotion I rely, will, in the present urgent state of things, disdain to shrink from the task of a prompt organisation of the relations of the State on the basis now offered, and will refuse to follow, instead, an object, the fruitlss. pursuof which could only offer fresh experiments, but no successful results. The Eeichsrathj -so- ftiuch" I'' expect' from its justice, will not underestimate the advantages which -have already become perceptible in Austria's position in the European equilibrium through- the course which I have initiated. -The Reichsrath"its tried discrimination is my guarantee for it-will finally not ignore how the new order tings musk-havo-foB- 'consequence equal securiiyJorttei-otMer kmgtWms sthd ^AVihdes^nVsiMclt as it surrounds with new and unshakeable guarantees the. constitutional rights and liberties cf ;th-e provinces; of the. Hungarian crown. The realisition, however, of this pros- pect is essentially dependent upon the consolidation of the fundamental -laws pf ^he of October, I860,- -and the 26th of February, 1861, in the,countiies:whose represen- tatives are now rj-as§embled her., The unconditional election of deputies to the Reichsrath was, therefore, also an absolute necessity. But as the idea of curtailing the existing rights of the different kingdoms and'provinces has been foreign to my mind, so also have I had in view the granting to them in unison with the Reichsrath every extension of their autonomy that will meet their wishes and can be accorded without endangering the whole monarchy. Therefore,, in consideration of the arrangement arrived at with the Hungarian Representa- tive Assembly, in so far as itrelates to common affairs, there will be at once submitted to you for adoption the amendments which have become necessary to my patent of the 26th of February, 1861, together with a bill establishing ministerial responsibility, and a modification of paragraph 12 of the constitution, corresponding with the constitutional requirements. To these will be added other bills, especially those announced to the Provincial Diet by our resolution of the 4th February last. The financial affairs of the empire will claim your most especial attention and constitutional co-operation. You will receive full reports with regard to the extraordinary measures which have been unavoidably necessitated since the last session of the Reichsrath by the outbreak of the late destructive war. Satisfactory provision has already been made for the requirements of the current year, so that the Reichsrath, freed from all demands and exigencies of the moment, can at once de- vote itself to the solution of the important and perma- nent financial questions now submitted to its de- liberations in consequence of the arrangement with Hungary. It will be our urgent care that no portion of our empire shall have cause to complain of being disproportionately taxed. Honoured gentlemen of both Houses of the Reichsrath, to-day we are about to establish a work of peace and of concord. Let us throw a veil of forgetfulness over the jmmediate past, which has inflicted deep wounds upon the empire. Let us lay to heart the lessons which it leaves be- hind, but let us derive with unshaken courage new strength, and the resolve to securo"to the empire peace and power. For this the fidelity of my people, which has been manifested in times of the most urgent need, is my best guarantee. Let not the secret thought of revenge guide our steps a more noble satisfaction is reserved for us. The better we succeed in our present effort to change the antagonistic feelings and enmities at present existing into esteem and respect, the sooner the peoples of Austria, whatever may be their nationality or language, will rally round the imperial standard, and will cheer- fully trust to the word of niy ancestor, that Austria will endure and prosper under the protection of the Almighty until the most distant time. The speech of the Emperor was received with frequent outbursts of cheering. 'j 'II 'J,


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