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A SOFT HEAD WELL DEFINED.—Some one had written upon a pane in the window of an inn on the Chester-road, Lord M- has the softest lips in the universe." Mrs. Abingdon, on her way from Ireland, saw the inscription, and wrote under it- TheD, as like as two cMps, Are his head and his lips. CONJUGAL AFFECTION.—The King of Armenia not fulfilling his engagement, Cyrus entered the country, and, having taken him and all his family prisoners, ordered them instantly before him. "Armenius," said he, "you are free; for you are now sensible of your error. And what will you give me if I restore vour wife to you ?" All that I am able." What" if I restore your children •" All that I am able;" "And you, Tigranes," said he, turning to the son, "what would you do to save- your wife from servitude-?" Now Tigranes was but lately married, and had a great love for his wife. "Cyrus," he-replied, "to save her from servitude, I woulciwillingly lay down my life." "Let- each have his own again," said Cyrus and, when he was departed, one spoke of his clemency, another of his, valour, another of his beauty and the graces- of his per- son; upon which Tigranes asked his wife "if she- thought him handsome ?" "Really," saftl she, "I did. not look at him." At whom, then,, disl you look.?! "At him who offered to lay down his,, for iiie