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INTERESTING.—We understand that some valuable additions have been recently made to the museum of the Numismatical Society. The following are amongst the number of those latest received :—The identical two- pence for want of which the donkey failed to ascend the brass farthing by tossing which into the air a, negative value is estimated; a stray shilling liberated from the pound in which it had been placed by a fraudulent bankrupt; the shilling (much worn at the edge) with which irascible old men cut off their own heirs a pound (in good preservation) that has taken care of itself and the well-authenticated half-farthing for which somebody would have punched another party's head. THOSE LOVES OF B 1 -NV li y is Mr. Punch such an enthusiastic admirer of those charming little bonnets, which are now in vogue ? Must he really tell ? Well, it his fair readers insist upon it, his reason is, that those elegant, excellent, reasonable bonnets are so small, that they can be packed up in comparatively moderate space. and thus lessen the difficulty ot transporting ladies by land or water, occasioned by the impediment of band- boxes. FROM THE MARBLK ARCH.—Was the Reform Meet- ing on Monday, the 6th, within the pale of the law ? Contradictory opinions may be expected about this time from lawyers, but all will agree that it was within, the palings of the Park. THOUGHT FOR TRADES' UMIOJ^.—The movement now visible in the various strikes that are going on amongst the working classes may be said to be unhealthy but this statement must be taken with a qualification. The strikes of the producers have the effect of cod liver oiL How so? Because they are calculated to check con- sumption. ENQUIRE \VI'rHi;¡¡;,oRvERY'rHING.A new edi- tion of a useful book for the domestic circle. Everyone should have a copy. Judy has bought two-one for her own use, the other for the servants' hall. A PROFESSIONAL "VIEW OF THINGS.—An eminent publican, speaking of a married couple, both of whom were fat, and one subject to some little acerbities 01 temper, described them as "two stouts, and a stout ami bitter." GOING WITH THE Times.—As a compliment to the leading journal for the skill it has shown in adapting its politics to the popular feeling of the hour, it is suggested that in future it should be known as "The Winding Sheet." 0 -L I AGRICULTURAL.—A South of England farmer writes to us to say, that he haJ an early harvest in view, as he has already got three ricks in his neck, and is doing very well. WORTH KNOWING.—An euterprisiag hotel proprietor advertises in the Daily Telegraph Where to rtiue at a.ny time," &c. If generally known, this must prove a great boon to many, at a time when—their pockets are empty. FOREIGN AFFAIRS.—What the French may naturally expect from L.N. (Hctttie), after the Exhibition of Paris —a Ten Years' War. THE COMPOUND HOUr-;IlCJ..I)F.R,QuEny.-Cal1 he have survived his late picking to pieces in the House of Commons ? If so, what a well compounded compound he must be A MODISTE NOTE.—Young ladies, as a rule, look so killing in pork-pie hats that they may be said to be armed cap-à-pie. LAWYERS not unfrequently come to ride in their own carriages from the clever way in which they have man- aged the conveyances of their clients. MUSICAL.—The last novelty in the Ethiopian melody line is -'Black Hide Susan." THE RIGHT MAN AT LAN Rat-tat-zi. THE RULER OF Ttir TAILORS.—King Log. A SPILL-BOX.—A caVthat upsets. I "A WISHED-FOR END THAT SLOWLY COMES."—The completion of the Thames Embankment. THE MARCH OF INTELLECT.—A field-day with the Inns of Court." COMFORT FOR THE BLANCH-HAIRED LADIES.—Whom the gods love dye young. A PAT SAYING.—Set a Fenian to catch a Fenian. NEW NAME FOR "THE IIEAG1.m.Rough Reformers. CONUNDRUMS.— My first all other sweets surpasses, My next in brightness doth repose I My whole is sought by lads and lasses, Yet oft regretted ere it close. Yes, that's quite right, it is-Honeymoon. Why is an arranger of melodies like a barber ;—Be- cause he's an 'air dresser. s- Meclvinicd.—Who is the joiner that repairs a' split in the Cabinet ? Legal.-Has a Chancery ward a good chance e reward ? Contradictory. — How can a can be at once fast, loose, and tight Leyal. Can a bad justice of the peace do a good, i piece ofjustice