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SPORTS AND PASTIMES. IN athletic sports the keen cd-npetition between Civil Service men vie in interest if not in excellence with even those of Oxford and 'Cambridge. The annual contests began on Friday, at Beaufort-house, Walham-greenilld were brought .to .a conclusion on Saturday evening. As ts always the case, on both days great interest was evinced, and the ground was crowded. It is not necessary to say .inuch. of.what took place on Friday, for only one or two unimportant events were finally decided on that occasion. Saturday was the great day, as it was that which gave the palm of victory ultimately to one or other among the many who had been placed in the heats of the previous day. As a general rule, however, it may be said that this plan of spreading the sports over two days dimi- nishes rather materially their attraction,, especially on the first. The sports were resumed on Saturday, as we have said, under circumstances so favourable as to con- stitute a success hitherto unequalled in the history of these competitions. All-the-available positions from which a view of the course cortld be obtained were occu- pied, the stand in ,tl-ie enclosure waa: thronged, and the whole space between that str ucture and Beaufort-house was so thickly crowded with vehicles- that it was difficult for those on foot to make way from the entrance gates to the racing ground. The weather was glorious, so that the lady visitors had an opportunity of making a prominent display of. the varied colours of summer dress flags of all sizes and designs were placed at frequent intervals along the course, the band of the Middlesex Rifles played on the green, so that no feature was. wanted to make the scene aiiiintted, as, well as picturesque. Shortly after one o'clock the first event of the day was called..This was the final heat for the. flat race of 100 yards, the previous trials having taken place on Friday. Four competitors started, and aftef",a spirited contest, Mr. M. E. Jobling came in, st, closely followed by Mr. T. D. Pigott, who obtained second place. Mr. W. J. Maitland threw the cricket ball 92 "yards" 2 feet, for which he received the prize awarded for that performance, Mr. R. D. Awdry being next in the order of merit. The hurdle race of ,200 yards, over 12 flights, excited a good deal of interest, and was one of the most exciting incidents of the day. Mr. C. G. Emery gave his three rivals six yards' start, but notwithstanding this substraction from that gentleman's chance of success, he won magnificently by about ten feet, having cleared all the obstacles before him in splendid style. Mr. R. Babington was awarded second place. Messrs. E. J. Colbeck and E. A. Hoare made a spirited contest for the Strangers' race of 600 yards, the former winning by 10 or 12 feet. The honour of second place was most pertinaciously com- peted for, and it was only at the last stride that Mr. Hoare got his foot- in front of the third com- I petitor. Mr. F. W. Smith and Mr. C. Guy Pym both cleared. 5 feet 4 inches for the high jump but as the latter gentleman "owed one inch" the first prize was awarded to Mr. Smith. Then came the event of the day, .the three miles walking race. Last year it was won by Mr. R. M. Williams (Ecclesiastical Com- ihission) after a magnificent struggle with Mr. W. G. Herbert (War-office), Mr. Herbert's; name; appeared in the programme on Saturday, but he did not appear, so that the anticipations of many were disappointed who wished to see these two gentlemen in rivalry again. Mr. Williams gave all the others who entered 45 seconds start, and did hot leave the post till they had traversed half of the first lap of the course. Mr. Beauford took the.lead, shortly after the competitors were dismissed, and maintained it well until the last quarter of a mile. At the end of the first lap Mr. Williams gradually "gained on the last batch of the walkers; and 'in the second overhauled the* hindmost two. From that point he began to gain on all those preceding him, having overhauled four when two laps and a half had been gone over. Mr. Beauford still, kept the lead, with great power and spirit, Mi'. Williams, too, improving in every- stride. In the seventh lap there was but a very short interval between the two, between whom it was now evident the struggle for victory would lie, and still the leader never flagged. Mr. Williams now put OIT -A vigorous spurt, and the .distance 'between him and the leader was manifestly diminishing. At the hist rouild Mr. Williams • caught Mr: Beauford and passed him, but the latter made a magnificent effort to regain his lead and once more took the foremost place. He held it, however, only for a moment, and Mr. Wil- liams passed him for the second time amid enthusiastic cheering. Mr. Beauford still held out, and Was never more than a few yards behind. Excitement when the two gentlemen came into, the straight was at its highest pitch, and not all the. exertions and entreaties of the stewards and police could prevent crowds from passing the ropes and rushing across the course. Each of the competitors was as usual, loudly encouraged by his friends, and the second as well as-the first answered their calls with wonderful pluck; and spirit Mr. Williams ultimately reached the post in front of his rival, having, traversed the distance in 23 minutes 37 seconds; Mr. Beauford's time being 30 or 40 seconds longer. In the 220 yards, for a challenge cup, Mr., Emery beat Mr. T. D. Piggott and Mr. II. Tomlinson, who were placed as their names stand above, the time occupied being 24 seconds and a half. Mr. M. E. Jobling ran with great judgment and ,strength I in the one-mile race, and won it by several yards, Mr. C. L. Williams and Mr. Bethune being placed respectively second and third. First prize for the quarter mile final heat was awarded to Mr. Sydenham Dixon, who beat Mr. R. A. Lamb and another. The three-legged race, created a .good deal of merriment, and was won by Messrs, King and Aitchison, whose locomotive powers seemed to be as sympathetic as those of the Siamese twins. Messrs. C,L-. Williams and J. A. Allanson straggled hard for; in the 300 yards handicap, and the former having rushed up to his rival in 'the last few yards, the judge, declared the event undecided. In the final heat, however, Williams became the winner with considerable ease. Mr. Brewty. won the Consolation Stakes for unsuccessful competitors, the contest for which brought the sports to a termina- tion. The prizes were then distributed by Miss Palmer from a raised seat on. the stand, and shortly.afte? the company began to disperse, It was estimated that there were between 6,000 and 7,000 visitors on. the ground on Saturday, and the number oLcarriages cannot have fallen far short of 200. Mr. C. Guy Pym officiated as judge, and Mr. T. Gwyn as starter.




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