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OUR Ia CITY" ARTICLE. --+- IN the Consol and foreign market the tone has been good, and the prices of speculative stocks have been a little higher. Among JtaiIwavs, bouth-Eustern show a further fall of 1-, while | Great Northern A have improved i to Ii. South- eastern have fallen 4i- during the last few days, J t e announcement of a meeting to raise additional capital having contdrmted to the decline. Brighton has receded 2*. Great Northern stock have fallen fA stock no less than 8| during the last eight days. Considerable sales of the latter are reported to have been made on behalf of bankers with whom the stock had been deposited as security tor loans. There has been a brisk demand at the Bank, and an active demand outside. The rates Tema at 2J to 3 per cent. Consols have slightly improved. The following are, the officially-recorded transactims:- Tbre I per Cent. Consols, 91, ditto for account, 91i • Three per Cent. Reduced, 89 £ |; New Three oer Cent., 89|, J; Bank of England Stock, 251-. 3; India Stock, Ten-and-a-half perCent., April, 1874, 219; ditto Five per Cent., July 1880,110f, i"; ditto entaced paper, Five-and-a-Ealf per Cent., JYIIV, i 1879, 108; ditto Bonds, Five per Cent., nz.der .£1,000,52 prem. In foreign Stocks, Seven per C'cnb. Egyptian has improved 1; Italian 1861, t; M.f:xica, and Tarkish 1865 are Q better; and Peruvian 1865 declined tr, and Egyptian second issue .£100. I Bonds are 1 lower. At the close, Greek were I quoted at 13, 13g; Italian, 48|, 4-9; Mexican, 16, 16 £ Spanish Passive, 20 £ 2t)§ ditto, Cer- s tificates, 13, 13|; Turkish 1858 52. 53; ditto ¡ 1862, 53, 54; ditto 1865, 29i, 29$j Pasha-of Egypt's Loan, 69, 70. The following are the I recorded transactions: Five per Ceut. Brazilian 1865, account, 72f, S:x per Ctnt. Chilian I Scrip, £ 20 paid, 4|, dis. Seven per Cent. Danubiau Principalities, 61 Seven per Cent. (I Egyptian, 82; ditto £ 100 Bouds, 82J; ditto 1864, 80,}; ditto £ 100 Bonds, 82 ditto Government Kv. 1 way Debentures, 80; Five per Ceat. Greek 1824-5, ex Cotaps. orig. attached, account, 13; j Kv. 1 way Debentures, 80; Five per Ceat. Greek 1824-5, ex Cotaps. orig. attached, account, 13; j Three per Cent. Mexican, accouar, 15|, 16; Five per Cent. Peruvian 1865, account, 68; Five per ff Cent Russian 1862, 85, 4J, 51, ex div.; ditto 1864, 4 8n; dItto Anglo-Dutch. 1866, 851 Toree per Cent. Spanish, account, 34i; ditto Passive, account, 20J; ditto Com. Cert. of Coup, not funded, account, 13k; Six per Ceat. Turkish 1858, account, 52-1; ditto 1862, 100 Bonds, 56; ditto 1863, 46; Five per Cent. ditto 1865, account, ) 291, f, |; Four per Cent. ditto Guaranteed, 101: 2 4 Five per Cent Italian 1861, ex. 251, account, 49, I 8, t. ,f s- In the mining market there has been great ex- citement, West Chiverton opened at 69, 71, and fell rapidly to 65 sellers; Great Eetallack in good 'demand; Wheal Seton have improved X5 per share. On the Stock Exchange not a single transaction in British mines has been recorded. In foreign miaee, Anglo-Brazilian Gold hive beeo dealt in at 1, 3-16, 1-16; Don Pedro North del Ray at 1, 11-16, -1, 9-16 prem.; Front ma and Bolivia Gold at 7-16; Sc. John del Rey at 554; and Yndanamutana. at t. Tae quotations of British mines are subjoined:- Chiverton Moor, 5^i; Clifford Amalgamated, 4|, f; East Bassett, 15, 17; East C-iradon, 5 £ East Lovell, 8|, 9Jr; East Bus-ell, 2f Ease j 4 -1 3 Wheal Grenville, 21, Great Laxey, 17 g, I 18A Great li stallaek, 3-1, 41 Great Wheal Van 17h, 18; Marke Valley, 4^ §; North Ciolty, 4|, 5 Prince of Wales, 52s., 54s.; Providence Mine*, 27, 29; South Condurrow, 12" Idii, Tuicroft, I 1213Jj; West Chiverton, 621. 65; Wheal Chi- 2 2 verton/6, 6k; Wheal Seton, 90, 95. ¡ In American railways, Atlantic and Great Western Debentures advanced 1, to 31, 33; and the Consolidated Mortgage Bonds remain steady at 21,22; and Illinois Central shares have declined i At the close, Illinois Central were 75 £ 75f; Eh-ie, 41#, 421-: Erie Six per Cent. Debentures, 4 64,66. In British railways, South Western stock receded 2, and South Eastern a farther 1J per cent. lower; North Eastern (Leeds) and ditto York de- clined t. and North Western are t lower. On the, other band, Great Northern A stock recovered è. and Brighton stock is A better. Great E Astern, Great Western, and Metropolitan stocks are £ higher. The Produce Markets Revieiv has the following remarks on the recent large sales of Indian tea:- The largest public sale of Indian tea on record was held last week. Although only 7,000 pack- ages were offered, four days were occupied in dis- posing of a quantity which in a China sale would probably have been sold in one clay. The large number of very small lots offered lengthened the I' sale materially, a-nd it was devoid of any special interest. Towards the close great unwillingness ¡ was shown to give the prices realised at the com- mencement of the sale. The prices obtained for the Indian pekoes were irregular, and in many cases a slight fall is observable as compared with the last sale, held on the 9th April. Pekoe souchong and souchong appear to be unaltered in value, with the exception of the very finest kinds, which sold at a trifling decline, and the prices ob- tained for the Indian congou were hardly equal to those of the sale of the 9th ultimo. Very little business has also been done by private contract, and the demand for export has decreased. The inquiry appears to have been chiefly confined to the finer grades of congous and the finest Moyune green teas. The lowest kinds of scented caper are at present scarce, but for scented orange pekoe there appears to be no inquiry. A large public sale of China teas is advertised to take place next Tuesday, 25,000 packages having already been printed, the greater part to be sold without reserve. Although this sale is consider- ably larger than any that have taken place this year, due allowance must of course be made for the accumulation of stock during Easter week, when no public sales were held. From this large sale it must not be deduced that a great disposi- tion to realise is now manifest, however clearly circumstances may point to the likelihood of such a disposition being shows at no very distant date." On Tuesday the demand for money was fairly supported. About 3 per cent has been the average quotation; but some of the brokers work a frac- tion lower. The amount of capital seeking em- ployment is large, and it is expected it will in- crease in the course of a few days. The favourable progress of the discussion in the House of Commons in reference to the Reform Bill, the termination of the meeting in Hyde-park without any disturbance, together with peaceful news from abroad, has caused the markets for Public Securities to show a decided improve- ment, altbongh no very great amount of activity is visible. Operators, however, show more inclination to do business of a more general character, and prices in most cases exhi- bit an advancing tendency. Foreign Bonds are strong. Italian being especially in request. Other descriptions are fairly dealt in, and a slight rise is generally traceable. Railway shares main- tain considerable firmness. The report of the Brighton and South Coast is generally received as favourable. The stock has advanced, there being large speculative accounts open. Ia other cases prices are generally up from to 1 per cent. Bank Shares are steady. Miscellaneous are unchanged. American Bonds are flat. The Home Funds are quiet, the account having commenced.

¡The Money Market.