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TOWN COUNCIL AND BOARD OF HEALTH MEETINGS. The Quarterly Meeting of the Town Council, and the Board of Health Meeting, were held on Thursday last, at the Council Chambers, in the Town Hall, when the following gentlemen were present:—John Davies, Esq., Mayor, Doctor Lucas, John Prothero, Esq., Wm. De Winton, Esq., Messrs. John Morris, George Cansick, John Griffiths, Phillip Bright, and Thomas Trew. S. B. Evans, Esq., town clerk, and Mr. John Kirk, Surveyor. Mr. Griffiths asked the Board if the contract for the constriieiion of the storeage reservoir for Cil- whi e t mill had been entered into. The Town Clerk said that the matter would be arranged on monday evening next. Mr. Prothero informed the Board that the Fi- nance Committe met and examined the bills, and placed a list on the table of those recommended to be paid,—bills for articles for the new waterworks were disallowed, not being certified. Mr. Griffiths moved, and Doctor Lucas seconded that the bills passed by the Finance Committee be p*iid.—Carried. Mr. Morris moved, and Mr. Griffiths seconded, that a water rate of 6d. in the £ be made for the half-year ending 29th September next, which was ag eed to. Mr. Trew moved that the Collector of the rates of the Borough should not be paid a salary as here- tofore, but that he receive a remuneration for the collecting of each rate. Mr Morris said that at a recent discussion it was found that the rate was due immediately it was made. He wished to know what amount of the last water rate had been collected and what amount of the arrears of the district rate had been collected. Mr. Prothero seconded Mr. Trew's proposition, and suggested that the previous rate be examined by the Finance Committee, and that the Collector be paid when his books are passed. The Collector informed the Board that the new mode of rating had thrown great difficulties in get- ting the money, that there was' about X36 arrears of the former rate. Mr. Trew suggested, after a long conversation, that the time for closing the rate made the 29th of September, should be on the first week in April, and the rate made on the 25th of March, should be closed on the first week in October. This was added to the proposition and agreed to. After some conversation respecting altering the days for holding the fairs, Mr. Trew gave notice that he should move a resolution to that effect at the next meeting of the Board. The Mayor informed the Board that he had at- tended the water works Committee, who had con- sidered it essential and necessary that the services of Mr. Doyle should be continued. Mr. Bright said that ought to go before the pub- lic, because his discharge was expected on the 1st of May. The Town Clerk, in reply to Mr. Griffiths, said that Mr, Davies, the contractor, had made a dis- tinct promise to the Committee that they would be furnished with a tender for the construction of the Cilwhibert compensation reservoir, in accordance with plan No. 2, on Monday evening next; he was told that Mr. Davies's tender would be on the same basis as the first tender, but now there was an op- portunity of recession, he could not say what may happen. It was full time something should be done as to constructing this reservoir, upon which sub- ject he was pressing them every meeting. Dr. Lucas said that he did not see why they should bend themselves to Mr. Davies if he did not fulfil his promise of furnishing a tender on Monday next. Some further conversation on this subject took place and the matter dropped. An application from the County authorities was read requesting the Board to arrange with them for repairing the roadways and approaches to the bridges within the Borough, and the Town Clerk was desired to write in the affirmative. but to ascertain what would be the annual outlay. Plans for the construction of two cottages in Lion Yard were inspected, and the meetings were adjourned until the 3rd of June.

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